Mark DeVolder

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Change Management Expert, Transformation Thought Leader and Award Winning Speaker on Transitions

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5 Programs By This Presenter

Imagine a new way to change: unhurried, composed, and confident instead of the usual frenzy, chaos, and uncertainty. The Empowered Change strategy presented in this high- impact keynote equips participants to transform the pace of change and drive sustainable success by providing a clear roadmap for navigating the stages of change.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams in the midst of constant change who are:

  • Going through organizational growth, such as mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, restructuring, and digital transformation
  • Navigating their team members’ reactions to the volatility, complexity, and ambiguity in their work and life (like frustration, anxiety, confusion, and fear)
  • Feeling unprepared for their evolving roles and responsibilities or unable to change at the rate and pace needed to keep up with ever-increasing changes
  • After this intensely practical session, the audience will leave with:
  • A Journey-map framework for understanding any change they experience
  • A personal plan for confidently navigating the transitions between each stage of change
  • The skills and mindset for boldly mobilizing through disruptive change to accomplish their objectives

Drawing from more than two decades of working with global industry leaders, Mark distills the secrets of effective change leadership into the five essential mindsets demonstrated by top leaders.

This program is perfect for leaders and managers who are:

  • Leading significant organizational changes that require alignment, buy-in, and engagement
  • Struggling to keep up with the constant evolution of work, including remote/hybrid work, digital transformations, and new business models
  • Needing to adapt to, anticipate, and initiate disruption in their industry

During Mark’s high-octane presentation, your audience will learn how to:

  • Avoid change-paralysis and develop change-ready thinking and behaviors
  • Overcome decision-quicksand and make smart decisions faster
  • Develop a leadership mindset for navigating themselves and their team through
    any change

Resilience is the quintessential element (aka. secret sauce) behind champions and successful teams. This highly actionable keynote teaches the audience how to instill this mindset into the DNA of their culture and team.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams who are:

  • Responsible for creating unity, well-being, and engagement in their team
  • Tasked with delivering profitability and high performance during organizational change and disruption
  • Seeking to create a resilient culture throughout their team and organization

The audience will leave with:

  • Strategies for increasing elastic thinking, continuous learning, and unstoppable perseverance
  • The motivation and tools to increase innovation, creativity, and risk-taking in their personal and professional lives
  • The ability to cultivate a growth mindset of unlimited potential in the face of adversity, stress, and disruption

This keynote empowers the audience to eliminate the mindsets and actions that extinguish motivation and enthusiasm and instead create life-giving opportunities to energize everyone every day.

This program is ideal for anyone in the organization who is:

  • Navigating multiple changes in the organization, some happening simultaneously
  • Experiencing change saturation because of the pace and rate of constant change
  • Frustrated and stressed about having to do more with less while contending with unclear direction and communication

The audience will leave with:

  • Tools for identifying which of their current behaviors build up and tear down engagement
  • Strategies to increase engagement in four key areas: clarity, competence, influence, and appreciation
  • A proven plan for igniting every employee’s passion for teamwork, communication, and innovation

This keynote reveals the secret behind how the world’s highest-performing teams solve their most complex problems: by building unity in their diversity (not in spite of it). When a team cultivates unity of purpose and the freedom to embrace diverse abilities and perspectives, they create true synergy and spark greater innovation, problem-solving, and off-the-charts superior performance.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams who are:

  • Unsure how to move past traditional leadership and teamwork models to forge a diverse, unified workforce
  • Struggling to embrace the innovative mindset needed to tackle increasingly complex challenges
  • Experiencing low levels of team engagement, cooperation, and mental well- being

The audience will leave with:

  • A greater appreciation for the differences and similarities in their team members
  • The motivation to shake up the status quo and embrace new methods
  • A framework for cooperatively solving complex problems with creative solutions


“Thank you again for an engaging, entertaining, empowering presentation. I believe we all left with a better grip on our own humanity and tools to soar higher.”

— Spaceport Operations

“Many of our executives stated that you gave them more to think about than any speaker in the past regarding navigating change and transition.”

— Motion Industries

“It’s rare that a professional speaker can hold the attention of a crowd and bring people to their feet and Mark you did just that!”

— Associated Grocers

“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was deep and important for our development in a daily changing world.”

— BPO Association

“Nearly a month after the conference, my colleagues are still talking about Mark’s presentations.”

— California Dental Association

“Thought-provoking and dynamic. Moving and powerful. Remarkable energy. Mark was inspiring and kept the audience charged.”

— PricewaterhouseCoopers

“You delivered an outstanding presentation and greatly impressed the audience.”


“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was so timely, informative and well delivered!”

— AIG Financial Group

“Mark’s efforts to customize his material to our audience were appreciated and proved very successful!”


“Mark DeVolder receives my highest praise!”

— Royal Mounted Canadian Police

“Mark kept us glued to our screen, very entertaining and interactive, a true artist!”

— Hilti

“Mark’s virtual keynote energized the audience and he provided us with tools to apply to our organization.”

— Professional Engineers Ontario
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