How To Host A Successful Instagram Takeover With Your Keynote Speaker

Posted by Stephanie Guida

An Instagram takeover is a great way to share new and engaging content with your followers. Having your keynote speaker takeover your company’s Instagram account a few days prior to your event is a great way to excite your employees for the event while simultaneously growing your follower account and engaging your followers in a new and fun way. An Instagram takeover is when a guest temporarily takes over your Instagram account a shares their content with your audience. It is a great way for brands, individuals and influencers to publicly collaborate and cross-promote each other’s content.

Not only will the takeover benefit your brand, but it will benefit your speaker as well. You will both be promoted in markets that perhaps are not your usual. Digital marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, has said that with an Instagram takeover, the host gets someone who can bring value to their followers while the guest gets to reach a new audience with their content. In the end it is a win-win for everyone.

Now that you know about Instagram takeovers, you may be asking yourself where to start. Have no fear, Eagles Talent is here to help with a quick and easy guide to Instagram takeovers.


Set Goals


The goals that you set will influence the strategy behind your takeover. Some goals to consider would be to increase awareness of your brand, engage your followers/customers, and promote your event.


Promote the Takeover


You’ll want to be sure that you announce the takeover to your followers at least a week before it happens. You can announce it on Instagram, through your posts or story, but you also want to be sure you promote through other social media channels as well. Keep in mind that followers may not follow you on all social platforms. You will want to get the word out on all channels that way followers know when to tune-in to your Instagram. Continue to post reminders in the days leading up to your event. You don’t want your followers to forget. You can also ask your guest to help co-promote the takeover. After you announce the takeover, invite your guest to promote it on their social platforms as well.


Executing the Takeover


Leading up to the takeover, you will want to discuss with your guest what content you want posted. While you want to be sure your guest’s voice is heard, you do not want it to go against anything your company stands for, so be sure to talk this through thoroughly with your guest. If your guest will be doing an Instagram LIVE takeover, you will also want to be sure to discuss topics they will be covering. While you don’t want the takeover to be too scripted, you do want to make sure it is appropriate for your page. A full account takeover can be extremely beneficial to your brand and your guest. It gives your guest an opportunity to interact with followers through comments and likes, which helps your brand to feel more personal.


After the Takeover


Track Metrics 

Tracking the metrics of your Instagram account will help you to measure the success of your takeover. According to, the five metrics that you want to be sure to track are:

  1.  Followers: Know how many followers you have before the takeover and track how many new followers you gain during the takeover.
  2. Likes: Compare the number of likes of likes on your takeover posts vs. your company’s usual posts.
  3. Comments: How responsive were your followers in the comments to your guest’s posts.
  4. Clicks: An easy way to track clicks is to add a link in your bio during the takeover and telling your followers to click it to learn more. The link can perhaps be to your company website or to a page your guest suggests.
  5. Branded Hashtag Use: Create a branded hashtag that you only use during the takeover. This will help to ensure that anyone who posts about the takeover will use the hashtag as well. This is a super easy way to track engagement. When choosing a branded hashtag, be sure to choose something unique. Something too generic will make it difficult to track methods using this method.

Be sure that you also show appreciation to your guest. Asking them to share their metrics with you could also be beneficial. Ask your guest for any feedback they have regarding the takeover and keep it in mind for next time.

Instagram takeovers are truly one of the easiest ways to offer something new and exciting to your followers while also engaging them. Takeovers are also a great way to reach new audiences. Having the guest post to your account means that there is a good chance that their following will take interest as well. Takeovers can also strengthen your brand reputation as well as boost your brand awareness. There are so many pros to a takeover that there is no reason why you shouldn’t plan one today!

Posted by Stephanie Guida

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