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Build a Better Now®

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Build A Better Now®

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Focus. How do we regain it, and why do we lose it? And what effect does it have on our present and our future? If you want to build a better future, build a better now®. Greg shares insights
about managing constant distractions in a world which pulls us in every possible direction.

This keynote presentation is about rediscovering our focus and recognizing its relationship to self-esteem. When we find focus, it allows us to be able to work even better together as a team.

Some key takeaways from the Build a Better Now® keynote:
• Recognizing the reasons that we lose our focus
• Reconnecting to our purpose and reason for doing the work we do
• Appreciating the team we’re a part of and celebrating a feeling of shared vision
• Understanding the connection between focus and our individual and team self- esteem…and then enhancing that

When we FOCUS. And when we focus on our process and supporting those around us, opportunities are everywhere. It is in the way we interact, how we think of ourselves, how we manage change and how we collaborate. We can’t predict the future, but we can definitely set
ourselves on powerful, focused tracks to be ready for what’s to come.

We have just begun to emerge from one of the most challenging eras in human history. How will we move forward, and what will our future hold? This keynote helps us define that by helping us refine what we do and why.

Variations on the Build a Better Now® theme are available as customized presentations for individual industries.

(Perfect for any organization hoping to change the perspective and focus of its group toward potential, inspiration and empowerment.)

Greg is fascinated by gravity as a metaphor: by dropping objects he learns constantly to FAIL BETTER. What do we learn about success from our failures? The Seattle Times called him “A juggler of objects and concepts.” What do you learn about success from a path where the journey is filled with mistakes and failure? You learn focus and courage. Greg shows you the way.

(Perfect for any group looking to enhance positive mental attitude among their team members and looking to laugh throughout a presentation)

Developing community is about strengthening teams from within. For Greg, touring and exploring the world for thirty years has taught him about CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, and USING COMEDY to channel energy in positive directions. Your work, personal, and local communities need every voice to thrive. Learn the benefits, and discover powerful new perspectives on teamwork through comedic approaches on self-esteem and connectedness.

(Perfect for all organizations who truly value their people and who are interested in energetic new ideas)

Want to change the world in which you work and live but aren’t sure how? Want to transform your workplace environment and implement new ideas? Learn how one line from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” inspired a lifetime of creativity and action even amidst self-doubt. Learn about failing better, growing together, and making dreams a reality. Let’s look at the roadblocks which prevent those things from happening and then blast through them.

(Perfect for any group with a CSR focus, those interested in change and transformation…and also for colleges / universities)

Change is an inevitability, and as long as we are in the right mindset, we will be ready for anything and prepared to take action. As a juggler for almost thirty years, Greg is an expert at change: every ball flies in a different direction. How do we manage change? What perspectives to we need? Using laughter and entertainment as a vehicle, Greg delivers answers to these important questions in his incredible keynote.

(Learning points include new perspectives on ‘dropping the ball’™ and failure; how to continue even in the midst of setbacks; and perspectives on the creative process itself and the peaks and valleys it brings.)

The success of any organization is dependent on how its people work together. In this keynote, Greg uses his proven techniques of audience participation to demonstrate how effective we can be when we work together. but from the perspective of knowing ourselves. How can we transform being let down by others in the past to being inspired to try again in order to work together effectively? Teamwork demands vigilance, patience, commitment, and determination. Most importantly, it’s teamwork WITH the people we serve not in opposition to them that yields truly sustainable alliances.

(Learning points: self esteem and its role in our interactions; from where do interpersonal conflicts emerge; and how to resolve those conflicts when they flare up.)

We often think of leaders as having powerful voices, but the best and brightest leaders are actually the greatest listeners. We explore, through audience participation and laughter, the core concepts of being an effective listener as part of a team and how that leads to outstanding leadership. Greg’s real life experience with leadership includes the World Leaders Project, an initiative Greg started that had him meeting face to face with world leaders to discuss dynamics of power, control, and effective balance. You need a speaker who talks the talk and walks the walk. And one who can be funny in the midst of important ideas. Greg is all of those in one.

This keynote is for those who want to leave the world better than how they found it. Greg follows up his words about WHY and HOW you can get involved with making the world a better place…with solid actions: He is the founder of One Hundred For Haiti, a humanitarian relief and development organization focusing on supporting Haitian-led development projects around clean water and building houses. In this position, he learned ironically that listening creates every possibility for leadership and success. His work globally has inspired thousands, and can do the same for your group.

(Perfect for any group inspired to help transform the lives of others for the better, non-profits, corporate social responsibility events)


“Greg was fully engaged throughout the entire process of planning our engagement. He took the time to understand our plan for the day and masterfully tailored his keynote address to fit our audience. I highly recommend Greg for any event!”

— RTI International

“A juggler and inspirational speaker: it’d be hard for anybody to balance such extremes, but Bennick seems to do it with grace.”

— Seattle Times

“If I was a speaker and magician like Greg Bennick, AEGIS would be a ten billion dollar company by next year.”


“My client thought I was a genius for finding such an amazing entertainer and passed that praise along to my boss…I then passed that praise along to my parents as a sign that my college education wasn’t a waste. So, from both a professional and personal angle, thank you for an amazingly successful and highly entertaining event.”

— Safeco

“We’ve worked with many speakers and entertainers, but never before has someone taken the time and energy you did to get to know our niche industry. It was so well-received – I’ve been fielding texts from members all evening. It was exactly what our audience needed. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to working with you again in the future — hopefully next time in person!”


“I have been impressed and affected by each of the keynote speakers at our conference, but you stand head and shoulders above the rest.”

— National ITG conference coordinator, Iowa

“Your stage presence is unparalleled. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Producer, BHC 2022, on behalf of the US Department of Health and Human Services

“I told my team after your keynote: ‘If we only had half of Greg’s energy, we would be amazing!”

— LeasePlan
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