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Leading Authority on Finance, Successful Author

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Neale Godfrey

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Are you sick of the, “I want, I want,” syndrome with your kids thinking money grows on trees? Neale will give parents and grandparents tips and tools to raise financially responsible children. She starts with the “natural consequences of money”, which means the only way to get money is to earn it, there is no entitlement program in life. She will discuss her allowance system and how the kids will also give to charity. Each participant will leave with an action plan for success.

When it comes to money, are you a busy parent that seems to be juggling work, kids, relationships, family, friends? Does your alone time seem to be in the bathroom? Is there never enough money left over for you? Neale will give you guilt-free ways to balance your life when it comes to both time and money.

This seminar will help women to look at their financial life in small pieces. If you think about cleaning the whole house it is too daunting, but if someone said just clean your sock drawer you can handle that. Women will leave with their own personal financial plan for success and even a network of women who will help them achieve their goals.

Neale has combined ECOnomics (saving money) with ECOlogy (saving the environment) for kids , parents, and grandparents so that we all can make the world a better place. She shows participants how they can ECHO their ideas to communities and the world

Even in these tough times – when we are so distracted – we need to keep parenting. And, it’s

more important than ever to make sure that we are the parents we want to be. Why? Because

if we don’t set our kids up for success, we set them up for failure.

You may not have raised your kids to be financially responsible. Maybe you never taught them

the basic money facts-of-life so they could have the money mo-jo to live and thrive on their

own someday. You may have supported the; “I want, I want” syndrome. You doled out a $20

here and a $20 there, because, “Hey, they are just kids.” And, you picked up the tab as they

grew up and allowed them to think that, indeed; “Money Did Grow On Trees.” You allowed

grandma and grandpa to spoil them. You handed them one of your credit cards as they went to

the mall and later to college. You didn’t make them get “grunt” jobs to earn money. And, you

allowed them to move back into “Hotel Mom and Dad” when they should have left the nest to

experience the financial facts of life all on their own. By the way, you even allowed Hotel Mom

and Dad to come complete with room and laundry service and gas in the car. You become co-

dependent and financial illiteracy follows our kids into adulthood.

Neale Godfrey can help. Neale is a passionate advocate for the topic of raising financially

resilient children and grandchildren. With a little coaching, you can press the “Pause Button”

and start over from where you went off the rails. It is never too late. More importantly, it is

never too early to start these lessons. It’s a life skill your kids will need.

Neale is a guru and pioneer in the field of teaching kids about money. Her book Money Doesn’t

Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Children is a New York

Times #1 Best Seller, and she has assisted millions of families build and achieve their financial


If motherhood is the toughest and most rewarding job many women will have, it’s also one to which they’re least likely to bring their workplace skills.

Every day, women at work supervise, organize, and delegate authority. We create budgets, think creatively, put visions into practice, and work toward clearly defined goals. Yet when we go home and are faced with the needs and demands of managing a household and family, we seem to forget the strategies that worked for us so successfully during the workday.

Let Neale Godfrey show you how to incorporate effective business concepts and procedures into better home and family management. Just as women brought their emotional intelligence into the office, they can now take their work skills — like outsourcing, delegating, and project management — and put them to use at home. You can’t fire the kids, but you can make them effective members of your household team.

Neale will give you all the tools you need, from creating a family mission statement to tips that help you set priorities and goals. Neale will also show you how to turn ongoing problems into manageable projects and provides effective communication techniques to defuse emotionally charged situations. And, Neale will share anecdotes, advice, and real-life solutions to take into your own homes.

Work-life balance? What’s that!? Neale Godfrey has “been there and done that.” As a single Mom, executive, and entrepreneur, understanding what it means to be overwhelmed by the feeling of being torn. So, how do you battle the constant pull, mentally and physically, between the people who mean so much and the career that means so much as well?

Neale Godfrey speaks about being “in the moment” and applying the same strategic priority list she did at work to her personal life. Become the CEO of your life and to check the guilt at the door. Don’t beat yourself up for not being Superwoman — she’s overrated. If you have bought into the myth of “doing it all,” you’re going to feel torn in a hundred directions and guilty about not being present for any of the things you are doing. Remember, even Superwoman didn’t juggle all of the balls at once — if she did, even she would start to drop some.

Women can have it all, but it is about trade-offs and choice. It is more than just “Leaning In.”

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