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Invention, Innovation Expert & Keynote Speaker

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The Mindset & Motivation to Spot Opportunities, Take Initiative & Embrace Change
“It’s not my problem.”

“It’s not my job.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“I can’t.”

“I won’t.”

“I quit.”

Imagine inventors saying these kinds of phrases. What if those inventors STOPPED thinking, creating and solving? Terrifying, right?! But this is exactly what’s happening in YOUR teams, organization and maybe even in your own mind every single day.

  • Personal initiative will soar when you learn the secret to spotting any problem or opportunity waiting to be solved
  •  Increase that sense of ownership by understanding how invention is fun, easy and (almost always) free
  • Inspire an unlimited supply of ideas and opportunities when you see the world through inventors’ eyes
  • An audience that is eager to learn for the rest of the day and the rest of their lives

The Six Strategies Companies Use to Get Ahead and Stay that Way
Your competition is moving FAST. And you have new competitors entering the market all the time. In fact, your customers have more choices every single day. So what are you doing to keep up, stand out and get ahead?


  • Increase revenue when you deliver new, profitable offerings to customers consistently by leveraging key innovation generation tools
  • Reduce cost by applying a critical innovation strategy to your processes – and empowering your people to find and fill the gaps
  • Grow your customer lifetime value and increase customer retention when you deliver innovative solutions to the fringes of their experience
  • Save time for yourself and everyone else in the organization by creating an innovation plan that effectively capitalizes on the six D.E.T.A.I.L. strategies

How Great Leaders Can Innovate with (Almost) No Effort
Have you lost an employee that was really valuable to your business (and to you)? What if you could have prevented that by thinking outside the box? What if you could become the leader that everyone wants to work for because you think differently, connect better and inspire them?

  • Cultivate the 10 attributes of an innovative leader in yourself and your team
  • Solve real-world leadership challenges with strategies for generating new, innovation ideas
  • Be a more effective and inspiring leader when you capture the inexpensive, fast ideas that impact engagement, skill development, influence, and productivity

How Great Sales Pros Can Use Innovation to Sell More and Sell Smarter
From prospecting to qualifying, contracting to closing – all eyes are on you to deliver the revenue. But how much money are you leaving on the table by doing the same things you’ve always done? It’s time to get creative and apply the principles of innovation to sales.

  • Understand your prospects’ and customers’ journey, how that impacts your sale and where you should be innovating for the most impact
  • Learn the precise moments to connect with clients and what you could be adding for more sales
  • Connect with prospects, increase conversions and sell more when you break down the innovation opportunities

Increase Customer Retention, Lower Support Costs, Innovate Your Service
How many of your customers are considering switching to your competition right now?
You know it’s expensive to replace a lost customer and that it damages your team’s moral every time it happens. Empower your people to become creative service superstars.


  • Find painful gaps and powerful opportunities in your service when you master the Customer Emotion Map™
  • Add revenue when you spot up-sell and up-serve opportunities
  • Evaluate and implement your next great customer service ideas when you use the bootstrap approach to innovation

We’ve gone remote and the need for video communication has never been higher. From calming our clients with web meetings to creating partnerships through video voicemail, your face – and the trust it builds – can be your most valuable asset. But it’s easy to be camera shy even when we know it’s important.
Should you always be on video? What about the background? Is your audio ok? Knowing the answers to questions like these (and many more) will give you the skills and confidence to show up and shout, “lights, camera, action!” You’ll leave this session with immediate tips, best practices and some useful tools so that you can Tech to Connect with Video.

Join Julie Holmes (tech and innovation expert, inventor, virtual/live speaker) as she shares with you how to effectively use video technology to build relationships. Calling on her 25-year technology background and master’s in Communication, Julie will share not only why video matters, but how you can use it to help your clients and organization get connected and stay that way.

Faster than we thought possible, everything you’d planned and forecasted has gone out the window. Cancellations, postponements, new policies and dose of panic are leaving your organization reeling and overwhelmed. Business as usual isn’t an option so it’s time to get creative. With a focus on quick wins and immediate impact, you can use tried and tested innovation strategies to go from reactive to proactive.
This crisis innovation program will walk through the 5-step “NOW-NOW-NEW-NEW” process. You’ll analyze and rethink your organization, assets, relationships, and opportunities. By the end of this session, you’ll have a list of clever ideas, next steps and new hope as well as a valuable set of resources to use during these challenging times and in your much brighter future.

Julie Holmes, inventor and innovation expert, will be your guide. She’s spent decades helping organizations regroup and pivot in good times and bad. With straight talk and clear strategies, she specializes in rethinking and revitalizing products, services and organizations.

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