Kevin Surace

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Internationally Recognized Futurist/Visionary on Disruptive Innovation, AI and the Age of Automation

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Kevin Surace
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Hear about where artificial intelligence is today, where it is going, and how you can participate. See robots and algorithms and real wins in action. Learn about the process, what we can do today, and how it can change your company starting now. Nothing to be scared of…it’s just math. You will surely laugh aloud, while this makes you ponder. You will leave with brand new knowledge ready to put to work, excited and ready to hop aboard the AI express!

How does Silicon Valley continue to innovate faster than any other region on the planet? Learn the secrets of how and why people are driven to disrupt. What culture can you bring to your own organization to encourage this process? What are the risks and rewards? And how you can get going on your company’s journey to disrupt with practical skills and to-do’s you can act on now. You will enjoy this high-energy, interactive and funny talk on disrupting any industry starting today.

Social media (such as Facebook) is driven by selling ads, and thus is driven by screen time per user. Recent advancements in AI and algorithms are learning how to feed you more of exactly what keeps you glued to the screen longer. Creating a rapid feedback loop of more of your own thinking. Making you feel more correct than ever, or than anyone else.

This is isolating families, turning friends away from each other, and changing politics forever. What do you need to know about this society altering experiment? How is it impacting your life, your friends, your productivity and your vote? How might your business prosper and leverage it? And how can we avoid being destroyed by the algorithms…both personally and professionally? A fascinating high energy romp through the most rapid change in society ever.

AI, IOT and cloud are the biggest changes in technology in decades. What are they and how do they work? What is practical knowledge I can use today? Those who embrace these new directions will easily crush their competition. Embedding these into your business, regardless of the vertical, is easier than you think once you understand how to reach the “Center of Annihilation” – and you will learn this and a whole lot more in an easy, fun and energetic talk!


“Kevin you did a sensational job. Edutainment is right. Congratulations and look forward to working together in the future”

— Head of Macquarie Capital

“We were thrilled to have Kevin as our keynote for our KES event! He’s an energetic speaker that can captivate any audience. His talk on AI and the Future of Work was the right mix of provocative content and engaging entertainment, making for a rich exchange session after his talk. It was one of the best reviewed events ever by our C-Level attendees. We were so happy and hope to work with him again in the near future.”


“Kevin, You were great with a perfect combo of thought provoking information and entertainment. Very well done.”

— Clarion Partners

“Everyone LOVED Kevin – the event was a huge success! He was a big hit!”

— MetTel

“Kevin is right – big companies can and must do great things to thrive. His message about vulnerability and innovation was so good, the employees were still talking about it at the same event the following year”

— Juniper Networks

“Kevin is very inspiring, and underlying this inspiration, he serves solid practical knowledge and great advice that we put right to work”

— AsteelFlash
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