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How to Manage Disruptive Change in the Post-Pandemic Future

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Innovation, Change, And Transformational Leadership
Jack Shaw – World Blockchain Summit

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 How Blockchain Technologies Are Redefining Business Models and Processes in Your Industry 

 It’s still a common misconception that Blockchain technology is all about crypto-currencies and multimillion dollar Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artworks. And while these applications do garner the headlines, the real action is behind the scenes – where enterprises large and small are leveraging Blockchain technology to reimagine how they do business. 

Just as the Internet forced enterprises to transform their systems and processes a quarter-century ago, now Blockchain is driving an analogous transformation. Only this time it will go even deeper and happen much faster. 

In industries from manufacturing and distribution to retail and consumer goods, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to transportation and logistics, and from government agencies to not-for-profits, leading edge organizations have already implemented production Blockchain-based systems that have allowed them to reimagine mission-critical business processes. 

The Blockchain applications already being used include everything from supply chain transparency to sourcing and provenance of food and luxury items such as diamonds, artworks, and wines to insurance claims management and educational credentialing. 

In this presentation, Jack Shaw will show how Blockchain is already being used in your industry. And he’ll show you how your organization can visualize and plan for the impacts Blockchain and the changes it’s helping to create will have on your business. 

 Jack integrates his executive experience in industry, technology, and consulting to speak on Innovation, Change Management, and Transformational Strategy. He’s addressed businesses and trade associations in dozens of industries around the world. And he brings decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing emerging technologies to speak with a deep understanding of how Blockchain as well as such other leading-edge technologies as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the Internet of Things will impact business and society. 

 How Extended Reality, AI, and Blockchain Are Creating A New Paradigm for Business and Society 

 New, game-changing technologies used to come along about once a decade. Now they come in bunches! Currently, Extended Reality (XR: integrating Virtual Reality, VR, and Augmented Reality, AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain-enabled artifacts such as NFT’s and Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s), each are already having profound impacts. Combined, their synergies are creating the exponential change agent many refer to as the Metaverse. 

A generation ago few could see the potential long-term effects of the Internet. But leading edge technology futurists like Jack Shaw were remarkably prescient in describing how the Internet would change business, commerce, and society. 

Similarly, today, no one can say exactly how the Metaverse will manifest. Technology firms such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are already planning to deliver Metaverse capabilities; and Facebook’s recent name change to Meta has received huge publicity. But leading companies who are not primarily technology solutions providers, such as Walmart, are also working on plans to do business in the Metaverse. 

As with the Internet and eCommerce, it will likely take 10 – 15 years for the Metaverse vision to be fully fleshed out. But it will almost certainly have as much effect on retailing, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and society in general as the Internet has. And we learned during the emergence of the Internet that those who proactively plan for the impact of emerging technologies inevitably gain tremendous strategic and competitive advantages over those who sit back to “wait and see”. 

In this presentation, Jack Shaw will explain how Extended Reality, Blockchain, and AI will combine to enable the Metaverse. And he’ll show how people and organizations can visualize, plan for, and execute their Metaverse strategies. 

Jack integrates his executive experience in industry, technology, and consulting to speak on Innovation, Change Management, and Transformational Leadership. And, he brings decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing emerging technologies to speak with a deep understanding of such current leading-edge technologies as Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Blockchain, 5G, and the Internet of Things and how these will impact business and society. 

Discover how crypto and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) are changing the landscape for payments and financial services, and how decentralized finance (DeFi) will disrupt everything from borrowing and lending to securities trading and insurance. 

AI is transforming business, society, and the world. Jack shares real-world examples of how leading businesses are using Al to reduce costs, improve service, and spark innovation. 

From connected cars to smart cities, remote robotic surgery, and self-configuring factory floors, 5G and IoT are about to deeply disrupt your business and your industry. Jack shows you how to design your 5G/IoT strategy for competitive advantage. 


 “Jack’s presentation was very well received by the customers and prospects. Thanks for knocking it out of the ballpark!” 

— MercuryGate

“Jack went above and beyond to help customize his presentation directly to our audience. Throughout his entire presentation, you could tell that he put a lot of effort and time into tailoring his presentation to fit the group he was speaking to.”

— GIE Media

“Jack was well prepared, well received by the audience, and wonderful to work

— National Association of State Procurement Officers
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