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High Energy Interactive Speaker who Will Have Your Audiences Laughing & Learning

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Stevie Ray – Think on the Spot

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The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions.
Best Format: One-hour keynote or half-day workshop
Best Audience: Anyone who works directly with co-workers, clients, or customers.
This is Stevie’s signature keynote. In it, Stevie teaches you how the brain accepts or rejects ideas, as well as hands-on techniques to help you influence others toward positive outcomes. Everyone from the CEO to the newest intern owes their success to the ability to influence others; whether it is pitching ideas to clients, motivating staff, or connecting with customers, it doesn’t matter how well you know your job if you cannot positively connect with others.
Learning Objectives:
1) Capture attention: learn the neuroscience behind the Approach/Withdraw Response, and how to use this response to your advantage.
2) Create connection: learn the two main methods of persuasion, and how to determine which to use in a given environment.
3) Motivate action: getting agreement is worthless unless action is taken. Learn the simple methods to ensure that momentum leads to outcomes.

If you can’t influence, you can’t lead.

Best Format: One-hour keynote or half-day workshop

Best Audience: Director-level or above

Too many leaders are trained in their profession, but not in how to garner support for initiative, or to motivate staff to do their best work. In this exciting session, Stevie Ray illuminates the various styles of leadership, and how each applies to specific teams and situations.

Learning Objectives:
1) The nine recognized styles of leadership, and the types of teams and situations best suited for each.
2) The neuroscience involved in leader-follower dynamics.
3) The psychological trigger words that either motivate others or cause greater resistance.

Resolve difficult situations without losing your cool, or losing a friend

Best Format: One-hour keynote or half-day workshop

Best Audience: Those who face harsh resistance from either co-workers or customers.

It is one thing to influence those who are cooperative, but what do you do for those in-your-face moments when tensions are high? For this unique session, Stevie not only draws on his expertise in influence, but also on his over 40 years of martial arts training (he was actually a celebrity bodyguard at one time). Learn to de-escalate tense situations, and create positive results.

Learning Objectives:
1) How the Amygdala Response of the brain affects emotions and responses.
2) De-escalation techniques to maintain control of challenging interactions.
3) Techniques to move from stalemate to forward momentum, all while keeping the relationship intact.

Attendees will gain simple steps that will take their communication Skills to the next stage; improving their lives and careers. Including:

  • Secret techniques of Whole Brain Thinking to handle on-the-spot situations with confidence
  • The Five Steps of Persuasion to get a “yes,” and inspire action
  • Discover the hidden Approach/Withdraw Response of the brain and how to turn resistance into acceptance
  • Your team works well, but Stevie can bring them to the next level. He teaches the Eight Elements of an Effective Team to help your working groups work better and enjoy each other in the process.

    Designed for leaders who want to take their skills to the next level. Learn what really makes your employees or co-workers tick so you can inspire them to be their best.

    Over 90% of new business is gained through face-to-face interaction, but most people—even high-level executives—are awkward at networking. Stevie takes the fear and stress out of working the room.

    Get workshops or private coaching from Stevie Ray, who has a lifetime of experience as a master keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and entertainer. Learn to deliver presentations with poise and confidence.

    This in-depth program helps organizations engage employees and create loyal customers. Use the program that wowed companies like the Mall of America.

    Have you ever thought of the perfect thing to say, but it was on the drive
    home? Quick and creative thinking is crucial to every facet of every job,
    whether you are dealing with a client, leading a team, or working with
    colleagues. Stevie Ray is an expert at helping people think on their feet and
    handle tough on-the-spot challenges.
    In a fun and hands-on workshop, you will learn techniques that can be used
    every day to improve your communication skills. Rather than sit and watch another PowerPoint presentation, Stevie Ray will have you on your feet learning real-world skills.

    NOTE: This workshop also contains techniques to communicate more effectively via video.

    It is your turn to take the podium; time to get rid of the sweaty palms, shaky knees, and dry mouth. Stevie Ray will help you with the two elements of effective speaking: what you say, and how you say it. In this informative and interactive session, you will learn:

    • How to structure an effective presentation
    • Powerful delivery
    • Handling Q&A
    • Use of PowerPoint and A/V
    • The art of persuasion
    • Use of humor

    Learn the techniques that professional speakers use to capture the audience’s attention and move them to action. You may not get rid of all your stage fright, but you will be able to take the stage with command and poise. Speaking in public might be scary, but this course is FUN.

    Sure, at the end of the networking event you got your business card into everyone’s hand, but have they called you yet? Real networking is about making contact, not just getting contacts. Don’t let chance determine your success, practice effective techniques so you are ready for the next opportunity. If you are one of the many who hate networking, this session will help you feel more comfortable and at ease when representing yourself or your organization.

    Creating Connections is an interactive workshop that puts you on your feet and on the spot.  You will learn:

    • How to capture someone’s attention.
    • How to avoid hovering around only the people you know.
    • To move smoothly in and out of conversations
    • To identifying solid prospects
    • To set goals for networking at professional events

    More than any time in your organization’s history, new ideas are crucial to survival. But, remember the last brainstorm session you attended? You probably left thinking, “There is an hour of my life I will never get back!”  Have you ever conducted a creative solution session only to leave with solutions that were less than creative? Research has discovered that the classic brainstorming model is tragically flawed. The brainstorm process, as most organizations use it, actually shuts down the brain; making it impossible to create innovative solutions.

    In this hands-on and exciting workshop, Stevie Ray will show you the eight steps to creating a session that churns out dozens of new and groundbreaking ideas. He will give you tools to handle those inevitable moments when the team goes into brain freeze. This session will detail just how and when to use the various types of thinkers that make up a team; the creative, the analytic, the negator, and the enforcer.  Your next idea session will generate a fun and productive atmosphere, creative ideas, and inventive solutions!

    The art of persuasion is needed when convincing a team to get behind a new initiative, soothing an angry client or customer, helping someone decide to purchase, or presenting to a prospective client. No matter what your profession, getting a “yes” is the most important skill you can learn.

    Too many professionals still rely on old techniques that have been proven ineffective. The fact is the brain has a triggering mechanism that dictates how decisions are made. Stevie Ray’s workshop combines psychology, neuroscience, and proven techniques to help you trigger the listener toward a positive response.

    Be forewarned, this hands-on and active workshop will not teach you methods to trick your partner into saying “yes”, or to give you tools to force agreement. Focusing only on the immediate outcome will cause more problems. The result of using Stevie Ray’s techniques is a positive outcome that everyone feels good about. That is the only way to build long-term success.


    “Stevie shares knowledge in such a fun, invigorating way that the participants aren’t even aware they are learning. I think the fact that I’m still thinking about some of the things that he said and am still processing them is a huge testament to the effectiveness of the program. I conduct the training in Cargill and I only wish I were half as effective! I’d have Stevie Ray at all my sessions.”

    — Cargill Law

    “I have never had a training seminar that received this kind of response. It definitely had a positive measurable effect on our employees’ performance.”

    — Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota

    “You were great! I gained self-awareness. I didn’t realize how often I use negating words or lead a conversation down an inappropriate path.”

    — RBC Dain Rauscher

    “In my position, getting my message across is as important as the development of the message/strategy itself. That’s where Stevie Ray came in. Stevie taught me to be an effective communicator and over the last half dozen years or so of my career this skill has been the most important one in terms of my success.”

    — Sun Life Financial
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