Nathan Jamail

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Expert on Leadership & Building Winning Teams

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Nathan Jamail: Top Sales Leadership Keynote Speaker
Nathan Jamail

3 Programs By This Presenter

(Creating Top Sales Teams)
“The difference between an amateur and a professional in sports is that a professional gets paid to play and they practice to improve their skills and success. Nathan helps top sales teams take their sales to the next level by implementing the principles and tactics of his best selling book, The Sales Professional Playbook.

Relationship selling, consultative selling, transactional selling- no matter the sales process- Nathan helps clients close more sales, create more value, remove obstacles and increase overall success by implementing the Influential Selling Skills process.

  • Turning Relationships into Money-ships
  • Creating and Using Purposeful Questions
  • Getting Quality Referrals
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Selling Value
  • Creating Confidence
  • Practice for Profits
  • Closing Sales
  • (Something for Everyone)
    Creating a thriving culture is the goal of every organization, but achieved by very few. A thriving culture is the core of achieving great organization success! Every team member has a part in desiring & creating a Thriving Culture. Our choices, mindset, attitude, belief and accountability are all key aspects of creating a thriving culture. Nathan shares the power in employees choosing to be a part of something special by Serving Up and & Coaching Down while also believing in ourselves and our leaders! Success is a choice- make the choice to believe and BE successful.

  • Creating Committed Employees
  • Cultivating a Positive Attitude Mindset
  • Belief in Self, Team, Organization
  • Accountability
  • Practice & Discipline
  • Conviction
  • A Thriving Culture
  • The key to building a “Coaching Culture” is to turn great leaders into great coaches. Coaching is more than just feedback; it’s about preparing people for success. Coaching is not ‘hiring great people and letting them do their jobs’, Coaching is about hiring great people and making them better. Want to learn how to mandate a positive attitude while remove limiting beliefs? That is coaching. Coaching contradicts many activities leaders do in managing today. Learn the secrets and activities that those top performing organizations are doing to be the best! As leaders we can manage our teams to mediocrity or Coach them to Excellence, the choice is ours!

  • Creating Committed Employees
  • Practice & Discipline
  • Remove Complacency
  • Improve Employee Skills
  • Difficult Conversations & Accountability
  • Increase Results Over 50%
  • Building the Bench
  • Reviews

    “Nathan is high energy, brings a dose of healthy reality to the group and puts everyone in check to what is needed to be a successful leadership team.”

    — Finexio
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