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Former MLB Pitcher, Power of Appreciation

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Appreciation is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, aspects of successfully motivating and empowering people and teams. When individuals and organizations put more attention on what is working and on people’s inherent strengths, instead of focusing on “problems,” they thrive. Through this inspiring program, based on his bestselling book Focus on the Good Stuff, Mike Robbins illustrates exactly how appreciation improves morale, productivity, and creates success.

Authenticity is critical to success in life and business these days! It is fundamental to trust, communication, and success. Now more than ever, individuals, teams, and organizations must utilize the power of authenticity in order to build trust, resolve conflicts, and create cohesion. Although it can be counter-intuitive and even scary, being real, honest, and vulnerable is a key element to individual and group success and fulfillment. This interactive program is filled with inspiration and practical help, all grounded in positive psychology and strengths-based principles.

A “championship team” is a group of people who can effectively handle adversity, communicate authentically, trust each other, and appreciate one another effectively. Mike Robbins has been a part of and coached many championship teams. In this program, he teaches people the fundamental aspects of creating effective and successful teams that truly win.

Wherever you go in life, there you are. The most important and often challenging relationship we have is with ourselves. Dealing with ourselves in a healthy, compassionate, and empowering way is essential creating genuine success and fulfillment in life, work, and relationships. You can’t change others, you can only change yourself. Through this program, which is based on the core principles of his book, Nothing Changes Until You Do, Mike Robbins illustrates exactly how to enhance your relationship with yourself in a positive way.

How your team can connect, come together, & perform in times of challenge

Team building has always been an important part of managing and increasing performance. While this is often neglected for reasons primarily associated with time constraints or lack of knowledge or interpersonal skills, if you want your team to stay connected and be successful in this challenging environment, there is no more important area of focus right now. Without personal connection and unity, our whole lives begin to fray and deteriorate, impacting our health, relationships, and our ability to perform, especially in times of stress and uncertainty.

In fact, according to Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2020 Report, loneliness and lack of work-life balance, two of the biggest issues that can affect someone’s work, are reported as the top issues for 38% of the remote workforce. Awareness and some attention of this fact alone can help your team endure.

In this exclusive virtual offering based on Mike Robbins’ new book, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TO- GETHER: Creating a Team Culture of High Performance, Trust, and Belonging, we will help your team develop, fortify, and maintain the social intangibles, mostly lost through face to face inter- actions, to ensure your team can stay motivated and connected to achieve their goals in the midst of great challenge.


“Your enthusiasm and passion were contagious. Your understanding and empathy for many of the obstacles these people face connected you to the group. I am confident that those in attendance were effectively given a vision of what they can become in the future through your example.”

— New York Life Insurance

“Mike is a gifted storyteller and talented speaker. His talks on authentic leadership and appreciation, and his exercises to ‘lower the waterline’ and build trust have been incredibly effective to both my management team as well as an international audience of 600. I have consistently received rave reviews from colleagues on Mike’s various efforts within Google.”

— Sales, Google

“You gave each of the 1,600 people within our group tips and techniques for enhanced success – individually and collectively. Thank you for the positive impact you have had on our business.”

— Wells Fargo Bank

“Your remarks had a direct impact on the attendees, as they now know that in order to succeed we must appreciate ourselves and those we work with.”

— Kaiser Permanente

“I highly recommend Mike Robbins. He was extremely well received by our 700+ attendees. We’ve heard from many speakers over the years, and Mike ranks up there as one of the best. His message is very appropriate and adaptable to any business. He’s instantly likeable and such a pleasure to work with. I hope we have the chance to work together again.”

— DirectBuy, Inc. “Mike’s message of appreciation and gratitude is timeless and fitting for all aspects of life. He commands a room and knows how to get people talking to each other. I hope to invite Mike to another NWPPA conference.”
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