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Top Empathy, Compassion, and Empowerment Keynote Speaker, Impact Storyteller, Global Humanitarian, "Walk A Mile" Campaign

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Mallory Brown: Inspiring Keynote Speaker, Empathy: Walk A Mile talk
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3 Programs By This Presenter

“Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” This famous proverb holds the key to creating impact – empathy. In her signature keynote, Mallory will teach you the power that each person has to make a difference. She’ll explain how empathy is the key to action, and how we, as individuals, have the ability to drastically impact each other’s lives. Mallory’s story is relatable, interactive, and will shake your soul. Through personal stories, heartfelt motivation, and key action steps, you’ll feel empowered to go out there and make a difference.


  1. 5 steps to increasing empathy in your daily life
  2. Debunk myths of why you can’t “give back”
  3. Discover your path to purpose and how to make a difference

This is great talk for Leadership, Sales Events, Women’s Conferences, as well as meetings for Healthcare, and Customer Service.

This growing topic of Empathy is also a fit for sessions focused on diversity and inclusion.

As a pioneer in the social impact movement, Mallory encourages for-profit organizations to do well by doing good. Her work seamlessly integrates profit and purpose and proves that you don’t have to sacrifice corporate success by standing for something great. This speech is perfect for organizations that prioritize giving back, corporate social responsibility, and positive culture in the workplace. Mallory teaches how to cultivate deep connections at work, enriching the meaning and fulfillment in your career (and life!)  You’ll walk away from this presentation with a renewed sense of purpose and a new corporate direction!


  1. Understand the importance of giving and how purpose changes our outlook
  2. Explore why corporations are perfectly positioned to make the greatest impact

Learn how to balance corporate success with giving back

As a self-defined “impact storyteller,” Mallory has mastered the art of storytelling in philanthropy. Combining her skills of documentary filmmaking, adventure travel, and crowdfunding, Mallory is redefining philanthropy for the millennial generation.   Hear stories of impact around the world and how you can apply the same principles to your own cause.   You’ll leave this presentation inspired to tell YOUR story, engage YOUR community, and take YOUR cause to the next level.


  1. Learn Mallory’s secret to engaging an audience
  2. 5 Steps to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign
  3. Explore how to leverage your passion and talents to fuel your cause


“Mallory Brown’s presentation was inspirational and compelling. She demonstrates through her own experiences how one committed individual can be a catalyst for change in improving the lives of others. Her enthusiasm for making a positive difference in the world is contagious. After hearing her speak, you will understand how she has accomplished so much so soon.”

— Albion College

“Book her now! We had great feedback from attendees including ‘she’s an inspiration’, ‘can’t wait to help her’, ‘I want to be her when I grow up’ and ‘wish my spouse could have seen this.”

— streamlinevents, inc.

“Mallory was a compelling speaker and was well-received by our audience (which was 400 professional women). Her talk was thoughtful and personal with photos added to bring to life her service/ travels around the world. She participated in the entire day and was available until the conference ended to answer questions and have conversations.”

— Cleveland Society of Human Resource

“Definitely book this speaker. She is easy to work with and very professional, flexible and friendly. Perfect for speaking in a university setting to inform and inspire students. Very inspirational speaker.”

— University of the Southwest

“A very inspiring speaker who can compel others to try and make a difference by helping those in need.”


“I would say to book her … her messages applies to so many organizations and program themes/topics. She’s absolutely amazing and each story and her homework to all of us will make a difference in our lives. She really has this down and at such a young age — the credibility comes through her presentation. Mallory is a winner! “

— American National Insurance Company
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