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Managing Director, THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc. Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Behavioral Scientist Best Selling Author

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Holly Green – Reboot Your Brain
The Science of Thinking
Virtual Brain Prompt

5 Programs By This Presenter

Your Brain Is Your Most Powerful Competitive Weapon…If You Know How to Use It Properly

Discover how your brain and the brains of others work and how it often gets in the way of winning so you can leverage it to achieve your goals, lead others effectively, and build winning teams. Learn to apply the science of thinking at work every day.

The brain can process large amounts of information. It has a real talent for forming patterns and connections. And it loves to answer
questions and solve problems. Your brain also tends to see what it expects to see, overlook data that contradicts its prevailing view of the world, and have greater confidence in its decision-making abilities than it should. In order to become more effective, we need a much deeper understanding of how our brain works and how to leverage it to achieve ongoing success.

Leveraging the latest in neuroscience, in this session, you’ll get tools, techniques and tips for learning how to:

-Avoid getting blinded by your own data
-Make better management and leadership decisions
-Slow down to go fast and get it right the first time
-Determine and stay clear on the goals
-Get your team in the same race as you
-Use your brain to win every day

You’ll practice playing with your brain and walk away with techniques you can immediately use to be even more successful!

Also offered virtually.

Get Unstuck from Your Old Ways of Thinking, Stay Ahead of the Competition

You may think the biggest threat to your business is new technologies, changing markets, or unseen competitors… it’s not. It’s what you think you know – it’s worked in the past, so why shouldn’t it work for the future? In today’s markets, you either innovate or get left behind. Holly teaches how to identify what prevents your organization from innovating, how to get unstuck, and how to innovate every day to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What got you here isn’t going to get you where you want to go. To do that, you’ll need an updated approach. You’ll need to think differently and Innovate.

Make Innovation an Everyday Activity. As a keynote or training, Thinking Differently: Rewire your Brain to Innovate Every Day is an upbeat, interactive presentation that will help you incorporate thinking differently into everything you do. You’ll learn how your brain typically keeps you stuck in the past, and then develop strategies for getting unstuck, replacing the old with the new, and staying focused to get the results you want. This session focuses on:

-Exploring how and why success can get you in trouble
-How to incorporate innovative thinking to drive ongoing success
-Providing brain prompts to expand alternatives and options
-Learning to ask the right questions and align your organization to drive results
-Focusing your energies to achieve more of the right things

Also offered virtually.

Get off the Hamster Wheel of Busy-ness. Define, Focus on, and Accomplish What Must Happen. Create Real Accountability to Achieve Success.

Are you always busy, but you never get ahead? Is everyone working hard, but not always getting the right things done? Is real accountability still on your wish list? Distractions have increased, access to data has exploded, and the possibility of instant connection looms constantly. These forces have created a belief that speed is more important than just about anything else leading us to behaviors that revolve around Busy-ness: a self-imposed mental model that gets in the way of getting the right things done every day.

In this session, you’ll learn methods, tips, and tools to create real accountability, so you and your team focus on and achieve greater success. The session focuses on:

-How to create and maintain real accountability organization-wide
-Establishing and refining priorities
-Integrating and aligning efforts
-Developing an action and decision orientation in everyone
-Staging yourself and your organization for success

Also offered virtually.

Learn What the Best of The Best Do to Win. Use the Thinking Required to Excel.

Do you work incredibly hard, but feel stuck? Do you ever wonder what ‘the best’ in other sectors do that makes them so great?

We know it when we see it. The performer at the top of their game. The individual who maintains focus and gets done what needs to get done consistently. What are the competencies and characteristics that drive this type of person? Elite ‘players’ are always focused on moving forward, which requires learning from the past without getting stuck there. When things go wrong, they do it again to get it right, or they guide others to do it again and get it right. They work to make others successful and strive to create an environment that supports everyone achieving their goals.

Tapping into her work with elite players in numerous sectors including the US Navy SEALS, former Top Gun fighter pilots, NFL referees, Olympic athletes, and musicians, Holly will share the ‘secrets’ of what it takes to be elite in everything you do.

You’ll learn what it is that defines an elite leader – and what makes them stand out from everyone else. You’ll’ get insights in how to continuously “hone your craft”, create and maintain elite teams.

It starts with mindset and it culminates in action. Are you ready?

Also offered virtually.

Communicate with Precision. Influence successfully.

Do you think you are clear and then find people doing different things? Do you sometimes wonder if everyone was in the same meeting? Is it important for you to establish and maintain credibility? To communicate more effectively to achieve results through others?

Getting ahead requires the ability to communicate with precision and clarity as well as influence effectively. Holly demonstrates how to expose yourself (legally and appropriately of course!) to gain clarity in your communications, better understand multiple perspectives, and expose the thinking of others to align, engage and move forward together. You’ll gain tools and techniques for triggering new thoughts and approaches that lead to superior results.

This session uses advanced neuroscience principles to teach a powerful yet simple process that helps you understand:

-Why and how you think and behave the way you do at work
-How to make your thinking more visible to drive understanding and buy-in to your ideas
-How to teach others how to think
-How to effectively test your conclusions and assumptions
-How to expose the thinking of others to align, engage and get everyone working together

Also offered virtually.

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