Lance Secretan, PhD

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One of the World's Foremost Thinkers on Leadership

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Lance Secretan, PhD – Leadership Expert

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Unlimited Leadership describes what we want from work. Places where we are inspired, not managed. Places where we care about each other, not tear each other down. Where great ideas grow, where customers feel loved, and where we wear our company pride on our sleeves. Places, in other words, where people are inspired and extraordinary results are achieved.

The Bellwether Effect: Eight Inspiring Leadership Solutions to the Most Self-Defeating Business Practices
Have you ever wondered “Why are we doing this?”, or “Is there a better way to do this?”

In a special presentation that is both brutally honest and deeply inspiring, which is based on his forthcoming book, Dr. Secretan explores how and why leaders are attracted to, and seduced by, trendy ideas, and the process by which these ideas then become mainstream. He calls the originators of these trends, “bellwethers”. He identifies eight examples of counterproductive business practices, among them, fear-based management, motivation, separateness and silos, employee engagement surveys, performance appraisals, salary grades and pay scales, mission, vision, and values statements, and the use of war as a metaphor for business. In each case, he proposes a fresh and inspiring alternative that could lead to transformation and an inspiring culture.

This is likely to be one of the most profound and uplifting speeches on leadership you will ever get to experience.

The need to inspire has never been greater than it is today, as many people feel exploited, cynical, and under-appreciated. In fact, most companies try to motivate their people with traditional leadership models. Secretan’s keynote, Inspire!, offers an alternative way to inspire from within and become a leader that inspires others. It starts with the individual and spreads to transform organizations.

Inspire! teaches business leaders how to ignite superior performance by speaking to the deeper needs of business relationships, and by aligning their desires with your organization’s cause. The keynote provides valuable guidance and shares a host of stories that illustrate how inspiring leaders have transformed their business environment from places of fear and resignation to powerhouses of effective performance.

The key to leadership lies in timeless values that help us to serve others. In this deeply moving presentation, Lance Secretan delves into the “Primary Values” that help us kick-start personal growth and the change of a corporate culture: Mastery: Undertaking whatever you do to the highest standards of which you are capable. Delivery: Identifying the needs of others and meeting them with respect and a passion.

He then explores the three “Accelerators” to drive the Primary Values:
Learning: Seeking and practicing knowledge and wisdom.
Empathizing: Considering the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of others.
Listening: Hearing and understanding the communications of others.

Powered by these Values and their Accelerators, Lance shows how our organizations then seek new Direction through Shifts from old values to new ones. For leaders, it is remarkable how much more effective and rewarding their roles become. Thousand of organizations have embraced Lance’s Value-Centered Leadership worldwide.


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“If I could choose but one person to work with for the remainder of my professional career, it is Lance. He is an inspirational leader who brings out the best in others, no matter what their title or task. He knows how to elevate everyone around him to achieve a level of excellence that is unexpected. His knowledge of corporate culture and leadership make him a huge asset to any corporation or organization looking to move to the next level. Lance successfully helped my organization earn a place on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For four years in a row.”

— Memorial Health

“Lance’s presentation to our hospital leadership and donors goes beyond words. A physician told me afterward that she was inspired to give even more to the hospital–in terms of philanthropy and time. Dr. Secretan’s message is so powerful that people are clamoring for him to come back and people who couldn’t come are calling and asking that we bring him back so they have another chance! This was more than a presentation. It was a wonderful and moving experience for everyone lucky enough to be in the room.”

— St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation

“Of all the speakers I have been exposed to in my life, you are, without the shadow of a doubt, the one who has moved me and will change my life forever.”

— Aptalis Pharma

“I have seen some of the best acts and the best entertainers and presenters in the world during the last 20 years and you were the best I have ever heard!”

— Regina Casino

“Once you began your presentation, the energy in the room completely switched. Suddenly, you were talking about things that truly mattered —how do we create inspiring organizations, what do we really want for our lives? People sat up, they stopped fiddling about on their phones. I could see your words were affecting them deeply and they wanted to hear more. It was captivating for all of us. I learned a great deal, not just more about the principles behind The Spark, the Flame and the Torch, but what it means to passionately convey those ideas and connect with others.”

— Keir Overton

“I just wanted to thank you again for a truly inspiring keynote address to our boards of trustees and leaders. Your message carried over the next two days and will certainly be a foundation for discussion at future board and leadership team meetings. I hope our paths cross again soon.”

— Centura Health
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