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Founder of the Influential Marketing Group

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What does it take to bring more innovative thinking into your organization? It is easy to think of innovation as a big ambitious and unreachable goal. We live in a business culture that celebrates innovation and creativity, but too often this priority is pushed to outside groups or feels too big to tackle. How can any team learn the right skills to anticipate and win the future by being more innovative every day? This keynote has the answer.

In this keynote, participants will learn the five essential principles of leading transformation and building a team that sees the world differently. Drawing from years of research across more than a dozen industries and the author’s own Non-Obvious trend research series read and shared by over 1 million business professionals, this talk will also share 5 ALL NEW trends for 2018 that are shaping the way that people think and that decisions are made. Ultimately, participants will leave this session with real actionable advice for how to get their teams thinking differently and get more out of the work that they are currently doing. The future belongs to non-obvious thinkers. This keynote will help you support and inspire everyone in your team to become one of them.

What Will The Audience Learn?

  • 5 trends that are changing business today and how they apply to your industry
  • What does it take to truly motivate employees today and create more engagement + loyalty?
  • How can learning to think different inspire your workforce and drive more innovation?
  • What are the five core habits of every innovator and how can you instill those in your team?
  • What are some simple practices to bring to your team to get more innovative thinking?
  • Note -This keynote usually features 5 custom selected trends selected for relevance to your industry
  • We are living in a time when it is harder to earn trust than ever before. People skip ads, mistrust brands and have access to information and insight at their fingertips. What does it take for any organization to succeed in the world of empowered consumers where every brand and every leader faces a new sort of modern believability crisis? This entertaining and highly actionable talk will reveal the five fundamental secrets of building trust and what it really takes to stand out as real, human and trusted in an untrusting world.

    Participants will learn how to use the principles of powerful storytelling, combine these with smart use of digital tools and change their mindset around what it really takes to communicate in a more authentic and honest way. In a professional environment, we routinely struggle with the right way to bring our personality into the workplace and operate with greater integrity and transparency. This keynote will not only show you that it’s possible but gives you the elusive roadmap on how to make it happen for yourself.

    What will the Audience Learn?

  • Why is it harder to be trusted today than ever before and how does that affect every business?
  • What does it take to truly motivate employees today and create more engagement + loyalty?
  • 5 keys to being more believable and how to use them to grow trust from customers and employees.
  • Principles of storytelling and how to use them to transform marketing and leadership activities.
  • Reviews

    “Bhargava made much of how important it was to curate one’s own ideas rather than simply collecting and regurgitating those of others. With that in mind, therefore, this reporter is taking a leaf from his book by curating a list of his own top takeaways from what was a highly entertaining and insightful talk on the opening day of SXSW Interactive 2019. Guess what? This list only includes six!”

    — John Holden, SXSW Interactive
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