Pamela Barnum M.P.A., J.D.

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Crack the Code on Body Language and Deception

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Studies show that if you want better outcomes, you need better trust. That all starts with nonverbal communication.

Using proven, field-tested techniques, Pamela will help you Crack the Code on Trust by teaching you the ABCs of Excellence.

– Accurately Assess non-verbal cues (body language), so you can build trust quickly and easily with anyone from demanding clients and challenging customers to skeptical stakeholders.
– Behave in a way that communicates confidence and trustworthiness in any situation.
– Create an environment that fosters authenticity and trust so you can turn first impressions into lasting relationships.

Effective communication is vital to gain trust, align efforts in the pursuit of goals, inspire positive change, and significantly increase revenue. Using proven techniques, Pamela will help you and your organization enhance communication outcomes with innovative LIFE techniques.

– Leverage talent with intentional communication cues. Knowing how to tailor communication is essential to leading others and reaching goals.
– Influence with the ability to decode nonverbal cues and impact how others perceive us.
– Fearlessly connect in a way that communicates confidence, curiosity, and trustworthiness in every situation.
– Empower with empathy, an often overlooked communication strategy that builds a stronger, more productive and engaged culture.

Within milliseconds, people judge your confidence, competence, and credibility. Virtual events and meetings enhance the subtle nuances that either improve or destroy your trustworthiness. Participants will discover:

– The in-person communication techniques that do not translate to virtual meetings and how to avoid awkward moments and “Zoom fatigue.”
– Nonverbal techniques and platforms leaders can use to increase engagements during the meeting or event.
– The top three nonverbal techniques that increase trust and the top three that damage trust during virtual events and meetings – and they aren’t what you think.

Using techniques developed as an undercover police officer and federal prosecuting attorney, Pamela will teach you and your organization how to use and interpret body language to negotiate better deals, improve essential relationships, and build trust in challenging circumstances.

Learn how to use and identify techniques to maximize negotiation and persuasion skills to obtain your desired outcomes using the secret second language reserved for communication experts and law enforcement.

– Display trustworthiness and demonstrate that you’re acting in good faith to improve and regulate how others perceive you.
– Decode nonverbal cues that provide reliable feedback on how the other person feels – regardless of what they are saying.
– Deliver excellence using verbal and nonverbal techniques so you can negotiate with ease in any situation.

A growing body of evidence shows that a lack of confidence is devastating to our success. Demonstrating less self-assurance is what keeps us from achieving at the highest levels.

However, imposter syndrome has an upside, and attendees at this program will learn how turn it into a superpower.

Develop immediate skills to:
– Turn doubt and fear into valuable insights.
– Maintain a strong executive presence when overcome by uncertainty.
– Influence your environment to supercharge, not sabotage your confidence.

Although this content primarily focuses on people in executive positions, it is instructive for anyone aspiring to be a more influential and effective leader.


“Pamela delivers trust strategies in a way that engages, entertains, and inspires the audience to take immediate action. Each participant who attends will learn how to build real and sustainable trust using body language techniques that can be used in any situation.”

— Luminary Events

“Pamela is an energetic and engaging speaker who gives the audience real-world business strategies they can implement immediately.”

— Savvy Women Leadership Academy

“Pamela Barnum was incredibly fun, exceeded our already high expectations! The audience was fully engaged and LOVED her! The feedback on her body language presentation was incredible and any organization would be blown away by the knowledge, education and expertise she brings to the event.”

— The Shin Dig
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