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Maxine Shapiro

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How to have a collaborative culture: Imagine, 7, 70 or 700 of your leaders and/or teams fully engaged, interacting, laughing while learning AND experiencing new ways to have productive, speedy and fun Collaborations, respectful and generous Communications, while Creating big BOLD solutions. Your conference or meeting will become a playground for fearless and unfettered ideas with enthusiasm and commitment for implementation.

Do you have a Customer Experience strategy in place? How are you driving Customer Loyalty? It’s no longer enough to give good, by-the-script customer service. If you want your customers to refer you to their tribe, your culture must support an awesome and outrageous customer experience.

In this highly interactive keynote or workshop, we will define what a service culture looks and feels like AND you get to describe and experience your own brand of service. Though a new handbook, writing a new script, sticking up a few motivational posters and then throwing in a couple of role plays is a well-intentioned beginning, it’s just that, a good beginning. Making a Customer Experience (CX) memorable must start with a culture of customer service. Every culture is different and yet those companies that excel in awesome service are the ones that start with the internal customer – your employee.

How do you position your company to acquire and retain the best and the brightest employees? You become the best and the brightest place to work, making you the Employer of Choice. In this keynote/workshop through highly interactive exercises, we’ll identify and define YOUR Culture. Not Google’s, not Zappos’. Yours. It’s important to recognize that what Millennials want in the workplace is shared by the majority of your employees. Nobody graduated college says, “I can’t wait to be micro-managed…”

In this presentation you will experience how to:
1. Address, laugh and move beyond the generational stereotypes to authentic empathetic conversations.
< 2. Tap into dormant talent – to have ideas heard – more collaboration and innovation on-demand.
3. Trust and engage with employees to implement their solutions and ideas.
4. Inspire an authentic culture that expresses the business goals through solution-focused communications.

No more thinking outside the box! This highly interactive, entertaining presentation teaches you the process on how to unleash the Creative Genius INSIDE you and your organization. You’ll begin with expressing your own creativity and break down the barriers that block unfettered innovative thinking and doing. You’ll leave with actions you can do right away for yourself and your group. Your conference or meeting with turn into a playground for Bold Possibilities, Generosity, and Respectful Communications.

This is 30 – 90 minutes of spontaneous play using improv games.  This is NOT performance improv.  Virtually, I used every trick on Zoom and Team.  When able, this can also be used face-to-face! This has been a huge success since Covid-19 and was put together because of it.


“Your exercises were an absolute hit with everyone. They loved getting involved and have praised your performance! I would say that Maxine is absolutely phenomenal! …And recommend utilizing her talents for any motivational presentation.”

— Federal Reserve System 2015 ADC Conference

“I thought your keynote was fantastic and really set us up well for the remainder of the conference which was a blistering success. Thank you and please stay in touch.”

— Federal Reserve Bank of New York

“Here at Zappos, we are encouraged and empowered to integrate our passions into whatever job it is we are doing. ..I loved your energy and commitment to every second of the day. The games were impactful, entertaining, thoughtful, created connection with the whole class. All in all, it was the most eye-opening seminar I’ve ever been to… Thank you again for your commitment to the process!”


“Maxine was super! Very engaging, articulate, interesting and entertaining! Maxine was on fire! She is an amazing instructor and should be paid TONS of money, please give her a raise…”

— Managers – FOX Entertainment Group

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. I appreciate how much you were able to accomplish in our short time period. You truly understood our needs. When I suggested “Team Building” as our topic to the other Supervisors, I envisioned lots of “ice-breaker”

— type activities to help Assistants and Teachers appreciate each other. Your presentation gave us SO MUCH MORE!!!”

“Hearing managers using “yes, and” in their conversations, taking time to listen to one another, and better yet, from employees that have seen a positive change in their manager, is a testimony to you as a presenter and Subject Matter Expert . Comments specifically; “well done”, “awesome job”, “loved it”, “we needed that!”

— VP, DHX/DGX Cargo

“Dallas Business Journal readers believe it was the best morning program we’ve ever had and months later readers are still telling us they are using the knowledge they “experienced” at your presentation. You entertained and captivated us with your exercises and wisdom so we could captivate our clients and employees. You taught us not keep pace with the market, but to be forward-thinking leaders in our industry.”

— Director of Sales & Marketing

 Maxine was so easy to work with! She brought a lot of energy and information to the workshop that engaged all of our members in new ways. My favorite part of the workshop was seeing our members interacting with each other in a way that they usually don’t. Each office usually sticks with their own people, but by the end of the workshop on Saturday, everyone was mingling with everybody else. It was great!


 I have had the pleasure of seeing Maxine in action on several occasions at company conferences and knew that she could deliver the experience I wanted my team to have and the message I wanted them to hear. 

My favorite part of the Collaborcate!™/How to Inspire an Audacious Outrageous Legendary Guest/Employee Experience was when she “planted” the S.E.E.D., her own spin on our S.E.R.V.E. acronym. Each team picked different meaning to each of the letters and together as a whole embodied what we want our associates and guests to feel. 

I recommend Maxine because she “gets it.” She understands the trials, tribulations, hurdles and obstacles we in hospitality face each and every day. She also understands that we are all human and does a wonderful job of weaving the two together to create very strong common thread. Maxine, with her unmatched energy level, comes to play and ensures everyone is having fun learning all she has to impart. 

— Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

 My favorite part of the presentation was how warm you were immediately with our group, getting them to buddy up and get conversations started. I loved that you allowed everyone to speak what they were feeling because I believe when they shared their insecurities, it validated the rest of us with the same insecurities and normalized them…therefore removing the barriers to be ourselves. I also loved that as I saw my “partners” throughout the rest of the show, we had an immediately connection and automatically spoke about our nickname or the refrigerator!

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