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"Crushing Mediocrity" Best-Selling Author, Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry, Former Dealership Principle

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Lisa Copeland

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Lisa Copeland has personally led teams that broke world sales records and achieved success in the automotive industry. Today, she shares her knowledge and proven techniques in her high energy, encouraging and motivating keynote presentation! This program, which is based on Lisa’s best-selling book of the same title, teaches leaders and teams how to accelerate actionable change even in the most challenging environment. This program is perfect for: senior management, teams struggling with forward momentum, managers of underperforming sales groups, and entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways:
1. Learn 10 actionable ways to truly “Crush Mediocrity” in your life and career.
2. Leave with a freshly motivated customer centric team focused on developing agility, rooting for each other, becoming accountable, and developing a legacy.
3. Leave with a new belief factor, which you can apply to yourself and your team.

Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations about Purpose + People = Profits. Her proven formula for success outlines how high-performance organizations deliver extraordinary sales results by creating a “Sold-Out” culture where people believe that what they do matters. Increased employee engagement, retention and ROI are the proof. During her keynote, Lisa explores what she believes is the “secret sauce” that businesses are looking for today. This program is perfect for: senior management, teams struggling with forward momentum, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEO/C-Suite.

Key Takeaways:
1. Learn Lisa’s six components for success.
2. Lisa will teach your team how to root out the competition and build a winning strategy that will guarantee success.
3. Walk away with new ways to differentiate your business from the competition using your business’s strengths and unique value.

In this keynote, Lisa Copeland discusses her six components for success. Lisa used these six proven principles when she relaunched the automotive brand FIAT to the United States. Her team was ‘mission-driven” the result was, that in the lands of trucks and SUV’s her team broke the world sales record with a microcar. Lisa will give practical applications to start using TODAY, so you can bring back to your teams. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 these success principles are a proven success track. This keynote is perfect for senior management, teams struggling with forward momentum, managers of under-performing sales groups, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

Every company that wants to differentiate, retain talent, and retain customers must build a movement from which they can draw power. By doing so, you will not only attract and retain customers for life, but you will also reap the benefits of becoming the benchmark within your industry. In this keynote, Lisa teaches attendees that “It isn’t what you sell, it’s what you stand for.” By following this, your company or product will have staying power because your customers are now buying the movement. The product is secondary. This program is perfect for: senior management, teams struggling with forward momentum, and managers of under-performing sales groups.

Key Takeaways:
1. This keynote will leave your audience ready to take on the world!
2. Learn how to create a movement. With a movement behind you, recovering from a mistake is much easier.
3. Learn how to stand out among the competition.

*60 minute workshop optional with keynotes.


“Thank you SO much for being a part of the event last night!  You did an amazing job presenting and connecting with the audience!  Your advice and energy brought inspiration and motivation.”

— Citrix

“Lisa is also an incredible salesperson herself, an excellent manager and a dynamic leader, and what she and her team have achieved at the Fiat of Austin store is unprecedented. There’s no question that Lisa helps inspire the enthusiasm …”

— Chairman Of The Board – FIAT/Chrysler Automobiles

“As a morning keynote speaker for the recent Austin Women’s Conference & Show, Lisa provided a fresh perspective for women navigating today’s business environment. Her years of successful work in the automotive field coupled with her unique viewpoint as an active woman’s advocate, provided our conference attendees a valuable and thought-provoking experience. Lisa’s energy, innovative ideas and captivating communication style make her a stand-out in Austin’s star-studded entrepreneurial community.”

— American Statesman

“I’ve never seen someone engage an audience like Lisa Copeland. It isn’t easy to get 500+ women to settle down at a luncheon, but Lisa captivated and inspired the crowd from hello. Humor, passion and inspiration are what you can expect from this superb speaker. I would have her keynote all of my events if I could!”

— Women’s Magazine
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