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Philliip Van Hooser – Motivational Speaker
Phillip Van Hooser

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New leaders, mid level managers and executives – any leader who is feeling the pressure to perform — needs to know the essential, yet often, unspoken ground rules of building cohesive leadership relationships. This keynote, drawn from Phil’s popular book, Leaders Ought to Know, delivers leadership strategies that propel managers into respected, integrity-based leaders — leaders with staying power — leaders who can perform at ever increasing levels of responsibility. When practiced consistently, these leadership strategies help leaders know:

  • How to motivate — not manipulate — to get results
  • How to communicate with honesty, integrity and confidentiality
  • How to earn the respect of those you lead
  • How to manage fear and control emotions
  • How to take responsibility and be accountable
  • Knowing how to communicate is a huge factor in leadership and organizational success. A leader’s ability to communicate impacts all facets of business operations — bottom line issues like: sales and production  — customer and employee relationships — productivity, cost reduction and profitability. For leaders who need help with their communication skills, this keynote, based on Phil’s book by the same title, presents six commonsense strategies that help leaders immediately improve the results of their communications efforts. When applied to their own enterprises, managers and front line staff understand:

  • How to improve employee morale through listening skills
  • How to reduce conflict and improve team relations by building trust
  • How to rein in “brutal honesty”
  • How to rebuild believability when truthfulness hasn’t always been practiced
  • How to deliver difficult or sensitive messages with tact
  • How to get results by ensuring messages are interpreted correctly
  • More than any other issue, leaders struggle with how to motivate employee performance — yes, the performance of Millennials, but also the performance of other generational employee groups. Whether it’s Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, or the up-and-coming Gen Zers you’re working with, learn the methods that really motivate individual employee performance long-term.

  • Learn the secrets to communicating with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials or Gen Zers
  • Learn two motivational truths that apply to all generational groups
  • Identify five clues to an employee’s level of motivation
  • Explore methods to discover what will motivate each employee
  • Is the unprofessional “good enough is good enough” mentality costing your organization money, market share and reputation? In this keynote presentation, discover practical ways to set yourself apart from the competition and save your organization the high cost of unprofessional choices. Set your organization ahead of the competition by knowing:

  • How to solve problems rather than assign blame
  • Why integrity cannot be compromised — ever
  • How to reverse the negative habits of whining and whispering
  • The personal and professional costs of immoral or unethical choices
  • That perfection is impossible — but excellence and continuous improvement are essential
  • It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making will show you and your team how to take the lead in making smart decisions. From Phil’s training at Wendelstedt’s School for professional umpires, his
 work in Employee Relations, Human Resources 
and Safety Training, and his experience
 as a leadership training expert
 for top U.S. companies, you will: Discover the importance of having the necessary – but seldom taught — tools for decision making.

    Assess your understanding of the written — and unwritten — rules for smart decisions. Consider how you are positioned before making critical decisions. Understand the factors affecting how and when to make “the call.”

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