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Sales Speaker, The Rapid Growth Guy

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“Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way” Sizzle Reel
“The Introvert’s Edge” Sizzle Reel
“Build Your Story Playbook” Sizzle Reel
Matthew Pollard Speaking Sizzle Reel

3 Programs By This Presenter

Do your members or channel partners feel they are on an endless hamster wheel, just trying to keep their business going? They provide an amazing product or service, but despite all their efforts and good intentions, their day-to-day is a constant struggle to find interested people, set themselves apart, and make the sale – all while competing against established industry players and dealing with customers who seem to care about only one thing… PRICE. In this game-changing keynote, participants will walk away with a complete understanding of where they have been going wrong, and they’ll know the three instantly-implementable strategies to turn it all around.

Drawing from over a decade of experience growing his own businesses to multiple millions – as well as his transformative work with thousands of clients – Matthew reveals his tried and tested Rapid Growth® blueprint. This is his signature A-Z system, proven to propel even the most unprofitable business into unstoppable momentum and growth. Attendees will leave this session feeling a renewed excitement for their business – but most important, with a reliable plan for success based on three simple steps:

  • Differentiation and Message Unification. Participants will discover exactly how to set themselves apart from their competition, put an end to competing on price, and learn the secret to exciting prospects to want to know more.
  • Niche Marketing. Participants’ experiences, education, upbringing, and talents perfectly qualify them to serve one specific niche of customers. In this session, they’ll learn exactly how to identify who those customers are, how to be seen as the only logical choice, and how to get paid what they’re worth.
  • Sales Systemization. Sales is seen by most as a skillset you either have or you don’t. But in truth, it’s a system like any other, one that can be learned and mastered. Participants will walk out of this session knowing that they can create an individualized sales process that brings repeatable, reliable results.

What if your sales team could have an instant advantage over all your competition? What if you could quadruple appointments, shorten sales cycles, and skyrocket profits, all through the application of one powerful technique? If your sales team needs this kind of edge, “Build Your Story Playbook” provides the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Shift your sales team away from the uncomfortable bulldog tactics of
the past, to a new, relaxed, and scientifically proven methodology that consistently multiplies results, guaranteed.

Matthew presents the science of storytelling as documented by Harvard and Stanford researchers, and explains why story is fundamental to a winning sales process. Attendees will hear about Matthew’s real-life clients – some painfully introverted, some needing to get hyped up on coffee to make the day bearable, some with sales in their DNA and thinking they were already doing everything right. All of them not only lowered their stress around selling and learned to love the process, but also increased closure rates as much as 400 – 1000%. All it takes is a simple, proven process that Matthew has perfected over the last decade.

  • Learn the exceptional power of story, its use in gaining trust and credibility, and its effectiveness at sidestepping objections.
  • Uncover the secret to crafting laser-sharp true stories that make prospects say, “I want that!”
  • Discover the secret to creating your sales department’s story playbook, rapidly reducing sales cycles, increasing closure rates, creating a sales culture of teamwork and excitement, and instantly making both your new and seasoned salespeople more effective.

For too long, introverts have fallen victim to the myth that because of their
quiet personalities, they can’t be as successful in business as their extroverted counterparts. In this groundbreaking keynote, Matthew shares personal stories, client transformations, and insights gained through a series of interviews with millionaire introverts, to confront this stigma head-on. By the end of this enlightening presentation, introverts will feel empowered, and know exactly how to embrace and harness their natural abilities for amazing success.

As a lifelong introvert himself, Matthew understands the challenges involved in surviving and thriving in an extroverted business world. And with at least half the population self-identifying as introverts, he’s not alone! This insightful and entertaining keynote shows participants that success comes not from hiding their introversion or pretending to be someone they’re not, but from identifying and leveraging the many introverted gifts that actually give them an edge. True stories, extensive research, and practical how-to’s combine to provide revelations about what it takes for an introvert to succeed on their own terms, and exactly how to go about it.

  • Secrets from extraordinary introverts: What do Brian Smith, founder of billion-dollar brand UGG Boots; Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer; Ivan Misner, founder of BNI; and many more have to say about how their introversion contributed to their amazing success? Matthew shares their personal challenges with introversion and the “aha” moment that changed everything.
  • Matthew’s personal story: From painfully shy and terrified to sell, to the #1 salesperson at the largest sales and marketing firm in the Southern Hemisphere – within six weeks.
  • Take-action strategies: From sales to networking to presenting to rooms of hundreds or thousands, Matthew will share the specific strategies that he and other extraordinary introverts employ every day to achieve amazing success – strategies to leverage introverted qualities, not disguise them.


I discovered Matthew when planning our multi-city sales kick-off event. Matthew’s presentation and original strategies stood out to me as something that could provide us a real advantage over our competition, and that could be operationalized across our large organization.

From the day we engaged Matthew, I was impressed by his energy and how much work he put into customizing his presentation, as well as understanding our marketplace and the competitive landscape. His delivery in all ten presentations was not only on point and entertaining, but the way he mixed in both his personal and his clients’ transformation stories left all attendees believing success was possible for them too.

On top of that, during each presentation, Matthew delivered an original, customized story about one of our customers, as if he’d worked for our company for years. He did an excellent job articulating the client’s struggles (from a functional and emotional perspective), the implementation, including industry acronyms, and the final outcome. It was a great example of Matthew’s ability to identify and add genuine depth to his storytelling – an incredibly valuable technique for my team to walk away with.

If you’re looking for an edge in sales, especially in highly technical sales, Matthew is the obvious choice. He will not only have a strong grasp of your industry and client needs, he will articulate the exact reasons prospects should work with you, in a value-packed story your reps can use again and again to clearly stand out from your competition.


Matthew’s message to our 850+ sales leaders hit a home run. The passion Matthew has for sales showed in each prep call, email, session planning and beyond. He thought outside the box for our group and made sure the message aligned with our theme, which was “Give Back”. Matthew invited the Make a Wish Foundation and told their story as a way of bringing the true meaning of his message home for our attendees. His willingness to understand the needs and interest of our attendees was top notch and we appreciate his work to make his time at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit as beneficial as possible for all involved. We would recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker who has true passion for his topic (and we already have!!)


We had the pleasure of having Mathew speak and teach at two of our events in the last year. One was for Sales Leaders at our Annual Sales Managers Retreat in Park City Utah, and the other was at our Annual Epic Event in Dallas Texas where we host Hundreds of Sales Professionals for an Amazing day of learning. Mathew was a Rock Star at both. He was engaging and delivered a very impactful message filled with takeaways that everyone could start using immediately. We will surely have him again. We highly recommend!!!


“The builder crowd is very hard to impress, but every word out of Matthew’s mouth was very valuable, applicable, and actionable. I’ve never seen a speaker have every single attendee gathered around them at the end of the session, trying to get more information. Quite impressive.”


“I’m an introvert myself, so I know the importance of reliable, adaptable systems that draw on our greatest strengths. Matthew has nailed a process that harnesses our creativity, empathy, and analytical thinking to cultivate relationships that create the solutions your customers need.”


“Introverts can set the world on FIRE, and Matthew will show you how in The Introvert’s Edge. Introverts, it’s time to IGNITE!”

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