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Keynote, Author, Branding Expert, Social Media Enthusiast, Gen X and Y Evangelist

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Karen McCullough – Keeping Up With The Pace of Change
Karen McCullough – Two Generations Join Forces
Karen McCullough – CPR Engagement
Karen McCullough
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7 Programs By This Presenter

In today’s diverse workplace, generational differences can lead to misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and decreased productivity. Each generation brings its own set of values, perspectives, and strengths, but without the right tools and understanding, these differences can become barriers rather than assets.

It is time to overcome these generational biases!

This presentation brings a realistic perspective on bridging the generational divide to foster teams that are not only stronger and more united, but also immensely powerful. With insights, stories, and humor, Generations Expert Karen McCullough champions a workplace where generations synergize, not just coexist, charting a path of collective growth and strength.


  • Exploring the attributes and perspectives of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • Discussing three possible areas of conflict and some strategies to help them
  • Understanding the mindset and strengths of each generation
  • Identifying the 5 intergenerational communication obstacles
  • Exploring steps for every generation to get along better with the others and boost employee engagement

Gen Z has entered the workforce and possibly your workplace. Don’t be fooled. It would be easy to assume that GenZ are just younger versions of Millennials; they are not!

Generation Z grew up in a starkly different sociological/historical time than Millennials, giving them a distinct view on life and the world. What worked to motivate and inspire Millennials may not work for Gen Z. This generation has its own perspective and approach to learning, communication, social issues, culture, finances, and motivation. Generation Z has new strengths, weaknesses, needs, and wants.

In this interactive session, you will discover how best to connect, engage, and lead this unprecedented generation.


  • Understand Gen Z and learn how they’ll impact your workforce
  • Discuss the concept of Quiet Quitting and workplace boundaries and engagement
  • Learn how to leverage your own generational strengths to lead this generation
  • Take actions you can use immediately to drive GenZ employee recruiting, retention, mental wellbeing, motivation, communication

Today we have all been forced to suddenly adapt to new ways of working, doing business, and living our lives. Change is here!

We may not be able to control the changes going on around, but the good news is, we can control how we respond. Just as you update operating systems and smartphones, now is the time for a personal operating system update, and Karen can help! She is ready to share tools and rituals that will help you not just survive but thrive in this ever changing world.

Karen shares her 3-step process to shift your mindset and welcome change into your life. Highly interactive, and full of humor.


  • Addresses the stress, complex emotions, fear, and anxiety you are experiencing before you can move forward
  • Puts into action 3-step process: Relate—Repeat—Re-Think
  • Takes a deep dive into self-awareness
  • Discovers the power in asking for help Incorporate daily actions that build good habits
  • Shifts from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • Leaves positive and hopeful

As companies find it increasingly difficult to compete on price and speed, the human-centric customer experience becomes the brand differentiator in the marketplace. In this session, Karen McCullough provides innovative ways to connect employees to the organization’s brand as they grow their personal brand.


  • Explore the evolution of brands that led to where we are today with “Culture of Engagement”
  • Understand that your culture fosters performance, reflects purpose, and attracts and retains talent
  • Examine the 3 keys to creating a culture of high engagement
  • Discover the power of your personal brand and how it impacts your career as well as the culture of the organization
  • Implement simple behaviors that will create more engaged, collaborative teams

With five generations in the work and marketplace (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z) and women making up 46.6% of the workforce, it’s time to embrace and honor the generational achievements of women.

Throughout the presentation, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unique perspectives and needs of women at different stages of life and discover how you can support and empower one another to achieve your personal and professional goals.


  • Gaining insights into how social, cultural, and forces have shaped women’s experiences across time.
  • Studying the generational trends of the past and how they shape the future
  • Exploring the attributes and perspectives of all generations
  • Understanding the mindset and strengths of each generation
  • Appreciating how each generation of women brings something unique and important into our world.
  • Having a great time connecting and growing the community

Recent Gallop Research shows that employee engagement is at an all-time low. Employee engagement affects employee retention, productivity, loyalty, and is key to customer satisfaction.

It’s time to raise employee engagement! Join Generations Expert Karen McCullough in closing the Generation Gap to build a culture where people from all generations feel connected, protected, and respected.


  • Identifying the 3 key factors that drive productivity and generational performance.
  • Gaining insights to the diverse work perspectives and generational motivators
  • Understanding how trust plays into engagement
  • Adapting to a rapidly changing workforce
  • Exploring steps for every generation to get along better with the others and boost employee engagement

Everything we do, from workplace Zoom calls, to the time we spend with our friends and family requires energy. The quality of our actions depends very largely on the quality of our energy at the time when we act. Join Karen and get a shot of energy as she shares practical yet powerful, researched-based strategies to increase your energy and diminish your stress. Learn how to recharge your battery and energize others. In this program, you will discover that managing your energy and not your time is the key to better performance and a more fulfilled life.


  • Identifying your 4 sources of personal energy
  • Understanding the “recovery paradox”
  • Gaining insights into the role our emotions play in our energy levels
  • Creating positive rituals that renew your energy


“Karen should absolutely be booked for a speaking event. She is energetic, funny, engaging and very knowledgeable!”

— Validus Senior Living

“Our colleagues thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and sense of humor. Her style was exactly what we needed during this difficult time.”

— Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

“The customer comments have been pouring in. We held our bi-annual distributor’s meeting with customers representing more than 30 countries in attendance. Karen’s presentation on working in and selling to a multi-generational society was outstanding. Karen really took the time to do her homework and understand our 130 year old industry. She kept the energy level high and interactive. Within days after the event I had co-workers and customers tell me that they had already applied the information they took away from Karen’s presentation. They were able to relate generational differences to both their work and personal lives. Karen was gracious enough to share her PowerPoint presentation so that I could send it out to the many that requested a copy. Good communication is the key to success and Karen helped us understand how to best give and receive communication!”

— Director Sales Creators

“Karen was energetic, funny and kept the audience engaged. She has a great presence that makes everyone feel refreshed.”

— Marriott

“Karen Delivered one of the most interactive and engaging virtual programs we’ve seen! From the breakout rooms to her fun quizzes and games, she captured our attention and gave us a truly memorable experience.” Karen’s presentation was a great respite to the doldrums of corona virus lock down and would be a benefit to any organization at any time!!


— Central Michigan Homebuilders
“I want to acknowledge the fabulous session Karen lead on women and multi-generations in the workforce at our Fresh Perspective Conference. Karen rocked it! Hands-down my favorite session-filled with inspiration and insights. I was very impressed with her commitment to the conference- arriving early enough to really understand the audience and tailoring your content to ‘meet them where they were.’ It was very noticeable. As far as I am concerned, Karen is a speaker that is in rare air. We were blessed to have her.”
— CEO International Produce Association
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