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Employee Engagement & Gratitude Expert

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2023 Sizzle Reel
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan- Manufacturing Engagement Reel
Eight Minutes Of Gratitude With Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan – Keynote Speaker Preview

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Legendary cultures start with a commitment to building a foundation of trust, supporting your employees in their career aspirations, applauding their efforts, and serving a mission that is greater than your company alone. When organizations pay attention to the “little things,” they maintain a higher retention rate, improved productivity, and increased profitability than companies who ignore the niceties that create a positive corporate culture. With Gallup reporting that approximately 68% of the workforce is disengaged or actively disengaged, this clearly is an issue you don’t want to ignore.

It’s no secret. Your best employees have the power to take their skills to your competition. The bottom line is that you are faced with an enormous challenge: keeping your top talent from becoming someone else’s! This trend reaches far beyond just manufacturing. The Gallup organization reports close to 71% of all employees to feel unsupported, detached or disengaged from their current employer. The impact costs US businesses more than $450 billion in lost productivity each year.

With approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, it’s more important than ever to attract the best employees you can hire while dealing with an ever-shrinking talent pool. Even more critical, is keeping your new hires from leaving after spending substantial time, money, and human resources to get them on board.  With four active generations in the workplace, it’s important to realize that people are wired differently simply based on the year they were born. When you understand how each generation thinks, their relationship to the workplace, and where they place their priorities, it makes life easier for everyone.

Mother Teresa once said, “We are more starved for appreciation than we are for bread.”  If you are looking for an inspirational program that has both personal and professional impact, this is for you. While sharing research, best practices, stories, and activities in this engaging conversation, Lisa shows you how you can benefit from the immense power of gratitude. You’ll discover simple strategies that will help you find the good – no matter what is happening in your life and in your business.


“I sat in Lisa’s session and found myself doing something I don’t do very often on a topic of which I’ve seen more than 100 speakers – I sat up in my chair and listened. Why? Because Lisa defined what should have been a familiar topic and made me look at it from a new perspective.”

— Recognition Professionals International

“Your program is inspiring, funny and one of the most entertaining I’ve seen. Your use of humor mixed with real life stories and experiences kept us all glued to your every word. It was a great session and beautifully presented. I have received numerous comments from the attendees- they agree that it was the best ever!”

— Virginia Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM)

“As a CEO and psychologist, I have had the opportunity to attend a significant number of meetings, conventions, conferences and training seminars. I must say that I found your content, delivery and relevance to anyone in a leadership role to be among the best I have witnessed.”

— Impact Solutions

“Wonderful speaker! Set a great tone for the day!”

— Restaurant Facility Management Association
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