Raquel Eatmon

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Restauranteur, Author and Communications Catalyst

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About Raquel
Something Driving The Fear
What Do People Need The Most Right Now
How Generosity Inspires
Using Rejection And Fear

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How can you rise as a leader and inspire others? Raquel Eatmon shows you how.

In this thought-provoking presentation Raquel Eatmon draws heavily on her personal and professional experiences as a women’s empowerment leader, television news anchor, and business woman. She shares how she developed the skill set to leverage her value and make a positive impact. She reveals the personal struggles too. She, at times, found herself in an imposter syndrome.

Raquel countered those unproductive emotions with a tool that she used (and uses) daily. The results have presented
numerous opportunities and fast paced, positive changes in her life and business.

This is not a presentation about confidence, it’s about Authentic and Decisive Communication. Raquel developed a strategic approach to strengthening internal chit-chat and sharpening external communication. It’s a two-step system and it works! Raquel’s work of helping others reframe their value has been measured by many clients such as Moen, Swagelok, Simmons College and other organizations.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

• How to contribute to and impact the organization in a genuine, value-driven, way.
• How to drive growth and results through authentic connections with team and clients.
• How to build a strategic mindset tool that shifts behavior, thoughts, attitude and action.
• Wellbeing Alert! This presentation will boost dopamine, bringing happier employees.

Raquel Eatmon draws heavily (and transparently) on her own professional and personal experiences as well as her upbringing to connect with participants. She sheds light on how working in the fast paced television news business led to entrepreneurship, and then, a restauranteur. The uncertainty that change unravels was a training ground for Raquel. Her experiences and lessons have greatly impacted the leader and woman she is today.

This keynote unveils what’s beyond perseverance and speaks more to the power within and the relentless desire to see things through. Raquel guides participants through a simple two-step PS Operating System that empowers others to course correct when needed. She has a unique way of helping people understand the extraordinary benefits of learning how to lean on internal communications first, and then deal with the external.

ROI & Key Objectives:

• Learn the three guiding principles of Bold Behavior and Authentic Attitud-ing
• Sharpen internal communications for exceptional leadership approach with team and client
• Change the language around commitment and completion
• Learn the two-step mindset shift that increases productivity

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” It is what you say and it’s how you say it and let’s take it one step further, it’s how you feel about what you’re saying. So yes, your vibe attracts your tribe. Your attitude and disposition weigh heavily on the success of your presentation.

To get your audiences attention you need intention. A binding model that establishes an immediate connection: A Personal Bridge. Raquel Eatmon has delivered impactful and rousing presentations for more than two decades.

A seasoned television journalist, and professional interviewer for broadcast news, Raquel Eatmon, packs a punch in this keynote and helps you touch on humanist traits that deepen the connection with your audience. Your audience will relate to Raquel’s unique approach to tapping into big, bold, and brave communication that resonates with ten people or ten thousand.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

• How to craft a relatable, uplifting message through 3 Keys of Communication.
• How to present a universal message through alignment of story and theme.
• How to develop and ask the right questions to establish trust
• How to say more by actually saying less

An informative, inspiring and engaging (and fun) keynote for leaders in the hospitality industry. Raquel establishes an immediate connection with participants through her whirlwind story of becoming a restauranteur in an industry where she had no experience other than her waitressing days when she was six-teen years old at Ponderosa steak house.

Raquel, a partner in the business shares her rocky road of wearing several hates in the fine-dining restaurant including, bartender, server, janitor, and host. She also met challenges through undependable workers and managing an all-male chef team. Underneath the obstacles Raquel saw the need for systems. She developed a competency-based model and began training employees. Enhance current skills and/or learn new skills.

ROI & Key Outcomes:

• How to help employees enhance current skills and adapt to new skills
• How to hold employees accountable to align with your organizations customer experience model
• How to create meaningful team “before the shift begins”meetings to assure day of goal success
• How to help your team become stronger communicators through up-sharing (also know as up-selling)


“Raquel Eatmon changed my life. As a budding professional in a cut-throat industry, meeting her in my twenties was enlightening. What started as marketing work for her Women of Power Conference turned into a 6+ year partnership. She has served as a guiding light and mentor as I’ve navigated the crucibles of running and scaling a business. When I met her, I was an intern transitioning into an assistant role with a small marketing agency.

Now, just 6 years later, with her support, I’m the President of a thriving 60% women-led and run company that has made Inc 5,000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list 5x in a row. It’s safe to say her leadership, charisma, entrepreneurial spirit, and hustle have inspired me in more ways than one.

In addition to her support of me, I’ve leaned on her to inspire my team. In a room full of hungry, dynamic millennials, she has led coaching sessions that leave them emotionally in tune and with a fire in their belly. Choosing to work with Raquel in any capacity will be the best decision you make. Thank you for being you, Raquel.”

— President, VividFront

“The attendees of our women’s summit love Raquel! She is authentic and her message is entertaining, high energy, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. Her easy style, enthusiasm and on-target advice connected with out attendees and made for a great addition to our conference. That’s why we keep bringing her back!”

— Manager, Global Diversity & Engagement, Swagelok Company

“We had Raquel speak at one of our women’s employee resource group events and her insights were truly invaluable for our members. Her ability to relay key points through authentic, real-life experiences and engage the audience was exceptional. She inspired all of us to be braver in the workplace by implementing her techniques and challenged us to be bolder each day going forward. We can’t thank her enough for her amazing thought leadership and motivation!”

— Director – Transformation Management Office Moen

“I attended her session at Simmons Leadership and as I was listening to her story and keypoints, in my mind I was working through my own career challenges and am inspired to put new thoughts and techniques into play.”

— Simmons Leadership Conference Participant

“Raquel met with us several times in advance of the event to plan and tailor her message to our team’s unique challenges and it showed in the outcome. I
think the presentation hit the mark and I was excited to see how many people wanted to jump off mute and chime in. Clearly the topic, personal stories and suggestions for hacks resonated with the attendees.”

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