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Communicate With Influence

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Stacey Hanke
Stacey Hanke- The Impact of Brevity

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What if you could grow your influence at any time, from any place, at any pace you chose? What changes would you see after a year?

That’s the premise behind Take 5,® our 52-week online training program. No matter your schedule, Take 5® is a powerful way to strengthen your communication skills and build your influence, Monday to Monday.®

The only problem? Now there’s no excuse if you don’t grow.

The Art of Mentoring
Building a Peak Performance Team
We’re hearing a lot about corporate mentoring and with good reason: Comprehensive studies have shown that when training is followed by mentoring, productivity increases by 88 percent. The Art of Mentoring delivers lifelong strategic tools for improving productivity and the effectiveness of both individuals and teams.

Stacey has trained and presented to thousands to rid business leaders of bad body language habits and to choose words wisely in the financial industry to the healthcare industry to government and everyone in between. Stacey involves the audience in interactive exercises, inviting eager audience members onstage to demonstrate influence skills and techniques they can immediately use, both personally and professionally.

As a corporate speaker, mentor and author, Stacey has had the unique experience of partnering with top executives and leaders to help them see through the eyes and ears of their listeners when they communicate. Often, the result is very different from what these leaders might expect. The insight is life-changing: To truly excel as a communicator, you must learn to see yourself as others see you.

Call it her “a-ha!” factor. Participants enter sessions “not knowing what they don’t know,” then leave with greatly heightened self-awareness to begin enhancing their influence Monday to Monday. Stacey reminds us that the practice of influence also needs constant fine-tuning to improve.

To make sure you receive the value you deserve, Stacey will work closely with you to customize a program that meets your learning objectives. From understanding your corporate culture to speaking your language, her goal is to create not just a relationship but a long-term commitment.

What if your executive presence was as powerful as your business instincts? How much more effective could your leadership be?

  • 3 hours/month, in person
  • Phone and video access between sessions
  • 1-day sessions, 3 months and extended timeframes
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills to complement your business skills

Topics and Expertise

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“Working with Stacey Hanke has helped me ensure that my audiences focus on my message, not on nervous quirks and filler words. Our team continues to go back to Stacey year after year to ensure we are having impact on both our staff and our members on a daily basis.”

— Credit Union National Association, Inc.

“I have known and worked with Stacey for over a decade now. She has also coached members of my team and has been instrumental to making them effective and influential communicators. Stacey has an unique knack of cultivating talent and bring out the best in people. I would highly recommend Stacey if you are looking to develop effective communication styles or hone communication skills for yourself or your team. The return on your investment is guaranteed!”

— TransUnion

“I want to extend a big THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication over the past few months. We’ve received great feedback already and I’m sure we’ll be getting more from our attendees soon. We were able to inspire our attendees by providing excellent educational sessions, thanks to you!”

— Wyndham Hotel Group
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