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Entrepreneur, Blogger, "Rejection Proof" Author

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Jia Jiang – TED Talk
Jia Jiang: World Domination Summit Presentation
Lets Get Rejected

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When entrepreneur Jia Jiang left corporate life to build his dream company, he had no idea it also meant facing crushing rejection. To overcome his fear and pain, he decided to fully embrace rejection by making crazy requests for 100 days. To his surprise, the world opened up to him. Jiang flew a plane, taught a college class and befriended a billionaire. In the meantime, he made a viral video blog that got more than six million views on YouTube, and elevated a well-known company’s stock by 29 percent. This presentation will show the humorous and insightful learning and truth about rejection and fear Jiang has discovered, and their practical applications in life and business.

Jia Jiang always believed that leadership came from power and position, and that racial differences were an insurmountable barrier among all people. However, through social media, he discovered that leadership is all about authenticity, empathy and influence. Jiang believes that everyone has the ability to develop effective leadership qualities by confronting their fears and connecting with others on a level deeper than those fostered by our differences in culture and appearance.

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“We heard a great talk today. It was funny, inspiring.”

— Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

“I had the pleasure of working with Jia as part of The World Domination Summit this year in Portland, OR. We brought him on as one of our speakers, and Jia did an incredible job delivering a heartfelt and inspiring message about overcoming rejection to 3000 people who, deservedly so, gave a standing ovation for.”

— World Domination Summit

“We enjoyed having Jia present to our company! His presentation was personal, entertaining, engaging and everyone left with an important lesson learned. It’s rare to find a guest speaker that truly connects with each person in the room and leaves a lasting impact.”

— — Bigcommerce

“I was honored to host Jia at Waggener Edstrom’s annual Tech Summit this year. His keynote address – detailing his life experiences as a little boy in China, a teenage foreign exchange student in Louisiana, and his adventures as an Austin entrepreneur – was impactful and moving. Thank you, Jia, for sharing your story and taking our event to the next level by encouraging such thoughtful and meaningful discussion”

— Waggoner Edstrom

“On January 30, 2014 Southwest Michigan First hosted Catalyst University, an annual 900-attendee leadership conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jia Jiang wowed our audience with his message of overcoming rejection and being bold enough to just ask! As the event director for Catalyst University, I appreciated his punctuality during rehearsals and responsiveness to communication prior to the event. He delivered on his promise and inspired our leaders to achieve new heights. Our entire staff loved meeting Jia and working with him on this speaking engagement. We highly recommend him as a speaker”

— — Southwest Michigan First
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