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World’s Authority on Highly Collaborative Relationships That Drive Innovation

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Vested Logistics Outsourcing
Collaborating For Innovation In Healthcare
Getting To We In Practice Island Health

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This outdated attitude is the foundation that most business relationships are built on—a zero-sum game where one party wins at the expense of the other. Organizations say things like “valued employee,” “strategic partnership,” and “healthcare system,” but the reality is they are stuck on a transactional treadmill focusing on this task, this time, this deal, and under these terms. The relationships they create are static and the results are status quo.

Author, educator, and business consultant Kate Vitasek has cracked the code on how to truly create successful win-win relationships. Kate’s evocative and edutaining Vested Way® keynote unpacks Five Rules that turn transactional relationships into transformational relationships. Her keynote takes attendees beyond the theory of “win-win” and is packed with real stories from real organizations getting real results by applying the Five Rules.

Attendees walk away:

  • Challenging the game they are playing in their existing relationships
  • Armed with the Vested Five
  • Rules to help them transform their relationships
  • Inspired by real-world examples of how the Vested Way has worked in practice, creating value far beyond traditional us-vs-them transactional approaches

The vast majority of business relationships operate with an “us vs. them” mindset: management vs. union, buyer vs. supplier, health care providers vs. payers, boss vs. employee and functional silo vs. functional silo. Organizations say things like “valued employee,” “strategic partnership,” and “Healthcare System,” but the reality is they are often stuck with policies and practices and functional metrics that pit organizations, departments, and even team members against each other. The result is a culture that feels like a virtual tug-of-war with team members pulling against each other rather than collaborating for mutual success.
Kate’s Getting to We® keynote shares five proven steps for creating an engaged, collaborative culture. Her keynote inspires audiences with behind-the-scenes stories of how organizations such as Island Health and their hospitalists transformed their culture from a tense, troubled, and toxic relationship to one team members proudly call trusting, collaborative, and innovative. Kate will leave you with tangible advice, tips, and tools for making the shift from a What’s-in-it-for-Me culture to a What’s-in-it-for-We culture.

Attendees walk away: 

  • Understanding why “getting to yes” is no longer enough
  • Learning a proven five-step approach for creating a highly engaged and collaborative culture
  • Inspired by real world examples of how the organizations such as Island Health and their hospitalists
    transformed their culture
  • Gaining access to proven tools to facilitate teams in transitioning from a “Me” to “We” mindset
  • In our fast-paced and interconnected world, the success of any organization hinges on the strength and productivity of its teams. High-performing teams are not merely a result of chance or luck; they are cultivated by fostering an environment built on transparency and trust. But all too often individuals and organizations have a mantra that trust must be earned. What if we shifted our mindset and chose to lead by trusting?

    Join Kate in her evocative and edutaining Power of T keynote speech as she shares profound insights from her groundbreaking research. Kate’s inspiring and interactive presentation will help you challenge traditional notions of how to build trust and demonstrate how viewing transparency and trust through a new lens can unleash the full potential of teams.

    Attendees walk away with:

    • Valuable insights that will empower their organization to thrive in today’s competitive landscape
    • Five pillars for building trust and transparency in teams
    • Real-world examples of from real organizations getting real results by choosing to lead with transparency and trust
    • Tangible tips and tools to foster a culture of trust and boost team performance

    Many outsourcing deals are structured with fundamental flaws in the business model that prevent transformational results. The problem is not outsourcing itself, but rather the outsourcing business model. The vast majority of outsourcing deals are structured using a conventional transactional business model. This buy-sell transactional mindset pits buyers and suppliers across the table in a virtual tug-of-war when business needs change.

    Join Kate in her evocative and edutaining Vested Outsourcing keynote where she will share how to flip the conventional outsourcing approach on its head with her award-winning Vested Outsourcing business model. You will learn how to align the interest between a buyer and supplier with Five Rules. The result? A highly collaborative win-win outsourcing relationship where the parties are vested in each other’s success. Walk away inspired by the art of the possible when outsourcing and learn from real case studies from those making the switch to Vested Outsourcing.

    Attendees leave:

  • Knowing what Vested Outsourcing is—and why outsourcing does not have to be a dirty word
  • Understanding the Five Rules of Vested Outsourcing and how they help organizations shift from transactional to transformational outsourcing
  • Inspired by real stories from real companies with real results
  • Motivated to rethink how they are working with outsourcing partners
  • Reviews

    “We wanted a presentation on collaboration that would be both engaging and insightful for a mixed group of business, education and elected officials. Kate delivered!”

    — Will County Center for Economic Development

    “When I need content that will impress and inspire, I know who to call.”

    — Executive Director, eyefortransport

    “Great content – great presenter! Expert advice from someone with experience at all sides of the purchasing relationship.”

    — Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit

    “It’s rare in any industry that you find a speaker as passionate, thought-provoking and engaging as Kate Vitasek.”

    — Supply Chain Forum Executive Conference Organizer

    “Kate’s RealPlay workshops really delivered!  We created an amazing foundation for a new strategic partnership – 100% virtually.”

    — EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Blue Shield

    “Kate’s message is a must-hear for today’s supply chain and commercial managers who are struggling to crack the code on creating more value through their supply chain partners”

    — President and CEO, APQC

    “Kate’s message is a home run. Her depth of practical experience and academic knowledge blended perfectly for our association.”

    — Executive Director, Utility Supply Management Alliance

    “Kate Vitasek has an exciting message that she conveys in a dramatically interactive way – not only does everyone get it but they remember her key points for a long time – a very unique result. She cleverly wove our conference theme and other speakers topics into her presentation, helping to make our Spring Conference a wonderfully connected and mission- driven event!”

    — CEO, Prime Advantage

    “Kate has the unique talent to make difficult concepts simple for the audience. After her session, the team was energized and enthusiastic about incorporating her methods into their work.”

    — Chief Procurement Officer/Director, United Nations Operations (UNOPS)

    “When Kate spoke at our general session, we got a one-word Tweet from an audience member; BRILLIANT.”

    — CEO and President, Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

    “Kate Vitasek is a brilliant speaker. She has worked with some incredible organizations that have afforded her the opportunity to gain insight on how powerful the relationships in businesses are and how it directly ties to success. Kate challenged HR Professionals to leverage their relationships within their organizations to add more value to the bottom line. I highly recommend Kate as a keynote!

    — Dancik International

    “Kate was wonderful to work with! She customized her content to fit the needs of our membership as well as supported our marketing efforts by providing quotes and promotional videos. Plus, she donated copies of her books to our members to further their professional

    — Director of Membership, American Gem Society

    “Kate’s insights on fostering win-win relationships by shifting from a WIIFMe to a WIIFWe mindset – along with her five rules for strategic partnerships – offered our participants practical tools for long-term success.”

    — Head of Key Client Management, Maersk

    “Kate was fantastic to work with and our audience was very impressed. We had fantastic communication leading up to our event and Kate went the extra mile to provide an address that really hit the mark with our audience. She fielded questions and was present both before and after the event to answer longer questions from our audience.”

    — Beck, President and CEO,  Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce
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