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Former Lead Solo Pilot For The Blue Angels

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John Foley

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We live in a time of rapid development. Business culture is rapidly evolving. Mergers, acquisitions, and global expansion help create new opportunities. Smart companies keep ahead of the curve, but those willing to push the limits of what is possible, the .01%, those are the people who BREAK the curve. How do we adapt to change? “Drive the Ball” is the “How to Win” answer to that question.

John shares his first-hand experience in a culture that pushes High Performance to the extremes, flying at times as close as 36 inches apart at speeds of more than 400 knots – upside down! See how John helps audience members understand their High Performance gaps and begin a High Performance Climb to close them.

The Blue Angels are a team of more than 120 members operating with a commitment to High Performance. Team oneness isn’t dictated; it’s developed. Learn how the Blues create a team atmosphere of trust and respect that empowers its members. Learn how you can create an environment that has team members eagerly opting into this type of Blue Angel team oneness.

As human beings, we don’t perform at our full potential. We perform at a Belief Level. Understanding our Belief Levels is a key to turning any vision into a new reality. Listen as John describes how he elevated his Belief Levels so that he could join the top 1/10th of 1/10th of 1 percent of all pilots — the Blue Angels.

The “Knife Edge pass” is a highly precise maneuver originally developed by John Foley and one of his teammates when they were Blue Angels. It involves the two solo pilots flying directly at each other and crossing a CenterPoint at the same time and at the same altitude — without hitting each other. Listen as John describes how Contracts — verbal and nonverbal — played a vital role in creating the type of trust essential to executing that maneuver and why that type of trust is key to operational excellence in every organization.

Connecting, aligning, and unifying teams that are geographically remote or unable to travel can be a daunting task. Leading through these changes with an attitude of gratitude can transform the way your organization does business.

The US Navy’s Blue Angels are a living example of extreme trust and collaboration. In his virtual presentations, John shares the wisdom of his experiences and brings audiences inside the cockpit for the experience of a lifetime. His interactive virtual presentations will leave your audience feeling connected, inspired and ready to commit to a world where anything is possible.

The key to John’s “Fearless Success” system is the Glad To Be Here mindset, a powerful new way of thinking, working and living that connects people on a human level. This mindset will engage your employees on an intellectual and emotional level to create deeper commitment and elevate overall performance.

Key Takeaways

– How to build a culture of excellence, clarity and focus that will transcend virtual boundaries.

– A shared “attitude of gratitude” called Glad To Be Here that will transform your organization.

– Master a process and a mindset for leading through change.

– Find your “purpose larger than self” and use that purpose to elevate execution and drive results.

– Live, virtual Q&A sessions, polls and exercises to take leaders to the next level.

– High-quality viewing experience and customized content aligned with your meeting objectives.

All of John’s presentations are customized to meet your specific needs.  A briefing call with John and his team will identify your needs and allow a virtual experience that serves the direct goals of your meeting or event.

Every Digital Keynote contains:

– One 5-minute promotional video

– 45-60 – minute interactive session with John

– Up to 60 minutes of additional video content for internal use


“John was EXCELLENT! He did a great job off incorporating our language and speaking to the audience. Best of all, he delivered exactly what we were looking for…an inspirational and executable message. I can tell you that every client (and home office person) I’ve spoken to raved about him. Another home run!!”

— LPL Financial

“Great way to kick off your conference! Wonderful speaker! Attendees really engaged.”

— Restaurant Facility Management Association
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