Mike Rayburn

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Speaker Hall of Fame, Innovation and Performance

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4 Video(s) By This Presenter

Solving Problems With “What If”
What If Keynote Experience
Become A Virtuoso!
Mike Rayburn – What If Sizzle Reel

2 Programs By This Presenter

-Within 30 seconds your group will know that the impossible is possible.

-Within two minutes they’ll be laughing and totally engaged.

-By the end they’ll be on their feet, energized and equipped with solid business tools and wisdom.

Mike Rayburn’s “What IF? Keynote Experience” is about:

Innovation…finding and creating the opportunities, products and processes that others miss.

Change…moving from managing change to creating change.

High Performance…making those opportunities happen.
Your teams will leave with the tools to do just that. Oh, and they’ll laugh so hard it hurts! More than anything…“The What IF? Keynote Experience” is just that: An EXPERIENCE. As an opening or closing keynote, or mid-conference energizer, “What IF?” will make your event successful and unforgettable. There is no one who does what Mike Rayburn does.

Takeaways…your teams will:

-Learn three powerful tools to access their unrealized potential
-Create change, rather than manage change
-Discover the opportunities they’re currently missing
-Set and achieve bold, empowering goals
-Embrace their uniqueness as their competitive edge

Rayburn’s Online Training
Rayburn has designed an online training program which greatly extends the ROI of your conference. Mike wants your attendees to truly achieve a new mindset for innovation and performance. Imagine this – your attendees will be given access to 16 powerful video sessions, containing a carefully chosen What IF? question designed to align and transform your team’s mindset for innovation, opportunity and performance.

In Mike’s brand new keynote,“Become A Virtuoso,” your teams will receive the vision, mindset and daily practices that will make them world class, high performing teams…their personal best in both career and life. And the inspiration to act on it!

There is one decision that draws a line in the sand between those who become world class, top performing teams and individuals…and those who don’t.

In “Become A Virtuoso” your teams will not only learn and make this decision, they will gain the vision, mindset and daily practices it takes to become world class performers.

“Together, we will turn your teams into an army of motivated, high-performance business masters.” Rayburn

Takeaways…attendees will learn:

-Execute the specific daily practices your teams need to be world class, their personal best
-Learn what a “Virtuoso” is and why you want to dedicate your life to becoming one
-Focus on fundamentals, the relentless practice of the highest achievers
-Succeed Anyway, what world class performers do when confronted with the inevitable obstacles
-See how obstacles are integral, necessary for goal achievement
-Apply “deliberate practice” in leadership, business, sales, and life

In “Become A Virtuoso” and “What IF” Mike Rayburn will go beyond six or even 12 strings. Recognized as a world class guitarist, Rayburn will debut his rare, 20-string “Harp Guitar.”

Mike Rayburn will make your conference unforgettable!!!


“Mike knocked it out of the ballpark. From his opening you could tell the audience was engaged. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and my CEO/Chairman sent me an email the next day saying the entertainment was exceptional. Way to go, Mike! Absolutely one of the best performances I have seen.”

— ConocoPhillips

“Mike is absolutely phenomenal. He hooks you in right from the start. He is such a fantastic guitarist. I’ve booked him twice and he didn’t disappoint either time.”

— Phillips 66

“Rayburn was AMAZING!! Standing ovation, swarmed by the masses, lots of laughing, tears & goosebumps. His talent is beyond comparable to anything I’ve seen.”

— Delta Vacations

“Mike Rayburn was the best keynote speaker we have had so far. That will be hard to top. What I liked best is he showed you how it applies to each one of us and how to do it.”

— Moneytree, Inc.

“We have worked with Mike Rayburn on two separate occasions – and both times Mike delivered! We always look for speakers who motivate and inspire, and Mike’s message of “What If” was spot-on. It’s important to have audiences learn, but also have some fun along the way – and Mike really helped us do that by being thought-provoking and entertaining. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a keynoter who can engage an audience on how to make the impossible, possible.”

— Deltek

“Our conference audience has had some amazing entertainment over the past 20+ years, and Mike ranks up there with the best!”

— Techmer PM

“It is the best investment you can make for your event and teams.”

— SIRVA Worldwide
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