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Dr. Jermaine Davis
Dr. Jermaine Davis
Dr. Jermaine Davis

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Is your team comprised of solo geniuses who do their individual work extremely well but can’t seem to get along or collaborate well with others? What results would your team produce if everyone showed up engaged and committed to working together cooperatively and collaboratively? A solo mentality undermines the team’s overall success.

Uncommitted, uncooperative, and unprofessional team members can leave an entire department feeling drained and depleted – mentally, emotionally, and physically. When team members become worn out, stressed out, and burned out due to ongoing conflicts, the quality and quantity of a team’s efforts are compromised and individual commitment diminishes very quickly.

Individual disengagement, team disruptions, and organizational conflicts are very expensive if they are not managed and handled appropriately. Teams that thrive, succeed, and move forward, do so because there is a leader with a vision for fostering team morale.

Dr. Jermaine’s presentation  “Thriving as a Team” will bring a new and fresh perspective to your team and organization. His guidance will help your team focus on keeping “the main thing the main thing.” Courageous conversations, cohesive cooperation, and committed collaboration are possible!

In this participatory and interactive presentation, Dr. Jermaine, will share best practices utilized by high-performing teams to create an engaged workplace. Dr. Jermaine draws from the material in his two best-selling books, Leading with Greatness!  and Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW! . Get ready to take your team to the next level as you seek to thrive as a team!

Are you a person of influence?  Can you get your point across in a meeting without appearing aggressive, arrogant, or annoying? Can you quickly assess a situation and adapt your message to minimize disagreements, derailments, and destructive conflicts?

When you speak, are people engaged or disengaged? Can you even tell? Managing up, connecting across, and reaching down to connect with people in your organization will increase team and organizational success.

Dr. Jermaine believes that 85 percent of your success in Life, School & Work is determined by your ability to get along with others. Communicating effectively, cultivating personal and professional alliances, and maintaining healthy relationships at every level of your life will determine the scope of your influence.

In this highly-requested team leader course presentation, Dr. Jermaine, a motivational speaker, shares proven communication principles and influence strategies from his best-selling book, Leading with Greatness! as well as brand new material from his upcoming book, Influencing Up, Down, and Across Your Organization. You will walk away with a new perspective on how to influence others and gain the skills necessary for making a positive difference inside and outside of your organization.

At some point, in your life and career, you will have to collaborate and work with someone you dislike. Odds are it’s already happened! Sometimes these individuals are difficult because they are know-it-alls and either passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive! They are often rude, lazy, quick to blame, or cynical. Please, don’t allow your irritation with them to interfere with your quest to thrive and succeed in Life, School & Work.

Communication happens, intentionally and unintentionally. Become masterful at accomplishing your communication goals when interacting with others, both verbally and nonverbally. In his highly engaging and entertaining presentation, “Communicate Like a Champ,” Dr. Jermaine will teach audience members how to:

  • Identify and prevent the three root causes of conflict and disagreements
  • Effectively manage passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communicators
  • Adapt and adjust your communication style using the Size It Up Communications Approach
  • Effectively hold yourself and others accountable using the Accountability Matrix
  • Minimize communication misunderstandings using the 55%, 38%, and 7% Communication Rule
  • Say “No” without coming off as rude, insensitive, or unemotional
  • Regulate your emotions when you feel attacked using emotional intelligences

This team leader course presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s best-selling book, Leading with Greatness!Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation. Award-winning Communication and Leadership Professor, Dr. Jermaine, an african american motivational speaker and keynote speaker, will help you deal with difficult people by sharing the success secrets of competent communicators. Attendees will be able to immediately incorporate these practical ideas within their private, personal, and professional lives. This is one of Dr. Jermaine’s most popular and highly requested presentations!

Is your organization’s climate friendly or unfriendly to diversity? Does your organization say you are welcoming to diversity when in reality you are not? As a leader, it is imperative all team members learn how to communicate inclusively and work effectively across ALL dimensions of diversity.  “Treating everyone the same” may sound logical initially, however it is a plan for disaster and colossal failure within diverse environments. Leading with an inclusive mindset is the key to building culturally inclusive teams and work environments.

Leading with an Inclusion Lens begins with a willingness to communicate, behave, and think differently when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Organizations and teams have become increasingly multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, and multifaceted.  Unfortunately, most people have never been trained to lead and communicate appropriately and effectively across the various dimensions of diversity.

Organizations that avoid investing in diversity-related education are more prone to diversity-related conflicts, intercultural clashes, team disagreements, and low morale. These disruptions negatively impact the experience of your employees and customers. Employees and customers who feel disrespected, disregarded, demeaned, and devalued typically underperform, disengage, and utilize your products and services less often.

In this engaging and thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Jermaine teaches leaders and frontline employees how to behave, communicate, and think with an inclusive lens to create an environment that’s respectful of everyone. Identifying leadership blind spots is a key component to moving forward in this area. It’s important to engage in courageous conversations about diversity-related issues. Dr. Jermaine teaches people how to address sensitive issues without feeling awkward, guilty, fearful, or uncomfortable.

As a masterful storyteller, Dr. Jermaine will share real-world examples, provide practical tips, and highlight inclusive practices so everyone can excel from the inside out. His best-selling book, Be Diversity Competent!The Art of Communicating Effectively with Diverse People, is the foundation for this presentation.

Is “You have GOT to be kidding me!” the first thought that comes to mind when you hear racist, sexist, homophobic, or inflammatory comments?  Rude behaviors and offensive language often leave us speechless, uncomfortable, and unsure of what to do next.

Unaddressed and unresolved diversity-related issues create anxiety, fear, stress, ineffectiveness, and underperformance. Don’t allow silence or a fear of taking action to interfere with a healthy work environment.

In his interactive presentation, Dr. Jermaine will teach you through executive leadership courses how to address these highly sensitive issues in a professional, appropriate, and confident manner. Dr. Jermaine’s educational, engaging, and interactive style of speaking will inspire audiences to work on creating environments that foster respect and inclusion.

This educational and thought-provoking presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s two best-selling books, Be Diversity Competent!  and Leading with Greatness!  Individuals, teams, and organizations will leave this presentation with practical tips and implementable ideas critical for fostering a culture that is respectful and inclusive of everyone!

The Civil Rights Movement is one the greatest movements in American history. The movement inspired and influenced people and leaders to walk the walk of change – rather than talking the talk of change. The allies and proponents of the movement – courageously and strategically advocated for justice, equality, equity, fairness, and freedom for ALL people. The victories of the Civil Rights Movement did not happen due to happenstance or luck – the successes occurred because of collaborative teamwork, influential leadership, and forming strategic alliances.

Studying and reflecting on the successes and setbacks of the Civil Rights Movement can enlighten and equip individuals with the core principles and practices of teamwork, leadership, and communication to increase community engagement and drive organizational success.

In this informative and engaging keynote address, Dr. Jermaine Davis will not only discuss pivotal moments of the Civil Rights Movement, but more importantly, he will highlight the practical approaches used to spark a major revolution in the United States and across the globe. Dr. Jermaine Davis will leverage his personal and professional experiences in the areas of organizational and leadership development, leadership workshop activities, social justice, and diversity and inclusion to demonstrate how the Civil Rights Movement can continue to influence and inspire change in 21st Century America.

This keynote address is one of Dr. Jermaine’s most requested presentations for MLK Day Celebrations and during Black History Month.

What makes great leaders great? Great leaders C.A.R.E.! They intentionally Create A Rare Experience in the lives of their employees, colleagues, and customers.

Have you ever wondered why great leaders don’t burn out? It is because they get things done through and with the strengths and talents of their motivated and engaged employees. Research shows, people don’t leave teams and organizations, they leave bad and incompetent leaders. Don’t allow poor leadership to interfere with your organization’s success. In this dynamic and engaging presentation, Dr. Jermaine teaches leaders how to build trust and establish credibility, enhance organizational communication, and inspire team collaboration.

Are your employees working in a healthy, positive, and drama-free environment?  Do they complain of stress because the work climate is unhealthy and toxic? Don’t allow your employees to become disengaged and disgruntled! Let Dr. Jermaine show you how to move your team and organization from chaos to cooperation.

This presentation is enriched by the lessons Dr. Jermaine has learned by coaching organizations through this. You’ll gain practical insight from his lived and work experiences. You can leverage his thoughts in more detail by reading his best-selling book, Leading with Greatness! Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation, Dr. Jermaine will not only teach your leaders how to authentically increase employee engagement and enthusiasm, but he will also show them how to boost team morale and motivation in order to achieve organizational success. Equip your leaders and managers with the necessary tools which inspire organizational greatness and synergy  today!

What it takes to succeed as a great employee is different from what it takes to succeed as a great leader. Your first thirty days as a new leader can either make or break you!

Give yourself every advantage to win in your new position!  Your capacity to authentically motivate, inspire, and influence others is your key to success as a leader. With the clock ticking on day one of your new position, you have little time to test the waters. Leaders are immersed. Quickly. Immediately. Period.  Will you sink or will you swim?

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Dr. Jermaine will work with you on:

  • Creating Team Buy-in
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Increasing Leadership Likeability
  • Leading Across Unique Differences
  • Building Team & Organizational Trust
  • Utilizing Influence as a Competitive Organizational Advantage
  • Clarifying the Team & Organization’s PVG (Purpose, Vision, and Goals)

Anyone from new leaders to mid-level leaders to senior-level executives with previous leadership experience will learn tips on how to lead effectively in their blind spot areas. Leaders at all levels will walk away with more tools to assist them in building a work environment where everyone thrives and succeeds.

Dr. Jermaine will highlight the critical tools new leaders need in order to build collaborative teams which, in turn, produces organizational success through leadership development classes. He will share ready-to-implement ideas, some of which come from his best-selling books, Leading with Greatness!  and Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW!

Let’s face it. Change is inevitable! Whether it’s a change in leadership, demanding customer and client needs, a new competitor, a shift in industry standards, or new government regulations and expectations, one thing is certain; managing change, up, down, and across your organization, is non-negotiable, especially if you are going to thrive and succeed in times of uncertainty.

In this leadership development exercises based-in-reality and down-to-earth presentation, Dr. Jermaine gets straight to the nitty-gritty of addressing one of your organization’s most urgent and pressing questions:  Are our leaders PREPARED to Lead the Way of Change?

This lively presentation will equip leaders and front-line employees with tangible tips on how to recognize and manage the key factors which accelerate the rate and speed of organizational change.  These tips will put you, your leaders, and your organization in the driver’s seat of effectively managing change, both inside and outside of your organization.

Dr. Jermaine’s books, Leading with Greatness!  and  Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW! are referenced in this dynamic and practical skills-based presentation designed to equip your colleagues and employees with effective change management skills to help them thrive in the midst of team challenges, constant change, and organizational chaos.

Have you ever worked on a project only to have your boss or a colleague take credit for your hard work? Do you know how to quantify your personal and professional worth and value? Do you have difficulty asking for a pay raise or an assignment that will give you more organizational visibility? With all the challenges women face in today’s work environment, you may be asking, “What can I do to authentically stand out in my career without compromising myself and my core values?”

Dumbfounded and intrigued by professional women’s experiences in predominately male-oriented work climates, cultures, and environments, Dr. Jermaine Davis and Dr. Katie Ruberto teamed up to interview 127 career oriented women. They asked 8 powerful questions and the women’s honest, open, and transparent answers created the enlightening and insightful presentation, You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out!

In this educational and engaging presentation, Dr. Jermaine Davis shares thought-provoking insights and real life examples inspired from his collaborative research with Management Consultant and Marketing & Business Management Professor, Dr. Katie Ruberto. Dr. Jermaine addresses in his interactive presentation the following questions and more:

  • What does it mean to stand out?
  • Can you really stand out without selling out?
  • Which is better long-term? Mentors or sponsors?
  • Do women have to act like men to be successful?
  • Can women get to the top of their professions on talent alone?
  • Isn’t workplace success really based on a system of meritocracy?
  • What’s the real-deal on women being labeled as “too aggressive?”
  • Are women and men programmed differently for organizational success?
  • What does it really take for women to thrive and succeed in today’s organizations?
  • Does sexism still exist? Why is sexism a discussion topic in the 21st Century?
  • Can a woman really be successful in her career and raise a family at the same time?

Based on his upcoming book, You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out!  Dr. Jermaine shares his fascinating findings based on the 127 women he co-interviewed with Dr. Ruberto. Book Dr. Jermaine Davis today  to hear the nitty-gritty of his research findings on how to best position women for success in Life, School & Work.

Are you stretched with personal and professional responsibilities to the point of overload and exhaustion? Are you constantly being expected to do more with less? Have you come to accept that using the weekend to “catch up” on work is a constant reality?

If you would like to learn how to develop a better game plan, Dr. Jermaine Davis is fired up to teach you how to move off Burnout Street! We’ve all felt depleted and drained for days on end. Burnout sabotages personal achievements and destroys organizational success.

Stop the madness by cultivating a positive stress response style and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Dr. Jermaine will teach you the principles and practices he’s taught to over 7,500 of his college students over the last twenty years.

As a professional development expert, motivational teacher, and leadership coach, Dr. Jermaine’s presentation hyperlink to Booking Page] will inspire you to take control of your life and career by teaching you how to recharge, refresh, renew, and replenish your personal and professional batteries so you can thrive and succeed.

Sharing success strategies from his books, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW,  and Lessons from the Road,  Dr. Jermaine explains how success and happiness doesn’t happen by chance. You must be deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. The Quote Journal Series is a great resource as you seek to stress less and combat burnout.

Do you feel stuck, confused, or frustrated because you’re unsure on how to best position yourself for your next career move or transition in life?

This presentation is motivational, inspirational, and thought-provoking. Dr. Jermaine Davis will challenge you to ask the following questions:

  • Am I thriving or am I merely surviving in life and work?
  • Am I happy and fulfilled with the current direction of my life and career?
  • Is it time for me to take my career to the next level?
  • Is it time for me to quit so I can start something new?
  • Am I truly living a values-based life?

Thriving doesn’t occur haphazardly. Thriving requires a compelling vision, concrete goals, and decisive action and implementation. Living a values-based life, doing meaningful work, leaving a legacy, and making a positive difference in the lives of others will leave you feeling fulfilled, personally and professionally. Let Dr. Jermaine teach you how to play to your strengths, make values-based decisions, create an on-purpose career, and reignite your purpose and passion in Life, School & Work.

Get energized from the inside out! Go beyond surviving. Dr. Jermaine will share tips on how-to sustain motivation. His books, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW!  and Lessons from the Road, and The Quote Journal Series  are all excellent resources for this topic.

THRIVE! Turn your life around with Dr. Jermaine’s inspirational and motivational message, designed to help you create a happier and healthier life and career.

Adversity is a fact of life and business. Will you thrive, merely survive, or take a dive? You cannot achieve any significant level of success without learning how to overcome life’s obstacles, both large and small.

The Bounce-Back Factor begins when individuals and teams navigate change, transition, and challenges strategically and successfully. Conversely, those who allow feelings of gloom and doom, hopelessness, anger, and frustration to dominate their attitude often give up in the midst of adversity. Individuals, teams, and organizations that adapt and adjust to their current circumstances are those that are most capable of bouncing-back and achieving success.

How we DEAL with the adversities, challenges, and setbacks in Life, School & Work determine whether we succeed or fail. Dr. Jermaine’s life is a true example of overcoming obstacles to achieve success. He teaches audience members across the country how to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for and manage the most difficult times in life and work. Most importantly, Dr. Jermaine provides practical advice on how to get back up after a personal or professional setback.

Bouncing-Back requires a combination of personal motivation and leadership. Dr. Jermaine will draw from his two best-selling books, Leading with Greatness!  and Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW! . The Bounce-Back Factor will leave you with insights on how to recover when unexpected circumstances and unpredictable challenges in life and business come your way.

Grit. You see it in the face of those who are “in it to win it.” Grit is passion and perseverance when pursuing your long-term goals in Life, School & Work. It’s dedication.  It’s determination. It’s “keeping the main thing the main thing.” It’s getting back up when life knocks you down. When leveraged correctly, grit can change the trajectory of your life, your team, and your organization for the better!

Grit is a quality that can be nurtured and developed from the inside out. Research indicates that grit is a better predictor of success and achievement than street smarts, intuition, and intelligence. Grit is the great differentiator that gives individuals, teams, and organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Grit is the fuel you need to help you finish whatever you start any personal development activities. It will help you conquer procrastination. It will motivate you to keep on keeping on. Dr. Jermaine will teach you how to increase your level of grit and how to build a “grit-based culture” so your team and organization can thrive through personal development workshops.

In his engaging, entertaining, and down-to-earth presentation style,  Dr. Jermaine will provide you with practical tips on how to get and stay motivated. He will share ideas from both his best-selling book, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW!  and his doctoral dissertation and research, GETTIN’ GRITTY: A Quantitative Study on the Relationship between Grit Scores and Sales Performance of Real Estate Agents within the Twin Cities.

Dr. Jermaine as your personal career coach, will give you everything in his head, heart, and hands to help you finish whatever you start in Life, School & Work. It’s time to Get Gritty! Now, let’s have FUN!

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Twain was referring to finding happiness in all you do, even if that requires more nerve and faith than you think you can muster. Today, when so many people are struggling to simply make ends meet while working day in and day out, finding happiness seems elusive to many. Let Dr. Jermaine show you how to raise your levels of happiness.

Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Dr. Jermaine had to learn to cultivate his own happiness in spite of dire circumstances. His experiences and engaging delivery style will help you raise your levels of happiness.

Dr. Jermaine’s presentation, Nurturing Happiness will teach you how to:

  • Live a values-based life using the principles and practices of values-based decision-making
  • Cultivate an on-purpose life and career using the Power of the 168 Life Management System
  • Increase your personal and professional levels of happiness and engagement
  • Cultivate a team climate and a company-wide culture of happiness
  • Identify the personal and professional triggers that lead to low morale, motivation, and momentum
  • Align your personal and professional goals with the goals of your organization using the PVG Theory (Purpose, Vision, and Goals)
  • Assertively say, “Yes” or “No” without feeling guilty using the 4 A’s Approach
  • Cultivate a healthy and positive work climate and culture to increase engagement and enthusiasm

As a professional development expert, motivational teacher, and leadership coach, Dr. Jermaine’s presentation will inspire you to take control of your life and career before your life and career takes control of you.

Dr. Jermaine will equip you with practical tools on how to increase your levels of happiness, engagement, and personal motivation by sharing success strategies from his life experiences and books, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW!  and The Quote Journal Series: 52 Quotes to Help You Stand Out in Life, School & Work. The bottom line, according to Dr. Jermaine, is that you have much to do with your happiness! So, Don’t Worry! Be Happy!


“They should definitely book Jermaine. He will personalize his talk specifically for the challenges your group faces in communication or teamwork.”

— Select Medical Corporation

“I was delighted with Dr. Jermaine’s unique twist on leadership, communication, and employee engagement. Our managers are reading his best-selling book, Leading with Greatness. Dr. Jermaine Davis adapts to his environment and will win over any group.”

— Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts

“I knew Dr. Jermaine Davis was a great speaker when I saw my most cynical and negative employees standing in line to purchase his books. As a nurse manager, I was able to take back practical tips to share with my nursing staff and nursing managers.”

— Walker Methodist Health Center

“Jermaine is an excellent communicator. He was exceptionally skilled at bringing together each member of the management team. We are indebted to him for his remarkable speaking talents and facilitation skills. Jermaine made the training fun.”

— The City of Elk River

“Congratulations on an excellent presentation! You made this year’s convention a great success – both with our franchisee owners and our corporate staff. Your enthusiasm and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.”

— AmericInn Hotels International

“Dr. Davis was engaging, insightful, told good stories to enhance his points, used wonderful slides and clearly knows his topics.  His presentation was very energetic, even in a virtual environment you could feel his excitement and experience in the topic presented.”

— The National Association for Home Care & Hospice

“He captured the audience – his 90 minutes flew by!”

— Northeast Indiana Human Resources

“Our attendees enjoyed Jermaine’s presentation! He was very charismatic and got people laughing. Jermaine also came to breakfast before his presentation. He did a wonderful job of engaging with our members during the meal too! His presentation was a great conclusion to our conference.”

— Northwest Public Power Association

“Jermaine has been a true pleasure for years at multiple events within our company.
He takes the time to meet our attendees, learn their names and truly bring the
energy. He is a consummate professional and an engaging force that makes a closing keynote truly special. We at Select thank Jermaine for speaking to our
professionals year after year.”

— Select Medical Corporation

“High energy and entertaining.”

— OC&C Construction

“Dr. Jermaine Davis perfectly set the tone for our conference. His energy was
spot-on, keeping the crowd engaged and energized. His message came
through clearly, without any sort of heavy handedness. Our group raved
about him and his message of leading with an inclusive lens.”

— Society for Collegiate Travel and Expenses Management
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