Prevention and Recovery from Work Burnout

Posted by Tyler Eatman

Many businesses and organizations are finding that their employees are feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Employees believe that they are experiencing high levels of stress and exhaustion, leaving them physically and emotionally burnout. Specific fields such as healthcare have been experiencing burnout quite often since the beginning of the pandemic.

If you are experiencing burnout from work, here are some ways to prevent and recover from feeling overworked and having difficulty concentrating.

Self-Care: Employees and business leaders need to prioritize self-care within their daily and work lives. To replenish the physical and emotional toll from work burnout, obtain a healthy routine that involves good sleep habits, eating meals, exercises, social connection, etc. The best way to incorporate these necessities is to write down how you are spending your time in a week and find blocks of time to integrate self-care techniques.

Shift your Perspective: Take a closer look at your assumptions and mindset by taking some time and reflecting on all the aspects of your job involving workload, conflicts, and resources. As you reflect, ask this question; are there ways to reshape your job to gain more control or focus on the most fulfilling tasks? By altering these perspectives, employees and business leaders will be available to identify the negative impacts and control them to the best of their ability.

Seek Connections: Creating new connections and networking is one of the best ways to prevent burnout from happening. Employees and business leaders should look for new ways to develop their personal and professional skills. These new ways can be identifying mentors and relationships that can help you gain new opportunities in different business areas. Another unique way can be attending a skill-developed webinar with a colleague from another department at work after working hours.

To help navigate through feeling burnt-out at your workplace, check out speakers Amy Blankson and Dr. Marc Milstein. Amy Blankson, she is co-founded the Future of Philanthropy, delivers an excellent keynote speaking on rethinking your stress in the midst of uncertainty and adversity. Dr. Marc Milstein, an impactful healthcare speaker, empowers his audience with keynote addresses that help employees and business leaders with brain sciences to improve happiness and a healthy workplace environment.

Burnout is an awful experience that most individuals will experience at their job, whether they are new to the role or skilled veteran. The best way to prevent and recover from burnout is to identify that you are experiencing it and look for ways that can help remove discomfort from the workplace.

Posted by Tyler Eatman

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