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Helping Individuals And Organizations With The Struggle Of Too Much To Do

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Jones Loflin – Exclusive Podcast Interview
Jones Loflin
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(Leadership Development/Change)

You’re busy. You are already feeling overloaded. You’d like to build greater capacity in yourself and members of your team, but where would you find the time? In short, you want to take your leadership to the next level, but the question is “How?” You need a fresh and practical blueprint. Jones Loflin says that new approach is built on four words: Grow, Cultivate, Prune, and Harvest.

In this innovative and engaging presentation built on the timeless practices of a gardener, Jones equips leaders to identify where change is needed in their daily activities and take productive action. It’s time to get “growing” and harvest something better for your people and your organization.


(Time Management/Work Life Balance/Productivity)

Let’s be honest. Your proverbial plate is already running over with all you have to do. Even worse, your mind is racing with fresh ideas for improvement and growth. If only there was a solution to this dilemma that didn’t involve cloning yourself. Our speaker today says the answer is to run off and join the circus… at least mentally.

Using the model of a successful circus, this highly engaging presentation will equip you to better manage your time and energy to explore new opportunities and achieve better results. From being a stronger ringmaster to building a quality “3 ring” lineup, expect to leave this session with a myriad of practical tips to manage your distractions and more fully focus on the present moment. Most importantly, you’ll be ready to run your circus instead of letting the circus run YOU!


You have packed the bottles of shampoo and lotion from your room, taken one last gaze out your hotel window, and started thinking about how far behind you are at work. But have you “packed” the right strategies to achieve better results when you return home? How will you take all you have gained at this event and implement these ideas into an already overloaded schedule? Jones Loflin says the answer lies in 5 simple words: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

*This keynote can also be modified to fit for the opening session of a conference or event. The suggested title then becomes We Are Here… Now What?

Jones invests the time to understand your objectives for the presentation, and to get to know the roles and responsibilities of those who will be attending the session. He then brings a level of energy and interaction rarely seen in virtual presentations. Some ways Jones has served other groups with virtual sessions include:

  • Opening/Closing of a conference (Presentations can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours)
  • Prerecorded keynotes and training sessions (with questions and worksheets)
  • Q and A with teams or conference attendees about time management, work life balance, leadership, or change


“Jones was excellent to work with. He met with members of our team numerous times prior to his presentation in order to customize the content. This was extremely helpful.”

— General Dynamics Mission Systems

“Thank you so much for being our keynote presenter Friday afternoon. You did an excellent job incorporating content from earlier in the day into your presentation. I’ve heard many, many positive comments yesterday and today about how much folks enjoyed and valued the time and content. The day flowed perfectly.”

— Atrium Health

“Jones was excellent! I was thoroughly impressed. His presentation was excellent, as I expected, but what set him apart was that he’d taken time to learn a little about what the audience does and he expertly wove that into the presentation and kept bringing it back to what they did. It really made the audience engage with him. I was very impressed. Overall feedback from attendees on site has been very positive. So thank you! He’s a great speaker and I hope to invite him back in the future.”

— Simplify Compliance

“Jones was a hit with the attendees. I had numerous folks come up to me and express their appreciation for his discussion. It was also nice to have him attend our cocktail and dinner party where he mingled with everyone. All in all a very positive experience.”

— Southern Oak Insurance Company

“Jones was indeed well received. And I even commented to someone that when I first met him, you would have thought we’d known each other for a long time! It was great and he made you feel very at ease! He was great at keeping the audience engaged and they came away from his seminar commenting on, “sure gave me a lot to think about” and “maybe I need to change a few things like Jones said and my life won’t be so hectic”!”


“Jones Loflin understands us. From our ever-expanding schedules and inability to say “no” to any person or project, to the rewarding experience of serving our communities, Jones just gets it. He tailors his seminars on work/life balance so intuitively for the audience that each attendee walks away feeling as if they’d had a personal coaching session, even in a group of 300. His infectious positivity and high-energy presentation make him a natural choice for your event.”

— University of Florida IFAS Extension

“He’s a great guy and kept the audience engaged on a subject that affects everyone, Juggling Elephants. Highly recommend!”

— Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America

“Jones is a true professional and pleasure to work with! We’ve had Jones as our keynote speaker twice now and will continue to bring him back in the future. Jones is a class act and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high-quality, meaningful presentation.”

— Arizona Department of Education

“Your program helped our teachers start off the year on the right foot. The presentation was very practical and engaging. Our teachers came away with real suggestions that they could start applying that day.”

— Pilot Point ISD

“Jones was a great speaker and I am hoping we can have him again in our future meetings. He connected to people and made them laugh, it was worthwhile.”

— BCD Travel, Americas

“Based on the verbal comments of the participants at break and following the presentation, Mr. Loflin was both entertaining and inspiring. One evaluation response to a question about topics for future training stated, ‘More Jones Loflin.’”

— Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector

“Jones Loflin was great. Of all the motivational speakers we have had at our conferences in the past, he was by far the best. His message, focused on change, helped set the stage for the rest of our conference. I would highly recommend him.”

— Volvo Cars of North America, LLC

“Great attention from audience, funny and relatable data.”

— Paradigm Investment Group, LLC

“Jones Loflin brings the dynamic topics and group discussions that are vital to all mortgage professionals at every level. Jones spoke to our employees nationwide virtually, and it felt like he was talking to each person directly through his expert level of engagement and relatability. This experience has made an impact in our culture and added value to our conversations.” 

— Gershman Mortgage

“I continue to receive many comments on how enlightening your presentation was, and how you transformed your discussion into one that held everyone’s interest and attention. Please accept my sincere thanks for a job extremely well done.” 

— Department of the Navy

“Jones Loflin was great. Of all the motivational speakers we have had at our conferences in the past, he was by far the best. His message, focused on change, helped set the stage for the rest of our conference. I would highly recommend him.” 

— Volvo Cars Of North America
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