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World's Only Clergyman Doing Stand-Up Comedy ...Intentionally

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Below you’ll find important information about The Laugh in Peace Tour. But first, a few words of explanation.

I work with Arab, Muslim and Palestinian comedians. Christians, too. Most Muslims are not Arabs. Most Arabs are Muslim. All Palestinians are Arabs, and most, but not all Palestinians are Muslim. Some Palestinians are Christian. (Some Jews are Arabs, including Jerry Seinfeld’s mother’s family, of Syrian origin.) If you can understand that (!), continue reading.

Currently, I perform at universities, synagogues, mosques, theatres, and corporate events with three close friends who are top-notch comedians. Gibran Saleem (photo above left) is Muslim, of Pakistani heritage, and hence, not Arab. Mo Amer (photo to right) is a Muslim Arab, born in Kuwait of Palestinian parents. And Susan Sparks (photo below, as if you couldn’t figure that out) is an American Baptist minister (they’re the liberal Baptists). I’m simply, though elegantly, Jewish.

Each show lasts approximate 90-100 minutes, ending with a Q and A session. Then we always hang out with the crowd till everyone leaves.

65-95 minutes of stand-up comedy. A unique, spirit-raising, community-building event.

No need for an opening act. Can be arranged in a variety of ways, with either straight advance sale/at the door ticket prices, or with reserved seats, “sponsors,” “benefactors,” pre-show receptions, raffle drawings, etc. In most cities, the secular paper will definitely do a feature article with photo, as will the Jewish paper.

This presentation informs and entertains, attracting a widely diverse audience. It’s an engaging and inspiring event – while averaging two genuine belly laughs per minute!

The program explores humor in ancient and modern Jewish tradition, and considers why laughter has been such an integral part of Jewish culture. Using a variety of lively and interactive techniques, this hilarious congregational/organizational learning opportunity examines

  • Why are Jews so funny?!
  • The psychological, physical, and spiritual value of clean, un-hurtful comedy.
  • Humor as a coping mechanism in times of transition, celebration and stress.
  • Laughter’s critical role in tikkun olam (“repairing the world”), including a special focus on Bob’s Laugh In Peace Tour with Christian and Muslim comedians.
  • includes the Standard Comedy Night as well as The Spirituality of Laughter: A Jewish Look at the Holiness of Humor.


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    “I have heard nothing but praise for the event and your performance since the weekend (which is pretty unbelievable since we have quite a few “professional kvetchers” in our midst!).”

    — Beth El Ner Tamid

    “I have been tied up making hospital calls to the many congregants who injured themselves laughing at the CDs and books you left behind. You should be ashamed.”

    — Temple Beth Orr

    “The turn-out for your show was nearly three times our usual, making it the most successful launch ever. People expected an enjoyable evening, but I think they were simply “blown away” by the quality of your material and the intensity of the non-stop laughter.”

    — Jewish Community Federation
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