Marci Rossell

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Expert Economic Forecaster, Former Chief Economist for CNBC and Co-Host of Squawk Box

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Marci Rossell – Economist

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In 2021, the global economy entered a new era. The vaccine rollout was the catalyst for a rapid return to normal for most of the economy and explosive growth in some sectors. A new White House reshaped trade relations globally after an unprecedented downturn in the year prior. In this talk, Dr. Marci Rossell unveils the makings of the Fireworks Recovery and analyzes its impact on society in the years to come.

 Join Dr. Marci Rossell as she explains what has caused a slowing in global growth. She looks at the implications of the current “wait and see” mentality of both businesses and consumers, China and India’s new roles on the world stage, the rise of Millennials, and the emergence of cheap energy, among other factors.

One of the most trusted names in financial reporting and economics, Dr. Rossell delivers a U.S. economic outlook for the next 18-24 months. Drawing on history, theory, and her ringside seat to Wall Street, she delivers an insider’s perspective on the most important economic events of our time and discusses the impact of key factors like the 2020 pandemic, Brexit, the ongoing trade war, the Presidential election, and a non-traditional inverted yield curve. Get an informed outlook into the coming year and understand new opportunities that are on the horizon. Dr. Rossell outlines the current state of the economy, explaining government relief packages, including the CARES Act, and the aid needed for natural disasters. She highlights that this is symptomatic of a larger trend: that businesses today face a variety of seismic surprises, including cyberterrorism, environmental disasters, swings in the regulatory regime, and, yes, pandemics as well.

A prior Wall Street economist and the former CNBC Chief Economist and co-host of Squawk Box, Dr. Marci Rossell is uniquely positioned to discuss the ins and outs of the media’s relationship with the economy. In her forward-looking talk, Dr. Rossell pulls back the curtain on the way public figures and journalism influence buying power, investor behavior, and consumer confidence and offers a preview of what’s to come in our increasingly social-media-reliant world.

Can capitalism survive the 21st century? With this talk, Dr. Rossell looks at the shortcomings of the current economic system as well as the rapid growth of movements that challenge a capitalism worldview. She considers who is responsible for the growing public distrust of economic institutions as well as how financial crises can be prevented in the future.


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