John Manzella

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Global Economics and Business Speaker, Author, and International Columnist

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Chinese Challenges Offer U.s. Companies Few Options
Prepare For An Unrelenting Worker Shortage
America’s Critical Challenges Pose Serious Risks
Democracy, Capitalism And Why China Is Doomed

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Pandemic-related realities and the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine war continue to impact the U.S. and global economy, while complexities with China add new risks. Combined with the energy revolution, shifting demographics, and challenges with the USMCA and Europe, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to you?

This invaluable program analyzes economic trends, examines trading relationships, reveals Chinese dangers, and explores critical issues involving labor, skills, automation, and immigration. Additionally, it offers survival strategies and provides insight on what’s ahead.

The key to American free-market capitalism lies in our ability to innovate new products and services and deliver them worldwide. This requires pro-globalization policies, an educated labor force, and an environment that incentivizes entrepreneurs to take risks that create new companies, technologies, and jobs.

However, critical risks stand in the way. (1) New technologies and globalization have tremendously improved our standard of living, but many have been left behind that support far left and right populists who may ultimately threaten capitalism. (2) Unless addressed, shifting demographics will translate into fewer consumers and worsening labor shortages. And (3) the pandemic, Russian war, and Chinese tensions have forced companies to continually assess risks that impact supply chains and globalization.

This stimulating and insightful program explores these issues, analyzes economic trends, delves into labor and Chinese challenges, and provides strategies to prepare for what’s ahead.

Rising protectionism, populism and inequality, along with economic trends and Covid-19, are having a profound impact on the United States, globalization and American capitalism. Plus, skills deficits, immigration issues, and tensions with China are severely affecting industry. In addition, advances in automation and digitalization, and the need for lifelong learning are adding greater complexity.

This thought-provoking program peers into the chain reactions of what’s unfolding, reveals the myths and realities of globalization, and examines the need to improve American capitalism so we don’t lose it.

Tensions with China and rising global protectionism are forcing companies to reassess trading relationships, investments, site selection decisions, backshoring options, and supply chain operations. Plus, issues causing friction and heightened levels of volatility are adding new risks.

This engaging program analyzes the positions of President Joe Biden with a focus on international trade, China, USMCA, and Europe, provides insight on China’s strengths, weaknesses and practices, reveals connections between rising populism, automation and globalization, and offers strategies to better navigate the dangers ahead.


John’s presentation at the New England Relocation Association conference was the sharpest and most insightful explanation of the current macro economy I’ve heard. He doesn’t just “talk the talk,” he thoughtfully has mastered the factors that have led to where we are today, and understands what must be done to initiate growth in the United States and world economy. Importantly, he can convey these complex ideas in a straight-forward, clear and concise manner — something few of his peers can do. John is engaging, likable and pensive. Several members of our association ecstatically declared how impressed they were with his presentation. He should be on CNBC and CNN every day.

— RE/MAX Partners

I had the privilege and pleasure of listening to John Manzella deliver a keynote at our annual association event. I was completely impressed by his depth of knowledge and ability to deliver a complex topic to an audience that does not deal in geopolitical economics. John’s breadth of knowledge and insights were precise, deep, and sophisticated, yet he made the topic relatable, digestible, and easy to understand. His areas of focus were timely and well connected, and his ability to elevate the audience was impressive. Without hesitation, I highly recommend John and look forward to having him speak at our next corporate event.

— Louisville Tile

It was a privilege to introduce John Manzella at the WWEMA Annual Meeting, where he delivered an outstanding and insightful keynote. He was invited back by popular demand due to his expertise and understanding of current economic trends. His presentation was easy to grasp for any audience — yet very complex in nature with detailed data points. I can’t wait to hear John speak again. I highly recommend him for your event.

— The Gorman-Rupp Company

Wow! In a clear and concise presentation, John sure knows how to deliver a great deal of information in a relatively short time frame. He spoke to business owners and leaders in the natural gas industry at our Distribution Contractors Association Fall Meeting. His insight into global forces affecting not only the economy, but the energy industry specifically, was fascinating and eye-opening! From the Russia-Ukraine war to shifting demographics to the pandemic fallout, John revealed economic trends and explored these challenging times. Using graphics which clearly focused the discussion, John gave our members strategies and insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead. Great comments from the audience, as well as those who were able to spend time with him one-on-one. We look forward to having John back in the future. — Robert G. Darden, CAE, CMP, Executive Vice President, Distribution Contractors Association.

— Distribution Contractors Association

“John Manzella’s keynote address at the United States Meat Export Federation’s Fall conference was fantastic. He provided in-depth analysis of international trade outcomes and prospects facing the U.S., examined today’s workforce issues and challenges, and offered enlightening survival strategies. These and other complex topics were delivered in a manner that was easy to follow and understand. And as a bonus, I had the opportunity to visit one-on-one with him at the post-event social gathering. I hope to hear him speak again soon.”

— United States Meat Export Federation

“John’s 90 minute presentation to our group was very well received. He engaged the audience so well it could have gone on even longer. We have attendees already asking for us to bring him back.”

— Ceramic Tile Distributors Association

” I cannot say enough about each experience I have had with John. Not only is he an incredible speaker, but a true authority and subject matter expert. He delivered an incredible presentation at our flagship conference that had people talking and buzzing for weeks after. When he was generous enough to lend his time as a guest on my podcast, he blew me away with his expertise, quick wit, and articulation of complicated topics in a digestible way. I look forward to any opportunity to work with John in the future, as I know that I will come away knowing more than I did before.”

— Podcast Host and Ally to Protein Industry

“John’s recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to follow.”

— HSBC Bank

“John’s thoughtful, well reasoned presentation helped our members see events and issues from new perspectives, giving us insights that will help us be more competitive in a rapidly changing world.”

— Food Northwest

“As our SMART Conference opening keynote speaker, John set the tone for making this year’s event the best yet. I have heard nothing but glowing remarks regarding the perspectives he shared and wisdom he imparted. John pulled back the curtain on the economy illuminating the affect global trends have on national, state and local commerce. The attending 500 business and community leaders came away better informed with an understanding of how to maneuver their communities and companies in these volatile economic times.”

— Black Hills Energy
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