Shawna Suckow Podcast: EP. 16 | Consumer Behavior & B2B Interactions

August 30, 2018
Posted by Ari Frangias


“Consumer behavior has changed more in the last 5 years than in the last 100!”

Shawna Suckow is the self-proclaimed “Ninja Unicorn” of Sales, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior. She is the only sales and marketing speaker who has spent twenty years on the B2B buyer side, making her THE buyer insider. Her years of navigating the buyer’s landscape make her an expert in the ever-changing concerns and prospects of modern-day consumers.

“Consumers don’t trust companies anymore, they trust humans within companies.”

In the new buyer landscape, traditional sales tactics just don’t cut it. Cold calls are no longer an effective way to engage with clients–with only 4 out of 100 people answering phones in 2018. This presents the question: How does an organization reach this new generation of customers?

Customers want to know the people behind the company. They are less interested in employees’ roles within the organization and more interested in the personalities that make up the team. It’s the very reason that an organization’s About Us age is the second most viewed on a site–homepage being number one.

“If they can’t differentiate you in their mind, you’re not memorable in a sea of sameness.”

In our exclusive podcast interview, Shawna offers ways to stand out and connect with today’s buyer without sacrificing authenticity. One way is through video email. Video email is at an all-time high in the business world and growing rapidly. An email with an embedded video featuring a sales person talking directly to the viewer is 83% effective in terms of B2B communication. The use of video in email instantly humanizes the interaction by making it more personal.

“If you’re authentic–showing the best of you as human beings–you can’t go wrong!”

As a Keynote Speaker, Shawna works hard to figure out what is unique about your audience, industry, and organization. She uses expertise to find out what your “secret sauce” is and how you can use it to stand out. For more of her consumer behavior tips and B2B solutions, listen to our full podcast here.

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Ari Frangias
Posted by Ari Frangias

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