Rolfe Carawan

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Executive Coach, Author, Performance Improvement Expert

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Rolfe Carawan – TEDx
Reciting ‘The Race’

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To compete in this constantly changing culture, the ability to make challenging times work to your advantage is crucial for success. In his signature motivational keynote Rolfe challenges and inspires individuals to fearlessly live the life that brings “bottom line” success.

Also available virtually.

There are four distinct generations working side by side in today’s workplace, each with its own viewpoint, values and communication style. Optimizing each generation’s strength to produce world-class teams is essential in today’s competitive market.

The way to collaborative success is to empower individuals to contribute their personal strengths to the goal of the organization. Rolfe reveals principles and proven strategies that successful leaders use to inspire others to accomplish extraordinary results with one voice, one mind, one purpose.

Crises, change, and challenges happen… to all of us! For some, these events are crushing, while for others, they consistently seem to land on top. So, what makes the difference? Exciting new research reveals how your mindset, beliefs, conversations, and attitudes collectively and powerfully impact the ability to fulfill your potential, even during the most difficult circumstances. In his signature keynote and workshop, Rolfe reveals how neuroscience now confirms what we have known intuitively… namely that winning behaviors follow winning beliefs. In this content-rich and entertaining presentation, you will walk away with…

  • A clear understanding of two opposing mindsets: one leading you to the top, while the other leads you to the bottom.
  • Dynamic strategies designed to change your neurochemistry and release amazing potential.
  • New insights on the relationship between neuroscience and success, with vibrant and readily applicable principles for everyday life.
  • A culture of productivity due to productive relationships created through radically productive conversations.
  • Greater capacity to have conversations that build trust and generate positive results.
  • How to incorporate the E.A.S.E. Model™ to effectively transform any life, team or organization into a peak performer.


“He was a hit!”

— Precision Auto
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