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Recognized Consultant, Author, and Speaker in the field of Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Learning from Mistakes

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Mark Graban

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We all make mistakes, even the most successful people we know. Are people successful because they avoid mistakes or because they make sure to learn from them? Mark Graban thinks it’s the latter based on podcast conversations with corporate CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs, and entertainers – and former Toyota employees.

Are we willing to admit mistakes to ourselves, let alone our colleagues, employees, or leaders? Do our organizations create a culture where it’s safe to talk about mistakes as a first step toward preventing future mistakes? Can we shift from blaming and shaming to building a culture of continuous improvement?

In this talk, you will learn and hear impactful stories and lessons about:

  • Why it’s important to admit mistakes
  • How to reflect on mistakes without being too hard on ourselves (or others)
  • How to prevent repeating mistakes
  • What key leader behaviors create a culture where it’s safe for people to admit mistakes

Successful organizations have learned how to engage everybody in improvement and innovation. That’s easier said than done when leaders and change agents have bad habits, including pushing change on others from the top down or from a position of expertise. Having the “right” solution to a problem or the “right” strategy for an organization means nothing if you can’t get alignment and buy-in from others. In this keynote, Mark Graban shares personal stories and practical strategies for shifting your approach to change, combining proven methods used in multiple industries.

Mark’s keynote will explore the connections between Psychological Safety and Continuous Improvement, using examples from Toyota, KaiNexus, and other companies. Mark will explore how we can assess the current state of Psychological Safety in teams or across a broader organization. He’ll also discuss what leaders can do to help create conditions where employees feel safe enough to speak up about mistakes, problems, and improvement ideas. His latest book, available now, is titled The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation.

  • Lean Healthcare
  • Improving quality, outcomes, and patient satisfaction
  • “Putting the Continuous Back into Continuous Improvement”
  • Engaging Staff to Design the Hospital of Tomorrow (“lean design” and “lean construction”)
  • Practical Daily Lean Management Methods
  • Lean in Hospital Laboratories
  • Using Lean to Improve Patient Flow
  • A specific topic can be crafted for your event based on a consultation with Mark
  • General Lean Leadership and Employee Engagement


“Mark was a very charismatic and professional speaker. He engaged with the attendees outside of his session. He related his personal stories to our attendees industry really well.”

— G.I.E Media
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