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International Speaker, Trainer, Executive Mentor and Author

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These are interesting times. The Great Resignation is a thing. The business landscape is ever changing, and leaders are challenged to find – and hold on to – good people.

The research is clear. People perform at their best when and only when:

They know their leaders care.

Their work has meaning.

They have a real chance to learn, grow and develop.

To accomplish this leaders today need:

Emotional intelligence

Strong interpersonal skills


Bring out the best in your people. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. GUIDE.

“Overcoming resistance to change”. You hear about it all the time, especially as changes continue to emerge in your industry.

Change often brings resistance. Resistance is a signal that people are concerned, that they’re paying attention, and that adjustments might be needed.

More than anything else, people support change when they respect and trust their leaders. To earn respect, trust and loyalty, you have to extend it. The leader goes first!

Involve people.

Engage your people in the process of change

Involve organic leaders at all levels. You’ll find some your best leaders on the front lines!

Show them that you value their knowledge, experience, wisdom and input.

Demonstrate your trust by sharing responsibility for implementation and for creative course adjustment through the process.

Practice active compassion. Express genuine interest in how this change will affect their lives, job performance, personal fulfillment, and their relationships within the organization.

Leave with actionable strategies and tactics you can put into place – TODAY.

Don’t try to “overcome” resistance. Embrace it. You’ll earn even deeper respect, trust and loyalty with the people you serve…They’ll get the job done–and more!

How do you prepare for your first–or your next leadership position?

How will you stand out from the pack and impress the people who will promote you?

What are the human-centric qualities decision makers look for when they evaluate candidates to fill today’s leadership positions?

Some of the most important are:

  • Emotional Intelligence and strong interpersonal skills…
  • Initiative and engagement…
  • Respect: ability to “lead-up” and “lead-out” without stepping on toes or over heads…
  • Strong communication skills…
  • Ability to inspire, empower and guide others–at any level…

This is exactly what you’ll dig into in RISING LEADERS–and more. 

Jim Bouchard engages you in a deep exploration of your current strengths and areas for improvement. He guides you to develop specific DISCIPLINES that position you for leadership success. 

You’ll walk away with powerful STRATEGIES to help you get noticed by decision makers…and prepare you to take that next step.


Through martial arts, Jim transformed himself from loser to leader–from dropout and drug addict to Black Belt, and now to internationally recognized leadership activist, speaker and author.

By his own admission, Jim should have been dead or in jail many times over. He developed the resilience and “black belt mindset” he needed to overcome his greatest challenges – now he shares those tools with you.

You’ll leave with powerful STRATEGIES to help you recognize and unleash your full potential:

Cultivate and develop Discipline, Focus, Perseverance, Courage and Confidence – even when times are at their toughest.

Apply the characteristics of Black Belt Mindset in your personal and professional life!

Understand Perfection as a process rather than an unachievable barrier to success.

Embrace change and transformation and the unlock the power of continual self-improvement.

The best leaders never stop learning, growing and developing. That’s how you stay on top. 

And the best leaders know that the higher you go, the more important it is to stay connected to people at all levels.

Your success as a leader is completely defined by the success of the people you serve.  When they succeed – you succeed!

In SENSEI in the C-SUITE Jim engages you in a deep exploration of your specific needs, interests and goals…


nspire top performance at all levels.

Connect people to a meaningful purpose. 

Mentor your next generation of leaders–your ultimate succession plan!

Share your vision effectively throughout the organization.

Retain your top talent.

Network with other top leaders–it shouldn’t be lonely at the top!

This session available as keynote, workshop, mastermind group and targeted breakout session. Jim is also available for Executive Leadership Coaching–onsite and online. 

Can you relate to any of these challenges?

Managing a diverse group of employees

Motivating your team to higher levels of performance and productivity

Dealing with interpersonal conflict

Acting as a buffer between top management and front lines

Getting people to “buy-in” to changes in policy and procedure

If so, you’re not alone!

In his work with business, political and community leaders around the world, Jim has isolated 5 fundamental tactics that form the basis of any leadership strategy or response. These tactics, The 5 Rings, empower you to adapt and apply a wide range of solutions and responses to the specific challenges and opportunities you face today:






What You Can Expect:

Highly-interactive format

5 physical techniques to anchor The 5 Rings as effective leadership tactics

Solutions and strategies to address real challenges and opportunities you face in your leadership role every day!

And–it’s fun! (You always learn more when you’re having fun!)

There’s no doubt about it. Our world has changed. Despite all the current challenges, you have a tremendous opportunity to become the best leader you could ever imagine.

Embrace change, find opportunities in uncertain times and help others grow through change.

More than anything else, people support change when they respect and trust their leaders. To earn respect, trust and loyalty, you have to extend it. The leader goes first!

Bring out the best in your people. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. GUIDE.

Learn how to:

Connect with all levels of your organization – prevent silos

Communicate effectively – let your people know you care

Build resilience to engage people during change – and after

Keep your best people and position them for success going forward

Identify your “rising leaders” – they might be right on your front lines!

Earn authentic RESPECT, TRUST and LOYALTY from the people you serve

Develop STRATEGIES to emerge stronger – and ready to take on what’s next!


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Jim demonstrated that achieving your dreams is possible despite all odds. A great message to reinforce for people you are looking to motivate to take their life and business to the next level!


“Thank you so much!!! Jim was amazing and I had nothing but VERY POSITIVE comments received from those in attendance. I loved the way he had the group participating…it made all the difference in the world.”


“I have attended many leadership presentations over the years and delivered several myself. Jim tops them all. Highly recommended!”

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