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This motivational, true story and high-energy message is ideal for an opening or closing session as it is sure to Refuel. Recharge and Reenergize your audience while reminding them of the importance of a resilient mindset and how it truly influences the success of an organization and an individual. Whether you are dealing with prospects, customers, associates, clients, employees, employers, family members, relationships or personal issues. Shift Your Mindset and Change Your Circumstances!

Format: 60 minute keynote

Attendees will gain:

-Get inspired & motivated to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months
-How to get “unstuck” & keep moving forward
-How to know if you are making the “right” decision for your future
-Gain deep insights on planning to win & achieving MASSIVE goals
-The ultimate success formula to achieve your goals

This motivational leadership message will empower your audience to motivate and inspire others to outperform themselves. In this energizing talk, your audience will discover the importance of Working Together, Struggling Together and Achieving Together. Kendal presents effective leadership strategies he developed from a kid who changed his life through sports to building an award-winning business while employing over 100 staff as CEO. Kendal empowers audiences to remember what it takes to activate The Leader Within!

Format: 60 minute keynote or half day workshop

Attendees will gain:

-How ONE person can change an organization
-Gain deep insights into the habits of successful leaders
-Developing a high performance team built on trust & transparency
-Understand how leaders impact change at work & outside of work
-Discover the 3 secrets leaders use to grow high performance teams that get results

From an early age, your mind has been constantly programmed by messages of constraints, struggle and failure. These programmed messages hold you back from achieving the level of Success and Prosperity You Desire. Not anymore! In this motivational, high-content, business and life-changing experience, you will discover how to Reprogram Your Mind for Success and achievement acceleration! Kendal Netmaker helps leaders and organizations through the power of Shifting Your Mindset!

Format: 60 minute keynote

Attendees will gain:

-The fastest way to reprogram your mind for success
-How your mindset affects everything in your life and career
-How to go from poverty to abundant mindset
-Learn what you need to do to achieve more in the next 12 months
-Embrace the power of what you already have within yourself

This program is ideal for brands, organizations and sales professionals. This empowering message is ideal for any sales-focused group as it is sure toIgnite Your Audience while providing “real world” strategies for creating global impact! Kendal reveals his secrets that led him to grow his brand to dozens of retail locations and winning Entrepreneur of the Year four times. Kendal empowers audiences to use their story to take them the next level!Share Your Story. Change The World!

Format: 60 minute keynote or half day workshop

Attendees will gain:

-How ONE story can increase your sales and impact
-Gain deep insights into why you must tell a story to sell your product/service
-Hear from Kendal’s insights on how focusing on “Story-Selling” transformed his company
-Understand how to position your brand so people buy from you again and again
-Discover the Selling Secrets to grow your business for the long haul

Entrepreneurs see the world differently than most leaders and organizations. Often they are forced to rely on themselves and keep changing their approach until they find a Winning Formula. What is it about the Entrepreneurial Mindset that helps these drivenpreneurs seize opportunity that others miss? A four-time entrepreneur of the year, Kendal Netmaker shows leaders and organizations how to embrace the creativity, grit, and vision of a startup and then channel this approach to drive growth, innovation, efficiency, and customer experience. Kendal Netmaker help leaders of any size company in any industry or profession Ignite The Entrepreneur Within!

Format: 60 minute keynote

Attendees will gain:

-How to see your business/organization like an entrepreneur
-How to take use the power of “speed and “grit” in your own organization
-Embrace your entrepreneurial mindset by making more winning decisions
-Embrace the power of “using what you have in front you”
-Learn how a start-up scales quickly ahead of competition

Our motivational keynotes will empower your audience t0 succeed, become great leaders, develop a winning mindset, use impactful storytelling and conquer any obstacle in your path. Kendal has made it easier than ever to be available to provide online keynotes to any audience around the globe. We use zoom software to stream our keynotes and host interactive Q&A’s with your audience. Virtual Keynotes To Serve You Better!

Format: 1-2 hour interactive presentations on Zoom

Virtual Keynotes available:

-Driven To Succeed: From Poverty To Podium
-The Leader Within: Become The Leader You Were Born To Be
-Shift Your Mindset: Enrich Your Life & Business
-The Power Of Your Story: Share Your Story. Change The World.
-The Entrepreneur Within: Think & Win Like An Entrepreneur

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