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Roger Seip

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Your brain is the single biggest driver of your energy, your focus, and the results you get in every area of life. Your career, your finances, your physical health, your relationships- all of them are constantly created and influenced by your thinking. Unfortunately, your brain didn’t come with an owner’s manual … until now.

In Train Your Brain For Success, you will learn to harness the incredible creative capacity of your mind and achieve your personal best – professionally, financially and personally.

Through that process, we will cover:

  • The ways in which your brain literally creates your experience — and your results. Every day, we’re creating our lives with our mind — and it’s enlightening to see how.
  • Your brain’s extremely UNhelpful “default settings” –- We now know that all of us have brains that come “pre-programmed” with some really strong patterns that will actually hold you back –- keep you stuck in place –- if not understood and dealt with.
  • How to overcome these default settings, and put you in charge of your brain and your results. The good news is that there are simple and effective strategies for making your brain work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

So we’ll wrap up our session by providing a game plan for ongoing improvement.

Based on the best-selling book, Train Your Brain For Success is extremely interactive, incredibly eye-opening, and a lot of fun! Participants will definitely gain insights that will make them more effective immediately, and come away with a plan for making that improvement last.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Attitude. Don’t worry, this isn’t the talk you got from your mom when you were 9 years old that sounded like, “Listen … you need a bit of an attitude adjustment, pronto!”

Just like a new pet, your attitude is grown, nurtured and thrives through proper care and feeding. In this program, attendees learn about the role their attitude plays in getting better results … in every aspect of their life, from relationships to business to health & fitness and how just a few small adjustments can have a massive long-term impact on whether their attitude cuddles them on a rainy day or chews up their best pair of slippers.

We’ll discuss, and attendees will walk away understanding:

  • What attitude is (and isn’t).
  • The importance of your attitudeSeveral Mindset Management tools that can help “tune up” your attitude to where it needs to be in order to operate at your best.
  • Several Mindset Management tools that can help “tune up” your attitude to where it needs to be in order to operate at your best.

Discovering Your Memory Power:
Your profession demands that you remember a wealth of knowledge including client or patient details, numbers, market data, lists, presentations and most importantly, NAMES!  A simple slip of the mind can result in thousands of lost dollars in sales and credibility.

This unique program is a memory course that expands your ability to recall information like names, lists, numbers, presentations, key client information, foreign languages, vocabulary, equations, information from books and meetings and much more by teaching you how to use the natural language of your memory.

The Memory Training program is perfect for groups looking for a breath of fresh air when it comes to training.  This program is fun, inspirational, and most of all, ANYONE can do it.  Participants see immediate results that they put in to use right after the program.

In this comprehensive training there are several guarantees:

  • Experience a 300 percent increase in your ability to recall information.
  • Remember a list of 50 unrelated items forward, backward and in and out of order.
  • Develop the ability to deliver presentations without notes.
  • Meet 20 new people and remember all of their names within an hour.
  • Leave with a great system and the resources needed to support your new skills outside of the classroom.


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“Roger did a great job, taught them a skill they could use, engaged the audience, and delivered to our expectation.”

— Prudential Real Estate

“Roger was great….here are a few comments about our conference:”

  • ‘Loved the keynote speaker.’
  • ‘Excellent speaker – Roger Seip.  Very worthwhile.’
  • ‘Roger was awesome!’
— Wisconsin Technology Association
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