Raquel Eatmon

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Nationally Recognized Speaker on Leadership & Communications & Founder of Rising Media LLC

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Raquel Eatmon – New Year, New You
Raquel Eatmon – Women’s Conference
Something Driving The Fear

7 Programs By This Presenter

Ready to harness your inner power? Engage with Raquel on a journey to Risk-Readiness with five daily rituals and intentional habits that adapts a bolder mindset. Participants will: Sharpen internal communication skills, Prime personal power and Explore myths that keep small play in play.

Doing exceptional work while creating emotional connections is how we are noticed, valued and respected. Prepare to: build a cohesive personal branding plan that aligns with your values and beliefs, Identify areas in your environment that unconsciously represents your brand and Exhibit behavior that empowers you and inspires the world.

In a time when face-to-face connections have dwindled, your virtual experience must connect with your audience. In this 5-step process, Raquel will guide your team in developing a personal Presenter Profile- your go-to guide for one-on-one or group meetings and presentations. Learn clever tips on video communication.

We know that there is a cost associated with winning right? There is a belief that you will likely sacrifice your health or relationships and we wear that like it’s a badge of honor. Partner with Raquel to: Redefine success and explore the true costs, Make calculated risks during challenging times and Design a success self-care plan to keep you strong.

Based off of Raquel’s most recent book, Beyond Enough, this presentation encourages participants to examine current limitations and learn to engage more fully in the self acceptance realm. Participants will be coached in three areas: Be Worthy, Be Wise and Be Whole. Through Raquel’s story of personal and professional challenges your team will develop smart self management tips that fosters confidence and achievement.

Bold Influence, Daring Leadership
Don’t leave influential behavior to your top tier, you have an incredible opportunity to help others produce strong results and impact your organization and your life. Sitting idle doesn’t bring change and hoping for it is not a strategy. Learn to develop your signature communication style, how to integrate intention and build credibility, strengthen risk-taking and why compassion is a power skill.

Growing Closer, Together, Now More Than Ever! Engage with Businesswoman, Two-time author, Founder of Woman of Power Leadership Conference (11 years), Former television news anchor, Gannett newspaper columnist “Be Inspired with Raquel” (10 yrs) Raquel Eatmon. She will keep your team together through a virtual experience and help support you in moving forward.

Topics Include: Courageous Leadership, Communicating Through Our Differences and Women’s Empowerment.

  • Virtual Meetings – Keynote Speaker. Raquel will customized a presentation, backed by research to meet the sophisticated needs of your organization. Timelines: Keynotes 20-30 minutes followed by 30 mins Q&A.
  • Company Meetings – Signature Speaker. Raquel will boost your teams morale and engage with participants through ice breakers and interactive exercises. Timeline: varies
  • Mastermind Sessions – Raquel Eatmon will create an intentional educational experience dedicated to the leadership development needs of your team. Timeline: A continual learning opportunity of six sessions or more.
  • Expert Panelist – Panel participation on a variety of subjects. Timeline: 30-60 mins followed by Q&A
  • Small Group or One-on-One Coaching – Customized leadership and communication topics. Timeline: varies. Call for more information.


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