José Morey M.D.

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Health and Technology Speaker, Consultant for NASA, IBM, Hyperloop Transportation, and Liberty BioSecurity

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The focus of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is to provide information to civilian institutions to help them solve scientific problems at home and in space. This talk focuses on the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning in technology that have enabled scientists to gather and use data better and faster. The goal of these applications is to make sure NASA does not miss anything of potential value for civilian and commercial use as well as space exploration.

Leonardo Da Vinci is still today one of humanity’s greatest innovators. His ability to blend cross-disciplinary sciences, technology, and art has inspired our greatest inventors from Franklin to Edison to Steve Jobs. They all looked to Leonardo as a source of inspiration. This talk delves into the life and genius of the renaissance thinker and explores how companies today can emulate his traits to transform their enterprises into innovation leaders and lead in this new technology renaissance.

December 31, 2019 is a day that will always be remembered. Currently, the day is known as the beginning of a disruption to our lives that few — if any — have ever experienced, but none shall ever forget. The day we first learned of Sars-CoV-2. However, as time passes and life begins anew, I believe it will be remembered for a different reason. It will be remembered as the day science and technology went to war. A day in which humanity united to unleash the full capacity of scientific innovation on an enemy that was indiscriminate to race, religion or creed. And on that fateful day, in our darkest hour, science shined brightest. And in science we trust.

Artificial Intelligence applications are changing entire industries and eliminating the routine from healthcare tasks. How will artificial intelligence and robots change the face of medicine and healthcare? How will they affect patient testing, diagnosis, and doctor/patient interaction? In this lively talk, Morey discusses what you should expect from health and medicine in the age of artificial intelligence.

Our health is not just about going to the doctor. It’s a holistic process that also looks at how our environments and behaviors interact with our well being. How will our health change when we can travel quickly across the earth in Hyperloops or visit faraway places like Mars? In this exciting talk, Morey discusses the healthcare challenges and opportunities on Earth and in space.

Artificial intelligence, big data, and deep learning are going to change the way we work, live, and love. Predictive tools and machine learning neural networks have the capability to not only take on routine tasks but to tackle bigger problems. In this talk, Morey talks about the new challenges and opportunities awaiting businesses who take advantage of these new tools.

Space is a hostile environment for humans. In order to travel and explore Mars, our solar system, and beyond, we will have to develop ways to protect humans from the low oxygen and high radiation environments, while also giving them the tools to thrive. In this talk, Morey will draw from his work with NASA to discuss the health challenges and solutions to space exploration, and how this will change healthcare close to home.

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