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Why Book

  • High energy, and with a heavy dose of humor, Page ensures audience members come away with practical tips and refreshing perspective.
  • Drawing on real life corporate and home-life experiences, Page’s disarmingly-engaging approach both entertains and enlightens.
  • No matter the topic covered in these 1/2 or full-day workshops, attendees will experience Page’s trademark style that breeds teamwork, learning, and fun!


With more than 25 years of experience in broadcast journalism and professional development training, and almost 6’0″ of height, Page Fehling sets the bar high both literally and figuratively when it comes to extraordinary communication. Page is a third generation speaker and facilitator who grew up just outside Washington, D.C., and graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras (si, se habla espanol), an NBC Page (yes, she was, “Page-the-Page”) in New York, and a news anchor in both Raleigh and Charlotte (she woke up at 2:00 a.m. to be on live TV five hours a day for more than a decade; excuse her while she sneaks in a nap).

Her favorite role, however, has always been as a teacher. Helping guide fellow humans into being their best selves both at work and at home makes Page tick. Page and her husband Jake co-host the award-winning “Date Night with Jake and Page” podcast and are co-authors of, “Holy Crap, We’re Pregnant.” They, along with their three kids and four pets, live on the same street as 20 other family members and no one has killed each other yet. If that’s not evidence of good communication skills then we don’t know what is.

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Corporate Communication in a Diverse Workplace

The best communicators work hard so their audience doesn’t have to. Whether on zoom, in an email, on the phone, or in real life, each time you interact with another person is a powerful opportunity to inform and inspire. Be sure to make the most of every one!

  • The value of differences in the salad bowl of life
  • Words and body-language that lead to greater team cohesion
  • Identify and break down barriers
  • The new-and-improved “Golden Rule” of communication
  • Create your own normal Embrace the awkward
  • Turn disaster into delight
Work/Life Balance for Better Business

Do we live to work, or work to live? It’s an age-old question, but are we asking the right one? Let’s face it, in 2020 the lines between work-life and home-life became inextricably crossed. Perhaps for good. And guess what… that’s ok. It can even be beneficial for both places! In this practical yet refreshingly funny keynote, Page relatably enlightens audiences on ways to make work, work for life… and life, work for work, while making the bottom line better for everyone in both places.


Spin-It-To-Win-It: Embracing Change in an Ever-Evolving Workplace

If ignorance is bliss, then how is knowledge power? And we’ve all heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together, ” and yet, opposites attract, right? So, even if these contradicting cliches are true then perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective. In this eye-opening keynote Page will have you tilting your head as you ponder and nodding it in agreement at the same time. Change is inevitable. Learn to welcome it and make the most out of a modification.

PRESENT LIKE A PRO! Executive presence, public speaking, and presentation skills to make the most of your message

A combination of teaching and LOTS of participation. What, you didn’t think Page was the only one who was gonna work here, did you?! We cover (but are not limited to) the elements below. By the end attendees will be ready to confidently hit the stage, stand up in the boardroom, or log-on for a well-lit and perfectly framed zoom!

  • Elements of Learning:
    Why and how to embrace your inner (ahem… outer) communication all-star The basics of public speaking (that are anything but, “basic”)
  • Get-to-know-you: where Page tricks you into presentations that feel just like a conversation, and teaches you how to stick with that
  • Crafting your message and content creation
  • The elements of engagement: vocal delivery (pacing, volume, and tone), effective body language (what to do with your hands, eyes… and other body parts), and A/V (the Power Point “Rule of 5’s”) Coping strategies: for when the going gets tough and the spotlight is on
  • Zooming into new technology… or keeping it old school (what works and what doesn’t for in-person vs virtual)
  • Level Up (it’s not just for Ciara)
    The finer points to take your talks from good to great
  • Attire and overall appearance
  • The formula for recall: “how to remember how to remember”
    • Peg words: a “memorized” message that’s still authentic
    • Listening: the forgotten side of the communication partnership
  • Handling the unexpected: how to handle it when $#*! hits the proverbial fan
LEAD LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Speaking the language of leadership through word AND deed.

In this hilariously relatable and highly interactive keynote or keynote workshop, Page Fehling teaches you how to walk the walk AND talk the talk of leadership. Through personal anecdotes from her career as a news anchor, research-based evidence, and plenty of self-deprecating humor, attendees will learn the N.E.W. inclusive model of leadership, how to speak so people will listen, and the art of being so inspirationally influential that you can tell someone to keep reading this sentence right now and they’ll actually do it. See what she did there? Just imagine what she can do for you…


  • Practical ways to communicate and lead across generational, cultural, and other differences (Not your mama’s) “Executive Presence”
  • How to level-up yourself, your career, your LIFE


  • A “N.E.W.” way to lead: people who are Natural born leaders, people who lead by Example, and people who are Willing to lead (even if it’s not in their title or official role at the time)
  • Confidence in self that breeds confidence (and competence) in others
  • Finding similarities and capitalizing on differences for well-rounded teams and healthy, productive workplace culture
  • Handling the unexpected: how to embrace the awkward and turn disaster into delight Lead Like You Mean It!
BREAKING THE BURNOUT: NEWS YOU CAN USE Lessons from a recovering TV news anchor to make you better at your job... and maybe your whole life!


Working with burnout is all too common for many people. So many of us barely make it through our days feeling over worked, over tired, and overwhelmed. No one knows that better than someone who woke up for work at 1:57 a.m. to go to work for almost two decades! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel better, do better, AND help others with small changes that lead to big IMPACT.

In this high-energy, interactive, and hilariously relatable keynote, Page weaves in and out of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and just enough inside TV-land scoop to keep attendees learning, laughing, and (GASP!) enjoying a professional development topic that will have them performing better at work and living better lives!


  • Don’t bury the lead (how and why to put your best stuff first)
  • Always make slot (why timeliness matters… and how to make it happen)
  • Use your call letters (creative ways to help people remember who you are and what you do… and how those join together for good)
  • Be camera-ready (how not to get caught off-guard… and what to do if you are)
  • Tell circular stories (finding similarities and making the most of differences for well-rounded teams and healthy workplace culture)
  • Take commercial breaks (the importance of rest… and how to break up giant projects into manageable tasks)

Page Fehling Reviews

“I can’t say enough good things about Page. Her professionalism and charisma are off the charts. It takes enormous talent to have a group laughing, crying, nodding, and taking notes all within the same session, and Page makes it happen every time.”

— SkillPop

“You better have your seatbelt on for an entertaining ride when working with Page… you never know what’s coming but when it does you’ll be knocked down smiling. For years she emceed the largest charitable concert in the southeast with wit, professionalism, and a large dose of understanding.”

— Band Together

“In a room full of people with diverse corporate roles everyone’s notebooks were full of notes. Page’s humor and approachable delivery kept the energy high. I loved hearing so many people reference Page’s content during the ‘takeaways’ session from our Summit. Her wiffle ball grand slams during our team-building games didn’t hurt either!”

— Alex Rodriguez "Arod"

“Page’s Rock Your Next Talk workshop gave me the confidence to take the chance and next step to do one of the biggest keynotes of my career as well as gaining confidence on-air for out studio celebrity visits. Her honest feedback and helpful advice takes you to the next level.”

— The Dean's List

“You better have your seatbelt on for an entertaining ride when working with Page… you never know what’s coming, but when it does, you’ll be knocked down smiling. For years she emceed the largest charitable concert in the southeast with wit, professionalism, and a large dose of understanding.”

— Brand Fuel


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