Nancy Giordano

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Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, Keynote Speaker

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Nancy Giordano
Leading Change with Humble Audacity: Nancy Giordano at TEDxAustin

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Society is transforming and advancing technologies are rapidly reinventing the ways we work, live and connect. And reshaping ways we lead. Instead of predictably replicating the success of the past, leaders must now embrace and navigate these new opportunities, the need for constant innovation and the demands of an increasingly dynamic environment. Being open to radical new solutions requires radically new ways of thinking, “leadering”, and being.

Nancy Giordano delivers an infectious presentation that highlights the key areas for leaders to act boldly and in ways that will make a major difference to the strategic future of the organization.

Society is transforming. Exponential advances in connectivity and technology, precarious economic, political and social structures, and an emerging desire for community and connection are causing old economy models to quickly shift to completely different set of new economy expectations and needs. How does one navigate change in such a dynamic and complex environment? Nancy provides an executive-level understanding of how changes in technologies, demographics, culture, economic behavior, public policies, and much more will provide unique opportunities and critical challenges to the profitability of companies. Nancy helps you expand the scope of your event and what this means to you right now.

Whether we have more jobs or less is a debate only time will settle, but there is no doubt 100% of jobs will be re-skilled. How we work and why is being re-calibrated, and society overall will take a radical shift as we head into what has been described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How can we build the new capacities necessary? How will new tools shape new behaviors and drive new expectations? Which old practices to manage risk are actually now putting us at risk? And how will we measure we are doing it right?

Nancy delves into both the advancing technologies and the critical shifts companies and the workforce must confront to stay relevant in the future.

As Executive Producer of Gigaom Change, Nancy and her company have curated the leading experts on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Virtual + Augmented Realities, 3D+ Printing, Cybersecurity and Human-Machine Interface.

Nancy Giordano provides whole new ways to look at and build realities. She shares how these exponential technologies will cause work, industry and society to change more in the next 10 years than in over 100+. How are the rules radically changing? What are some of the most pressing issues and new yardsticks shaping our behaviors and choices? And what do we need to learn to better navigate, create and thrive?


“I would highly recommend Nancy for any group. Her future forward thinking
applies to nearly every industry. She’s very dynamic and has high energy, but
perhaps speaks a bit too fast. Slowing down a little may have helped make
the content more digestible for my attendees. This may especially be the
case for a group with a larger international audience.”

— Institute of Management Accountants
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