JJ Birden

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Motivational Speaker & Former NFL Wide Receiver

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The key to success is seeing obstacles as opportunities; and boy oh boy, 2021 appears to be full of opportunities!

The difference between the victims and the victors in life, between the underdogs and alpha dogs, is not a lack of adversity but rather how they approach adversity.

2021 has brought forward a new set of challenges for supervisors, managers, directors, and other leaders; low moral & decreased productivity, over worked and overwhelmed employees, and many more issues. These could be recurring issues for businesses and organizations of all sizes, and keeping employees motivated to give their best is a challenge even for the best of leaders during the best of times.

In this inspiring virtual session, JJ shares the winning principles and strategies that helped him achieve success in spite of unbelievable adversity, heartbreaking failure, and herculean obstacles. Audiences learn that no matter what they are dealing with, if they want to win badly enough, they too can succeed in spite of everything (and everyone) against them.

In Spite Of… is an empowering message that helps audiences develop the habit of conquering the “setback” moments in their lives and seeing them for what they truly are: opportunities for growth.

Success is not going to be given to you–you have to go get it!

Businesses have always aimed to get more out of their people, but it is becoming increasingly hard to provide resources, instruction, and encouragement that actually motivate employees to show up and give their best. To truly succeed in today’s extremely competitive business world, organizations need employees who are genuinely motivated to give their best, improve each day, and do whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately, not everyone has this capacity; JJ Birden does, and he can help anyone develop it, too.

Seize Your Opportunities focuses on the individual and what one must do for success as part of a larger group—no matter the odds, and no matter how much hard work it requires.

As a former NFL wide receiver, JJ knows what it takes to reach the highest level of performance and have the capacity to maintain it. Many of the success principles he learned as a professional athlete have helped him thrive in the business world as an entrepreneur and professional speaker. In this presentation, JJ shares his winning principles and strategies and teaches audiences how to maximize and seize the opportunities in their lives.

Success is not going to be given to you. You have to achieve success; and once you have it, you can’t stay at that same level. You have to continue to work to fight mediocrity and complacency. JJ will show you how.

Key Takeaways from Seize Your Opportunity:

● Finding, defining, and defending your Why

● How discipline and self-motivation lead to success

● Achieving your breakthrough through adversity

● Developing championship focus and resolve

● How complacency can destroy momentum

● Avoiding complacency by continuous self-improvement

● The Joe Montana Effect – what JJ learned playing with one of the greatest athletes of all time

Before you can lead others, you must have the ability to lead yourself.

Leadership is a popular term and hot-topic in the business world, and rightfully so. Leaders have a direct impact on how successful an organization is; unfortunately, not all leaders naturally have the skills to set the pace, set the bar, and drive a group’s collective efforts towards accomplishing the most important goals. As impactful as good leadership is, poor leadership can be equally impactful, albeit in the opposite direction. Leaders who fail to recognize the role they play or the impact they have on others can leave employees feeling lost, unmotivated, and paralyzed to step outside their comfort zones. The results? Decreased revenue, low morale, and poor performance overall.

In There Better Be An “I” In Team, JJ Birden explains the principles of leadership and team dynamics he learned playing at the highest level in the NCAA and NFL. The heart of his message is clear: “To lead a team, it’s imperative you can lead yourself first. The team’s success is dependent on your success!”

This dynamic, engaging keynote presentation will help develop and strengthen the leaders within your organization.

Key Takeaways:

● Defining your personal leadership style and communicating it to your team

● Clearly stating your expectations as a leader

● Creating a championship environment

● Identifying “star players” on your team and elevating their game

● Empowering and inspiring your team to do whatever it takes to win

To get the future you want, you must bring your best EVERY day.

The economy is changing fast. The jobs of the future mostly don’t exist yet, which means the people who are most likely to thrive are the ones who are prepared to improvise, adapt, overcome, and continually grow. Unfortunately, the youth of today may not have the resiliency skills to get the futures they want–but they can develop what it takes to get there. The key is developing a set of core life skills to manage school, work, and outside interests while being responsible, dependable, and accountable adults. Those are the skills that helped JJ Birden overcome astronomical odds to reach the NFL, and they are the same skills that can help the youth of today become the leaders and high-achievers of tomorrow.

In this captivating and empowering keynote presentation for students and athletes, JJ helps his audience understand the importance of giving their best every day so that when the going gets tough and all eyes are on them, they will have the capacity to succeed and breakthrough to bigger and better things. In Every Day is Game Day, JJ shares actionable tips and strategies that help young people approach every day like an NFL Pro. Some key takeaways include:

● Mastering your thoughts and overcoming the underdog mindset

● Avoiding the entitlement trap

● Benefits of creating the right “positive” social media trail

● How you to react to F.A.S.C.O. (Failures, Adversity, Setbacks, Challenges, and Obstacles) can lead to either a breakthrough or a breakdown

● Why having a mentor is the ultimate shortcut to anything you want in life

● Even though you may be winning now, complacency can cause you to lose

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“JJ Birden was the keynote speaker at our client appreciation event; his presentation was outstanding. His message was well received by our very diverse group, which included clients and their guests from a wide age spectrum. His presentation was both energetic and entertaining. The feedback we received from our clients on his presentation was extremely positive. I would highly recommend JJ as a keynote speaker and presenter.”

— Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

“JJ delivered a fast-paced, stimulating, informative and yes, motivational message to my group of community bank executives in Phoenix this past fall. The participants and their spouses were totally engaged as each one was focused on the front of the room until JJ wrapped up his session.
Birden provided amazing energy, excellence, fun and most impressionable of all was how he incorporated his football experiences and related the game’s strategy to business expansion and personal development. This is a tough group when it comes to motivational speakers, but they walked away smiling with ideas and tools that they could bring back to their communities and their banks.
I highly recommend JJ for your next event and I look forward to engaging him for another time in the future.”

— Western States Director Education Foundation

“JJ took the time to understand our industry and personalities of the group and speak directly to our group. His energy kicked off our conference perfectly. He was the talk of the conference!”


“During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our team shifted gears from our normal operations to a work-from-home setting. During this time, we wanted to place a strong emphasis on personal and professional development. With the uncertainty of the situation, we called on JJ to connect with our staff on topics of motivation, overcoming obstacles, and developing a positive mindset. JJ delivered an outstanding presentation that related directly to our current situation. Not only was he well-prepared and engaging, but his lessons were authentic and unique. Although his background is in the NFL, any business or personal setting can be compared to the messages he depicted. I cannot think of a single person or group of people that I wouldn’t recommend JJ to.
He radiates positivity, grit, and authenticity!”

— Corpus Christi Hooks
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