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Stage Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker & TV Personality

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Did you know that most high performing individuals and leaders are actually far more self-critical, pessimistic, and fearful than they let on? Mindset Expert, Ricky Kalmon, changesthe way you think. No matter how successful you may be –there are no limits on how far you can go. Ricky will show you how to awaken your mindset easily and effectively into inspired action. This isn’t the typical motivational moment. Leveraging Your Mindset is about organizational transformation.Using the most powerful asset of your mindset, you can grow beyond excellence, into a spectacular realization of your best self. Become a better leader and be a better you.

Ricky Kalmon offers:

  • Live and Virtual Keynote Coaching Programs
  • One on One Executive Coaching
  • Leverage Your Mindset Support Programs via Mobile App
  • Customized Programs for Your Organization and Needs
  • Additional Customized Deliverables

Transformation at this level isn’t as difficult as we think. Reducing stress, removing doubt,and enhancing optimistic vision promotes momentum for Leveraging Your Mindset. Benefits of Ricky Kalmon’s programs include:

  • Stress Reduction / Mindfulness for Leaders
  • Easily Overcoming Challenges / Adapting to Change
  • Increasing Accountability and Unrealized Potential
  • Reinforcing Confidence / Attitude and Belief
  • Igniting Purpose and Prosperity

Why it’s never been more important to invest in your team and leadership!Given the significant challenges –and dramatic changes –organizations have been faced with, investing in your team and leadership has become more important than ever.

Companies have been negatively impacted by stress-related issues they simply never saw coming.Ricky Kalmon’s programs are customized to inspire and leverage a culture of optimistic vision.

This customization is critically important. Employees can recognize –and mentally “check out” of –an off-the-shelf webinar. But when they realize that a program has been designed with their unique challenges in mind… the results can be so impactful.

Adapting to change is an understatement these days, as many of your team members are experiencing major adjustments to the way they work and live. But the unprecedented challenges we are all facing do not have to be the first topic of conversation. Optimistic vision should be on the forefront of mind while also welcoming change and growth.

One of the things organizations are most in need of in today’s challenging times is a program that doesn’t just end when a virtual event signs off.It’s critical that you provide your team with additional resources to help them meet their needs.

Ricky Kalmon offers a comprehensive program, including not just a virtual event but also valuable tools to help build on the foundation of success that the initial event establishes


“Ricky was great and had the audience laughing the whole time.”

— –RARE Hospitality International, Inc.
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