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The Power of Laughter. The Language of Business

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Scott Bloom
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Scott Bloom – Comedic Keynote Highlights
2023 Comedic Keynote Speaker Reel

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Principally known for delivering business humor, Scott’s success has been built on the Power of Laughter and the Language of Business™. And more importantly, it’s been driven by making it his business to know yours. He does deep dives into your organization, people, products and culture; and surfaces with custom content that provides fresh, funny perspectives on topics like teamwork, customer engagement, connecting, and more.

As a corporate entertainer, comedian, author and personal growth advocate, Scott draws from his personal and professional world to deliver a hilarious and insightful talk that illustrates the importance of connecting with colleagues, co-workers and customers.

Using customized, identifiable content infused with humor and plenty of audience participation, Scott illustrates how the power of keeping it light AND personal can foster healthy, sustainable connections that can grow your business. He leans heavily into his core comedic strength and purposefully deploys laughter as a way to maximize these lessons and the experience.

In short, the keynote is for and about the audience. And at its core, it provides a tailor-made, entertaining, feel-good, bonding experience that opens up audiences to receiving new ideas.  It allows them to laugh.  To trust. To relax. To take in the moment.  And it reminds them of why building relationships is so important.

To that end, harnessing both the power of laughter and the language of business, Scott employs lots of interactive tools to have the audience connect to him and with one another. They will see and feel the relationships in the room progress and grow.  And they will leave energized and incentivized to break out of their comfort zone and look at new ways of meeting people and networking.  New ways of collaborating and creating.

The keynote can serve as a perfect opener to set a buoyant and receptive tone for the general session. In the middle, it can work as an energy booster. And as a closing concept, it can serve to send off audiences energized and inspired.

Anywhere it is placed or anyway you look at it, the content is tailored to the audience and for your business. It is seriously funny, and the ideas shared will no doubt impact your results as your teams learn to bond and grow through laughter.


A professional emcee who has hosted hundreds of corporate events, Scott can custom tailor his unique brand of showmanship to meet your needs.
Whether opening the general session – introducing executives – staging audience participation segments – moderating leadership discussions – or delivering segues that underscore the objectives of the session, Scott delivers meetings with poise, power and panache.

As emcee, Scott’s the master performer and the common denominator who can cultivate an engaging environment in which everyone is transfixed on the message and meeting purpose. He’s the magical glue that holds a meeting together giving it continuity and consistency. Pair that with his sharp sense of humor and ability to improv and he can take moments of important material and make them seriously funny and always memorable.
With over two decades of television and corporate hosting experience Scott’s got the credentials, the charisma and the comedy that make meeting messages resonate with audiences.


The Art of Building Powerful Connections that Grow Your Business

As a corporate entertainer who has maximized the power of emotional connections for over 25 years, Scott will take your employees on a journey they won’t forget. In this hilarious and insightful keynote, you’ll go beyond customer satisfaction and learn what it takes to really capture the heart of your customers. With plenty of big laughs, a potent message, and fun-filled audience participation, your team will learn tips to create powerful connections, including why it’s important to:

    • Make an investment in another
    • Tailor the experience for your customers
    • Open up and hear each other’s stories
    • Create a true partnership based on trust and support
    • Express gratitude and appreciation for others
    • With Scott, you get more than an inspiring keynote; you get customized content that is for and about your audience. It’s time to take your event, and more importantly your business, to the next level by injecting Scott’s fresh perspective. The ideas shared will surely impact your results as your team learns to build new bonds and keep your customers coming back for more.

As Master of Ceremonies, Scott’s the quintessential, silver-tongued host who can lift the significance of the honor and broaden a winner’s smile! He’s a master of the mic with all the right stuff— moments of improv brilliance, creativity and charm. He can make winner’s feel extraordinarily special. And, equally important, he can make long, oft time tedious ceremonies into uplifting experiences of celebration and fun that spill out and over the winners. And the audience responds accordingly.

What do John Travolta, Andre Agassi and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak have in common?

All three of these celebrity keynotes sat down with Scott at a live event to share their personal accomplishments, career highlights and life strategies. Scott is brilliant at drawing them out while drawing your audience in. He’s got a knack for lightly extracting pertinent moments and messaging from both A-list celebrities and C-level executives.

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect moderator to interview a celebrity keynote or an executive panel, choose Scott Bloom. He pulls from decades of successfully hosting meetings and moderating business discussions to produce outstanding results.


“Scott’s success with our group can be attributed to several factors. First, he is the consummate professional. He has experience in playing the role of a professional MC and it shows. Second, he solicited input from our group prior to the meeting to ensure a truly custom show. The work he pu into learning about our group and the market we support resonated extremely well with our audience. Finally, Scott’s material was very funny. His humor was politically correct and appropriate for our corporate audience without being predictable.”

— Abbott Laboratories

Thanks for doing a GREAT job! The feedback has been excellent.”

— Pepsi Bottling Company

“First and foremost… I wanted to thank you another amazing show. It’s been a while since we last worked together. As usual…you were fantastic. A homerun is what I usually say when your name comes up.”

— Drury Designs

“Fantastic! Funny! Quick! Smart! Creative! Witty! Professional! Those were the adjectives used by our customers to describe your performance. Thank you for the outstanding job you did as our master of ceremonies.”

— BellSouth

“When asked to rate Scott’s performance on a five-point scale, 93% of respondents report that Scott exceeded expectations, with the remaining 7% reporting that he met expectations. A very fine showing!”

— Bridge Strategic Communications

“Thanks for the spectacular job you did at presenting the key messages of our new scanner. I honestly have to say I don’t think I’ve worked with a presenter who could “roll with the punches” as well as you did. You digested a ton of product information and presented it all in an entertaining and memorable way. Our product and marketing people were thrilled with the event. I’ve heard more than one of them brag about it. And they’re a tough group to impress so that’s a real win for you.”

— Kodak

“Scott Bloom was beyond amazing! He had the crowd in stitches and was also quick on his feet with hilarious adlibs. I just received a letter in the mail today from our organization’s president asking me to hire him back next year.”

— Essentia Health

“You rocked last night. I almost fell out of my seat with a couple of guys we were all laughing so hard. Thank you for doing such a great job! We will talk about next year once we are back.”

— National Safety Council

“Scott Bloom just killed it for us recently at the Honeywell Partner Conference in Scottsdale. It’s his 4th appearance there for us; so prepared, spontaneous and hilarious. The best host we have ever had!”

— Honeywell

“Scott was a huge hit! His message of working on the details and background of your customers to make better connections was enjoyably received by all.”

— S&C Electric

“I was very impressed with Scott’s research of our organization. He made our nurses feel special, he made our entire audience laugh and smile, and our team really connected with his message.”

— Freeman Health System

“You have an amazing talent for connecting with the audience with your humor. Your remarks about creating powerful connections were spot on to our themes this year.”

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