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Katie Goodman
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Katie Goodman uses her 8 Tools Of Improv Comedy to create fun, lively and interactive keynotes, leading her audience through exercises specifically focused on helping participants connect, gain confidence, and adapt to change. Skills of improv include: collaboration, not being “thrown” by the unexpected, discovering how constraint breeds creativity, and adopting a culture of “yes, and!” Attendees will learn how to excavate their authentic selves, cultivate flexibility and gain confidence.

Have you ever had that moment when you’re laughing together at work and you think, “This is why I like working here.” As leaders, it’s our authentic moments of sharing and humor that make us relatable and allow us to build trust quickly and deeply with employees. These are the moments when they see who we really are. In this interactive keynote, you will learn to connect with the most authentic part of yourself so that you can better engage with people as a leader at work and in life.

Our Inner Critic keeps us from reaching our potential and living our best life. In a company, it keeps people from taking creative and innovative leaps, from supporting each other, and slows down progress. We can learn to transform our Inner Critic to a helpful Inner Coach that blazes the way for our personal growth and allows us to show up fully and reach our potential.

Nothing exciting or new happens in business or life without creative risks. Improv games and exercises inspire teams to become people who are comfortable taking creative risks for our businesses and personal lives and to end up with something new and brilliant. We are all being called upon to work in new and innovative ways now. Katie will teach your employees how

Adapting and innovating as you move forward is crucial for a business and for our personal lives in a quickly-changing world. Katie will lead you through learning how to actually love the stages of being lost and the thrill of coming out the other side with new ideas and ready for action.

For all women — leaders, employees, teams, and individuals — this is the time we’ve been waiting for. Katie will teach you How to Own Your Authentic Voice and support other women through collaboration, the “Yes And” Principle, and speaking up.


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“If Steve Martin and Dear Abby had a baby and hired Tony Robbins to raise it, you might get someone as bright, funny, insightful, and inspiring as Katie Goodman.”

— Arianna Huffington

“Katie Goodman is spontaneous, creative and fearless. Filled with anecdotes and prescriptions for finding courage. Smart, wise and hilarious.”

— Lesley Stahl

“A winning and creative volume that will help the shy, the fearful, and the controlling to loosen up and enjoy life. Goodman provides anecdotes from her work and encourages self-exploration with writing, drawing and doing exercises. Goodman’s advice is even helpful for controlling self-doubt: “Our Inner Critic is trainable. Think Young Frankenstein singing ‘Puttin’ On the Ritz.’” Goodman’s quirky, thoughtful approach and breezy tone should give wound-up readers some new ways to relax, relate and think about their lives.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Bravo to Katie! She brings an amazing positivity to improv comedy. The bottom line: Katie is funny. She teaches you to live your life like an improv scene — no fear and fully committed.”

— Wayne Brady

“Katie Goodman is simply incredible.  As the keynote speaker at our first national #NoMeanGirls Conference in Dallas, Texas, she ‘rocked’ the house. Through her beautiful use of improv comedy exercises and poignant commentary, this vivacious power-chick has an amazing ability to read and connect with your audience.  You get 110% with Katie Goodman.  She is the REAL deal.”


“Katie Goodman is the ONLY keynote speaker I have ever seen capture the attention of every single member of a 1300+ audience! I am so amazed that she has mastered the ability to energize a broad range of emotions, causing them to laugh while still pausing for reflection. If you are looking for a way to create engagement and energy amongst your group and gathering, Katie is perfect. With her, your audience becomes an interactive community.”


“Katie Goodman was a pleasure to work with, and provided us with a lively and interactive mainstage keynote for our 2,500+ audience. Her message was inspiring, playful, funny and got our participants energized!”

— ICAN Executive Women’s Conference
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