Sterling Hawkins

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Change Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Investor & Transformational Leadership Expert

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Hunting Discomfort Leading Voice On Reframing Discomfort
TEDx: Discomfort is Necessary for Innovation
25,000 Chanting #Nomatterwhat

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The world today is permanently transformed with pandemic fallout, tech disruption, talent shortages and global instability leaving massive and debilitating uncertainty in its wake. Change has always been inevitable for leaders to contend with, but the sheer scale and accelerating pace of change has become overwhelming for even the most diligent leaders. Unchecked, it can unconsciously leave people and companies fearful to take risk, resistant to growth and fatigued, fighting to keep up. 

The world of predictability is dead. This defining moment is requiring leaders to get uncomfortable and radically reorientate their relationship to change. Hunting discomfort is the critical new competency required to effectively navigate post-pandemic disruption and thrive in this forever changed world. There are 5 mission-critical practices that have been used to create everything from billion dollar business wins to Olympic gold medalists, that anyone can grab onto and use to build the necessary courage to take intelligent risks, declare big visions and unlock their potential, regardless of the circumstances. 

From multi-billion dollar startup collapse and coming back to launch, invest in and grow over 50 companies, Sterling has very personal experience confronting the unknown himself. Combined with research, psychology, the latest brain science discoveries and transformation work with leadership teams around the world, this unique perspective will forever change how you approach both business and life. You’ll discover through heart-wrenching stories, hilarious anecdotes and compelling data an undeniable truth: that during even the most difficult times, we can all realize the most audacious growth, #NoMatterWhat. 


  • Mobilize your team into change agents with the 5 #NoMatterWhat practices to create meaningful growth regardless of the circumstances.
  • Lean into the transformation illuminated by the latest brain science behind this radical new approach. 
  • See how to avoid the pitfalls of growth and how to use the unknown, uncertain and unexpected to advance your objectives. 
  • Find the presence, peace and authentic connection behind the fear of the unknown 
  • Be inspired to take and implement the necessary tools to create breakthroughs in every aspect of your business and life.


Discomfort is inevitable as we all contend with a world disrupted by technology, changed by the pandemic, and fraught with risk, talent shortages and incredible uncertainty. Growth has always been outside our comfort zone, but today it’s forced upon companies and teams in a way that’s unparalleled throughout history. It can quickly become debilitating and exhausting, negatively impacting productivity, morale and ultimately, results. 

If discomfort of the unknown is inevitable and growing – leadership necessitates a critical new competency for competitive advantage, hunting discomfort and building their capacity to effectively handle it. Reorienting leaders to the fact that what many may  see as the risky move, is less risky than not pursuing it in the long run. Opening executives, teams and cultures to the discomfort of the unknown will ironically leave peace, presence and breakthrough results in its wake – regardless of what’s happening in the world. But it takes the courage of acceptance, the willingness to make mistakes and the vulnerability to let go. 

Sterling has been through massive discomfort himself having come back from the brink to sell companies, finish ultra-marathons and get results no matter what it took. Using that experience to work with leaders to hunt their own discomfort and bolstered by cutting edge research, you’ll be equipped with 5 practices to build your discomfort muscle, your capacity to deal with discomfort in any flavor it comes in, to make your team ready for anything and poised to create breakthrough growth.


  • Radical reframing of discomfort as a necessary and inspiring path to growth (and how avoiding it is holding you back). 
  • Learn from the latest psychology and brain research on how to use discomfort to learn up to 4x faster.
  • See how to access the profound peace on the other side of discomfort to be able to act faster, more effectively and with less stress.
  • Understand from case studies and best practices how you can build yourself, your team and your culture to be ready for the unexpected.
  • Be lit up and excited to grab onto and use the 5 key practices to create immediate breakthrough results.


Embrace the transformative power of values-driven leadership and watch as it breathes new life into your corporate culture. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where profits and innovations often take center stage, it’s the alignment of leaders’ actions with
a clear set of core values that can steer an organization towards lasting success.

Values-driven leadership is not just about ticking off boxes on a checklist; it’s a philosophy that infuses purpose, authenticity, and empathy into every decision and interaction #NoMatterWhat. By championing integrity, transparency, diversity, and social responsibility, leaders become role models, inspiring employees to engage more passionately and meaningfully with their work. This paradigm shift sparks a chain
reaction, fostering a culture of collaboration, open communication, and shared vision.

As employees feel valued and connected, their dedication amplifies, turnover diminishes, and innovation flourishes. The ripple effect of values-driven leadership not only enhances the workplace but also resonates positively with clients and stakeholders nurturing enduring relationships built on trust. The true transformation lies not just in the bottom line, but in the collective ethos that shapes the soul of the organization.


  • Demonstrate Authenticity:
    • Consistently embody your organization’s values through your actions, decisions, and interactions.
    • Build trust by being genuine and transparent in your leadership approach.
  • Articulate a Compelling Purpose:
    • Clearly communicate how the organization’s values align with a larger purpose or societal impact.
    • Help your team understand the meaningful contribution they make through their work.
  • Promote Inclusive Decision-Making:
    • Actively seek diverse perspectives when making
    • Create a space where different viewpoints are valued and encourage collaboration among team members.
  • Prioritize Long-Term Sustainability:
    • Balance short-term gains with the long-term health of the organization.
    • Make decisions that uphold your values and contribute to the organization’s reputation and success over time.
  • Foster Continuous Communication:
    • Maintain open channels of communication with your team.
    • Regularly solicit feedback, share insights, and engage in discussions that help refine and adapt the organization’s values as needed.

Breakthrough results require consistent peak or optimal performance, especially as communities and companies are facing face-paced change and uncertainty at a new level. What’s at stake for many of us has never been higher. But the biggest shift for performance within organizations is that it is no longer a top-down focus. Individual contributors at every level are also tired of being tired and anxious and burnt out and they are looking for new ways to tap into their peak performance from inside out.

This is where Sterling Hawkins elevates the barre. He is an entrepreneur, endurance athlete,
author and inspirational speaker who eats, breathes and sleeps the principles and actions of peak performance. He has learned bio and mental hacks for performance that were inspired by his own highs and lows in business and life as well as data-driven science. Sterling Hawkins will move people and teams to want to reach their own peak
performance and it’s backed by real data, research and tools that irrefutably work for those who apply them. It’s not motivation. It’s inspiration that calls forth people from
within themselves to reach a new level of performance. Audiences realize first hand that the only thing between them and peak performance is literally nothing but themselves. And they’ll leave with the tools to start realizing that performance potential
#NoMatterWhat the situation is.


  • Awakening Inner Peak Performance:
    • Recognize that peak performance isn’t an external destination; it’s a latent strength we evoke from within ourselves.
    • Demystify the misconceptions surrounding the true elements of peak performance.
  • Venturing Beyond Comfort for Greater Potential:
    • Learn how to step outside your comfort zone and venture into the realm of greater potential, unlocking pathways to unprecedented achievement.
  • Cultivating Sustainable Peak Performance:
    • Engage in practices that nurture your capacity to access and maintain states of peak or optimal performance, ensuring consistency in your endeavors.
  • Evidence-Based Strategies for Goal Attainment:
    • Explore research that unveils the genuine requirements for achieving goals, offering insights with up to 95% certainty on the pathways to success.
  • Sustaining Peak Performance Amidst Adversity:
    • Discover techniques to uphold peak performance even when confronted with challenging news, difficult situations, or adversity of any kind.
  • Essential Tools for Sharing Peak Performance:
    • Acquire critical tools that enable you to propagate peak performance within an interconnected ecosystem of colleagues, peers, clients, and partners, creating a collaborative environment of excellence.

Change has become our constant companion, influencing every facet of life, whether it’s the corporate arena or the intimate setting of our homes. Staying in sync demands us to embrace a growth mindset – a crucial ingredient to attain the impact we aspire to create across our businesses, communities, and even within our families. Sterling uses inspiring personal and corporate stories, dead-on data and hands-on tools to provide audiences with principles and strategies to embrace a growth mindset #NoMatterWhat.


  • Proactively Cultivating Growth:
    • Embrace a novel approach to leadership that emphasizes fostering growth well before it becomes a necessity.
    • Instead of waiting for growth triggers, learn how to nurture it consistently.
  • Unleashing Growth Amidst Challenges:
    • Discover strategies for achieving growth in any circumstance, regardless of challenges, obstacles, or adversities.
    • Gain insights into how to overcome odds and drive progress.
  • Practical Strategies for Empowering Growth:
    • Explore tangible methods that empower everyone to move beyond mere growth mindset and develop a profound belief in their capacity for personal and professional advancement.
  • Revolutionary Research on Accelerated Learning:
    • Dive into groundbreaking research that unlocks techniques for accelerating learning by up to fourfold—a bio-hack that propels self-improvement to new heights.
  • Building Resilience for Unstoppable Progress:
    • Delve into the realm of brain science to cultivate mental and emotional resiliency, providing the foundation for relentless personal and professional growth.
  • Research-Backed Path to Exceptional Growth:
    • Uncover a proven, research-backed methodology boasting up to 95% effectiveness in achieving growth goals, offering a roadmap for unparalleled success.


“Sterling delivered an outstanding keynote […] during our GM19 Marketing Conference. As always, Sterling was engaging, provocative, and optimistic about the opportunities ahead. Sterling is a credible – and genuine – thought leader, and we’ll look forward to using him at future events.

— GMDC & Retail Tomorrow

“Sterling was the keynote speaker at Syndigo’s first-ever IGNITE eCommerce leadership conference. As industry disruptors, it was critical for us to find a speaker that understood the importance and value of innovating at a fast pace. Sterling did a great job captivating our audience and aligning his presentation with the key takeaways of the conference. He was very engaging and was a great kick-off to the rest of the event!

— Syndigo

“Sterling was not only a delight to work with, but had rave reviewsfrom our audience of executives! His energy was contagious, andhe provided real strategies for success and inspiration, to sendus out with a bang after three full days of content. Highlyrecommend Sterling as your next keynote!

— Winsight LLC

“He was very engaging and even attended one of our parties to get to know our guests!”

— Reflexis

“Thank you Sterling for a breath taking speech on Innovation!! Your mindset and delivery is epic and amazing and I am ever so grateful for your presentation at City Summit! Riveting!!”

— City Summit & City Gala

“I highly recommend him and we’ll definitely have him back!”

— Zebra Technologies

“Over my many years running events around the world, few if any of my 2,000+ speakers delivered as remarkable a performance as Sterling did at Seamless Asia 2017!”

— Seamless Africa

Thank you very much for your inspirational presentation! We have never heard a talk like Sterling’s before. Interesting examples to drill in the message, really nice how he understood BMS and pulled in the BMS behaviors, etc. Well done! Sterling was an instrumental part of the US Medical National MeetingL Innovating the Future Together.”

— Bristol Myers Squibb

” Your keynote presentation on the #NoMatterWhatSystem was very inspirational and had provided us with the insight and tools needed to be effective leaders at the command. As we embark on a transformational journey in creating a culture of learning, know that your #NoMatterWhat System will help us build on the belief that we can achieve success no matter what obstacles we face. Your knowledge, insight and motivation is invaluable and we look forward to incorporating your system into our everyday actions as leaders.”

— America's Navy

“Sterling delivered a keynote address to our audience of customers and associates that was inspiring and impactful. He did an excellent job of tailoring his material to our audiences which helps the audience connect to his message. HE brings an authentic and positive energy to his speaking that captures the attention of the audience connect to his message. He brings an authentic and positive energy to his speaking that captures the attention of the audience. What a great way to kick off our virtual event! Sterling was a pleasure to work with and was full of ideas to elevate the customer experience. I would highly recommend Sterling to any event organizer looking for a keynote speaker.”

— SpartanNash

“Sterling was engaging, impactful, motivating and tailored his presentation to meet the needs of his audience and the challenge the healthcare industry continues to face during these uncertain times #NoMatterWhat. His presentation helped set the stage to a successful conference. I would highly recommend Sterling for a future event.”

— Tennessee Hospital Association

” Sterling… challenged all of us to think differently in these times. With the tools he provided me. I was able to reframe my goals and the roadblocks I was putting up to achieve them. Within a few weeks and leaning into the #NoMatterWhat mindset, I was able to grow into areas that I felt were outside of my comfort zone. When we look back at 2020, we will remember the leaders and partners that inspired all of us to achieve the impossible in an environment that was challenging and unknown. Sterling has been one of those leaders for me and I am grateful to have kicked off 2020 with a casual introduction to him…”

— Intel

” Transformational growth in the times of COVID may seem an oxymoron, Sterling took the audience on a journey, integrating his experience and research, to deliver a powerful and thought provoking #NoMatterWhat presentation. Combining powerful storytelling with meaningful content and thought leadership the presentation was a highlight of our conference. Working in the hybrid world of physical and virtual Sterling’s delivery was exemplary. Thank you Sterling.”

— Australian Food and Grocery Council

“Sterling delivered the best keynote we’ve had in our company’s history!”

— Chief Commercial Officer, LK Packaging

“Your keynote presentation on the #NoMatterWhat System was very inspirational and had provided us with the insight and tools needed to be effective leaders at the command. As we embark on a transformational journey in creating a culture of learning, know that your #NoMatterWhat System will help us build on the belief that we can achieve success no matter what obstacles we face. Your knowledge, insight and motivation is invaluable and we look forward to incorporating your system into our everyday actions as leaders.”

— Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division

“The consideration and effort exhibited by Sterling and team to understand our opportunities and what we needed to address was exceptional. In preparing for past events, I’ve never worked with a speaker who was willing to make the time to interview associates and consult with leaders. This commitment allowed for customization of a message that strongly resonated with our team. The inspiration and impact Sterling brings to his keynote are not only a testament to his dynamic style, but a clear understanding of his audience which he actively seeks and prepares for with each organization.”

— Senior Manager, PepsiCo

“Serling has been a wonderful partner, aligning his message to our goals, vision and company, and delivered one of the most impactful keynotes in our company history. I have never worked with a speaker that put in the work to be able to speak so personally to us and leave such a lasting impact.”

— President and CEO, Hensel Phelps

“Since Sterling’s keynote, we’ve had a culture within the commercial team of
#NOMATTERWHAT —it has resulted in new customers, new distribution and record bookings!


“Do it! Sterling and his team couldn’t have been better. Their speed,
enthusiasm, follow through, and post-event outreach was some of the best
we’ve seen. Sterling’s session was one of the highest rated sessions of our
event, for good reason. His excitement for his work is evident, helping the content to resonate with the audience. We had an incredible experience and would highly recommend working with Sterling.”

— NielsenIQ
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