Judge Glenda Hatchett

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Courtroom TV Judge, Making a Difference in Everyday Lives

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Judge Glenda Hatchett – Courtroom TV Judge,
Judge Glenda Hatchett – Courtroom TV Judge,

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Corporate America, its challenges and responsibility in reshaping this nation… Judge Hatchett served for many years as in-house counsel for a leading global airline and has served on 3 Fortune 200 boards of directors and is uniquely situated to address this issue of leadership. Corporate leadership demands an enormous amount of responsibility. Judge Hatchett will outline 7 principles of leadership including the fact that leaders must first seek to serve, they cannot lead where they are not willing to go and they must lead with integrity, passion and compassion. Additionally recognizing that corporations are challenged to support, through its philanthropic activities, the community it seeks to serve.

An organization is only as great as its people. Executives are charged with designing the blueprint for a purposeful workplace. How do you make this happen in the midst of every day demands and profit driving results? Judge Hatchett reflects on her experience as a Corporate Executive, a Corporate Board Member and Chief Judge of the largest Juvenile Court System in the Southeastern United States. Aligning purpose and passion in the workplace and in your own leadership portfolio can be the formula for great success!

Determining the type of leader you are and want to be can ultimately impact the workforce you are able to attract and support. Great people want to work for and be around great leaders. This is true in the workplace as well as in your personal life. Judge Hatchett discusses key strategies for understanding who you are as a leader and as a human being and how to maintain your principles and values in an ever changing society.

The responsibilities of work and family can be extremely demanding and may often lead to conflicting values and priorities. Judge Hatchett understands these challenges first hand as a single mother of sons. Understanding that being out of balance creates problems in all aspects of one’s life, she discusses strategies and how to maintain equilibrium in an ever- evolving, complex work environment.

A challenge to define your purpose and passion. How do you transform your dreams into reality? Judge Hatchett conducts a discussion about life’s journeys – how do you find your life’s purpose and how do you connect that purpose with a meaningful legacy. What are you doing now that will live beyond your lifetime? Judge Hatchett will help you form a blueprint for a purposeful life, by setting goals, reaching possibilities beyond anything one could imagine and stressing that your past does not have to dictate your future. You control what is next and possible in your life. She will conduct a conversation about the potential range of the magnificent path awaiting you.

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“The Judge is passionate, compelling, heart warming speaker! She is non-traditional in her approach, in that she does not “present” to an audience, she holds a conversation. She is refined, articulate and communicates with deep passion.”

— Georgia Primary Care Association
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