Jeff Kreisler

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Behavioral Science Lead, Bestselling Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Funny

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Jeff Kreisler: Spending Mistakes to Avoid

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How do your clients, customers, employees, partners and family think about money and why do they make the irrational financial decisions that they do? How can behavioral economics help us reframe our choices for better outcomes?

Jeff shares the practical and entertaining insights of behavioral science to help create better financial decision-making structures for the irrational and illogical among us. He exposes the hidden forces that secretly drive choices about money. Jeff explains why irrational behavior overrides rational logic when it comes to managing finances, saving and investing… and he then provides practical tools to help improve our financial choices and, ultimately, live better lives.

Why don’t we value our future comfort and security as much as our present pleasure and spending? Why do certain choices often feel like they cause physical pain? Why does having to choose between too many, complex options cause us to make irrational choices? Jeff explores these questions and more as he dives into the heart of the consumer decision-making process.

In this heavily researched presentation, the former attorney reveals why we make unethical decisions and how to reframe our personal, professional & organizational structures to enable better outcomes. (MCLE credits)

Behavioral insights into employee incentives and motivation.

Behavioral principles for travel, events and experience design.

The science of using humor to design behavior change.


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“What a success Jeff Kreisler was with our conference. He delivered on my expectations and so much more. I just wanted to compliment him on really listening to our interests during the pre-call… He was exactly what I hoped to create as the opening to our morning of consumer insights.”

— C.R.N.

“It was truly an inspiration and you were quoted many times by other presenters the next day. Thank you again for traveling all the way to Denmark.”

— Mobey Banking Forum
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