Johnny Quinn

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U.S Olympian, Keynote Speaker

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It Only Takes One Opportunity
When Life Gets Tough, You Have Options
There Is A Myth Floating Around Culture

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In order to grow, you must overcome challenges. Challenges come in different shapes and sizes for everyone. They can make you or break you. Johnny delivers straight-forward strategies to break through barriers so you can thrive at work and in life. Challenge accepted!

Nothing happens without taking action. Ultra-performers are men and women who find a way to get the job done with the current resources available. Johnny powerfully simplifies the elite action steps he developed in the Olympics and professional football to help everyone in your organization become and ultra-performer and win in the marketplace.

We live in a day of constant change. Whether it is economic, social, technological or regulatory, if you are not changing and adapting you will be left behind. Johnny clearly lays out a plan to develop a champion mindset giving your organization the ability to adapt to change and come out ahead of the competition.

We are connected around the clock and if we are not careful, work never shuts off. We risk burnout and resignations if we don’t embrace a healthy work-life balance in a 24/7/365 digital world. Johnny demonstrates the importance of leading through influence (not just positional power), and communicating visually and interactively in the digital age with immediate practical application.


“Johnny Quinn’s positive energy immediately resonated with our leaders and our CEO even ordered 100 autographed copies of Johnny’s book on the webinar, that’s how well Johnny connected with our team.”

— Chief HRO Cornerstone Health Services

“Johnny is a true survivor and competitor and has a wonderful story of perseverance and passion. I highly recommend Johnny to help motivate and inspire your company staff, teams and departments.”

— Managing Principal, Mohr Partners, Inc.

“Johnny Quinn’s message was phenomenal, clear and captivating. We need more of his wisdom to reach everyone.”

— Owner, Reality One Group Elite

“Johnny spoke at our annual leadership meeting and was the perfect speaker to motivate and inspire our leaders. I highly recommend Johnny to anyone looking for a speaker and have no doubt he would customize his message to your audience just like he did for us.”

— President, Aegis Therapies

“Johnny spoke so well at our virtual conference that our attendees have asked us to book him for our in-person conference in November. And we did!”

— CEO, Accounts Advisory Group

“Johnny spoke at our Global Sales Team Event and is a very dynamic and motivational speaker. His energy is contagious and his preparation was spot on for what we needed as a diverse audience.”

— VP of Sales, Americas, Dialight
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